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Anamika A Chattopadhyaya, founder of everything enchanting blog

Hey there, welcome to Everything Enchanting blog. My name is Anamika A Chattopadhyaya, the founder & editor of the EE blog. Here, my team and I share everything from beauty, travel, lifestyle, infotainment articles to all things enchanting!! To know more about everything enchanting, visit our “About Blog” page 🙂. 69900 , 762 468 621

I believe that ‘Man is the maker of his own fortune’, so I would definitely give my hundred percent effort to stand out in this blogging world. I am a fashion & beauty enthusiast, travelholic, health & fitness freak and a novice gamer. I have an MA degree in Mass Communications & Journalism and had worked in the media industry previously as an editor. However, at present, I am a full-time content creator. I am a person, who strongly dislikes Sarcasm, enjoys Freedom and respects Criticism. My hobbies include Photography, Dance, and Travelling.

I have been blogging since 2015 ( I’ve another beauty website 😉) and to date, I’ve collaborated with several national & international beauty and lifestyle brands (also check out my IG- ana.everythingenchanting) So, if you are interested in working with me, please drop a mail at hello@everythingenchanting.com 

Kindly note, here I’ll publish the reviews of those products or services that are targeted toward my skin/hair/choice type.

My skin type & tone: medium skin toned beauty with combination skin and hair.

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