7 Ways to Decorate Home with Things You Already Have

Decorating your home is super fun, isn’t it? Well, maybe not, if you consider how it would harm your budget. But why does decorating have to be costly? What if we tell you that you can bring a fresh look to your home using the same old things you already have? Think about it. Wouldn’t it be a great way to recycle and reuse something you’ve left on the attic or in the basement?

Yeah, it does take some planning and dedicated DIY time. But when you can give your place a wonderful makeover using what you have, why not give it a try? 

How to redecorate home with simple things you already have | 7 Best Free Ways

We bring you a few techniques to help you get ideas for redecorating without burning a hole in your pocket. Read on to find seven free ways to decorate with simple things you already have at home

1. Paint and Repaint 

Nope, we aren’t talking about repainting your home. That’s a costly affair. We are talking about adding fresh paint to existing showpieces. Whether it is a flower vase, a footstool, or even a serving tray, a touch of new paint (after scrapping the previous one) can do wonders. 

7 best ways to decorate home with things you already have!
Paint and Repaint old items

If you don’t have leftover paint lying at home, you can always buy some in small quantities. If you are good at patterns or stick figures or flowers, let your creativity flow. Paint them on the plain on bookshelves and boring urns. There is no rule to where and how you want to add some color from furniture to abstract art.  Just make sure you have a proper plan and don’t overdo the painting.  

2. Rearrange and Mix Up 

Oh, this is super easy. You don’t even have to spend time getting rid of dull paints on your furniture. Things need to be moved or rearranged about a bit (or a lot more). Is there a cute center table in the garden that you hardly use? Bring it in. 

7 best ways to decorate home with things you already have!
Rearrange and mix up items

What about that bedside lamp in your room? Make it a showpiece in the front room. If your house has symmetry, it’s time to shake it up. Place a round chair among the square ones. Use heart-shaped cushions to add a spark to the couch. 

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3. Where are Your Favorites?

Did you lock away your favorite showpieces in a trunk? Are you afraid of displaying your favorite cutlery? Don’t worry. You can show them to the world and still keep them safe. Place your favorites on the top shelves beyond reach. Contrast or complement the items by following a theme. But remember, you’ve got to be doubly careful when dusting your home. 

4. Come Up With a New Theme 

Have you followed any particular theme to decorate your home? Well, it’s time to change it. And if you were a random decorator who went with instinct, it’s time to try a new way of arranging your possessions. 

Consider the stock of the things you already have. Then let your mind wander a bit (not much). Think of your favorite season, color, book, TV show, or anything that will inspire you. Scroll through the internet for ideas. Choose the items that fit the concept in your mind. Start arranging them around the house or the room. 

5. Memories and Photo Collages 

Photographs never get old. Whether you want to go the traditional way of having the frames on the mantel or coming up with unique ideas to span them over a full wall, photographs are always beautiful.  They bring warmth to the room just by being there. 

7 best ways to decorate home with things you already have!
Memories and photo collages

·       Colorful frames for black & white pictures, yes.

·       A family tree of photo frames on a bright wall, why not? 

·       Wall art with photo collages to create a puzzle, of course. 

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6. Remove Excess Decorations 

Now, this point needs serious consideration. Sometimes, we end up using too many items to decorate the room, making it appear smaller. A minimalistic approach to redecorating is by removing the clutter and spacing out the furniture. 

Replace the large coffee table with a smaller one. Remove the beanbag from the corner and shift it to another room. Are those tiny showpieces threatening to fall off the shelf? Cut down the count and use only half. You can either give away the excess or store them for future use (when you get bored of the current decorations and want to give your home another makeover). 

7. Add Some Green

Nothing like tiny plants and flowers to add freshness to the room! Don’t worry if you are not famous for your green thumb. Succulents are amazingly easy to manage as long as you don’t over-care for them. Place a succulent in a broken mug and thrown in a few pebbles. Leave it near the window or on the center table. That’s it. 

7 best ways to decorate home with things you already have!
Add some green!

Let’s Conclude, 

If someone said you need to buy dozens of new and designer pieces to give your home a makeover, just relax! Now that you’ve got the 7 best ideas on how to redecorate your home with the simple things you already have, let your imagination use its wings. It will be wonderful to see how lovely your place will look with a few adjustments (and zero purchases). 

Go for it, readers. Have fun. 

7 best ways to decorate home with things you already have!
7 best ways to decorate home with things you already have!


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  1. It is always a pleasure to learn about ways to spruce up your home without breaking the bank, especially when you have little ones running around. The tips on painting and rearranging are particularly helpful, as they allow you to bring a fresh look to your home without having to purchase anything new. The ideas for displaying cherished items and creating photo collages are also wonderful ways to add a personal touch to your home décor.

  2. These are all really great tips and ideas! I’m gonna keep this in mind! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. Adding some green will definitely add that vibe, I recently recycled jars and added some water plants. Placed it all over the house and it’s so relaxing whenever I glanced upon it. 🙂

  4. Love this and such great tips here and love that you are using what you already have which is sustainable too!

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