8 Bad Habits You Need to End This Dusshera

Dusshera is one of the biggest and famous festivals in India. Like every other festival, Dusshera is also deeply rooted in the ancient Hindu culture and has many significant lessons to teach us. The triumph of good over evil is the most valuable lesson. 

But how many of us actually try to understand the intricacies of the teachings and follow them in our lives? Before we talk about others, let’s think of ourselves. Getting rid of bad habits and becoming better humans is very much a part of celebrating the festival. 

So which bad habits do we have? Yeah, it could be a little hard to generalize, considering how each of us is different. So we’ve thought of listing some of the common habits that most of us know are bad but find it hard to get rid of. They may not be applicable for everyone, but we are sure that each of you will find at least one habit you know you have to end. 

Bad Habits You Need to End This Dusshera/Vijaya Dashami 2023

1) Not Being Physically Active 

Do we hear you groan? Oh, well, it makes us happy to know that we have company. Jokes apart, don’t you think it’s high time we start caring for our health? Even if we don’t have to flaunt our abs, the least we should be able to do is climb a set of stairs without going out of breath. Don’t wait until New Year to make a resolution. Start this Dusshera.

Ignoring Your Finances and Investments. Bad Habits You Need to End This Dusshera
Take care of Finances

2) Ignoring Your Finances and Investments 

A financial disciple is something a lot of people ignore. The attitude of ‘we’ll see what happens’ can push you into an abyss even before you realize it. Start planning your income and expenses. Make the right investment decisions. Secure your future with life insurance. Spend what you can earn. 

3) Cheating and Betraying Others 

No cheating. Bad Habits You Need to End This Dusshera
No cheating!

How many of us have had to lie irrespective of the reason? All of us, right? While some could have been avoided, others were a compulsion. But what about cheating? That’s not essential. Definitely not when people have trusted us and had their faith in our words/ actions. Big or small, cheating will have its consequences. Why should be something as bad define us? It’s time to take a stand and put effort to be responsible and reliable. 

4) Trying to be Someone You are Not 

If cheating hurts others, being someone we are not will hurt us. The social mask is something all of us are used to by now. But there’s a huge difference between being polite and respectful and pretending to be someone else. You don’t have to follow another person. You can be as long as you don’t harm/ hurt anyone. 

5) Taking Too Much Stress

Stress, stress, and more stress. That’s what life has become all about for many of us. No matter how much we try, there seems to be something or the other that pushes us into the dark corner. Say no to being bullied by stress. Prioritize your activities. You don’t have to bend backward to help others while your own things are not yet sorted. It’s okay to say no. 

6) Social Media Addiction 

Social media addiction. Bad Habits You Need to End This Dusshera
Social media addiction

Oh, well. You are reading this on your smartphone or the laptop and scrolling through social media, aren’t you? Limited time spent on social media sure is fun. But if you are tempted to check the updates every minute, that’s a warning sign. Go on a digital detox from time to time. Cut down the time you spend on the internet, one step at a time. 

7) Ignoring the Negativity around You

Is there anyone who is not surrounded by toxic people? You’re lucky if you say yes. That’s life, yeah. But ignoring the negativity around you is not exactly a good habit. While it does give you temporary peace, it’ll also grow and fill up your space. Though it seems hard and even impossible, you should be firm and trim such people out of your life. 

8) Overindulging in Smoke and Drink

Bad Habits You Need to End This Dusshera
Quit this bad habit!

Let’s just agree that not everyone can be a teetotaler, and some of us do like to smoke once in a while. But doesn’t that mean we are going to give in to the vices and let them control us? Are we going to let the cravings for a cigarette and drink turn us into someone we are not? No way, right? Start gaining control over your habits. Anything extra is bad for you. And if you can let go of them completely, we are going to support and cheer for you. You can do it. 


 This Dusshera, let’s pledge to end those habits that have been doing us more harm than good. Let’s pray for the Goddess to give us the strength to improve our worth without degrading others. We wish you all a healthy and happy Dusshera.


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