10 Best Interior Design Tips & Trends For 2022

Interior designing styles and trends change with time. No single design or idea stays in trend for a long time. So, we need to update our interiors now and then to match the trend. Interior designs high in 2020 or 2021 are fading slowly and new trends are emerging for 2022.

2020 has been a challenging year. It has changed our lives from every aspect. We are more concerned about keeping our interiors clean and hygienic. Keeping everything in mind, people are more inclined to keep their interior simple and sophisticated. Here are some of the best interior designing tips & trends for 2022;

1. Colors

Painting the walls with vibrant matching colors can change the whole look of your house. You have to choose a complementary color to decorate your walls. Too many colors can ruin the entire look. Using earthly and warm colors is in trend now. So, pick your colors carefully and bring a new positive vibe to your house.

2. Placement of art

A house represents a lot about the people living in it. So, if you have good taste in art, add it to your house décor. There should be a fixed wall for your art pieces. First, arrange all the pieces and make a good layout. Only when you are satisfied with the pattern, you can start putting them up. All the art pieces should match the house interior and complement each other.

Layered lighting - 10 best interior design tips & trends for 2021
Layered Lighting

3. Lighting

Layered lights are trendy and look classy. The three-level lighting is in. This pops up your house interior and gives it a sophisticated look. Moreover, the layered lighting is energy efficient. The tone of the light also matters. You can choose any from cool white, soft white, and daylight. Every type of lighting serves a different purpose. You can also experiment with the colored lights to create a different atmosphere. One can also use different light fixtures to give the house a new look. For example, you can use pendant lights to boost the aesthetic value of your house.

4. Curtains

A majority of us do not give much importance to our curtains, but they can bring a significant change to your home in reality. The color and designs of your curtains should complement the other furniture in the room. You can also use a taller and broader curtain rod to hang grand curtains. Thus, your room will look taller and more elegant.

Ceiling decor-10 best interior design tips & trends for 2021
Decor Ceiling

5. Ceiling

Decorating the ceiling is so much in trend now. Along with the floor, you must decorate your ceiling to increase the aesthetic value of your house. Here, you can experiment with colors and designs. The ceiling must stand out and, at the same time, complement the room. 

6. Plants

Bringing plants to your house can never go wrong. It rejuvenates the house and makes it look more natural. You can place small plants on your balcony, windows, or stairs to give your house a fresh and colorful vibe. Small flowering plants enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home, and maintaining them is also relatively easy.

Keep Plants-10 best interior design tips & trends for 2021
Bring Plants

7. Natural elements

People are more using natural elements to decorate their homes to stay connected to nature. All these elements are biodegradable and do not cause any harm to nature. For example, wooden pieces have gained more popularity in recent times. They look classy, elegant and give a rustic vibe to the house.

Go grey-10 best interior design tips & trends for 2021
Go grey!

8. Go grey

It is expected that Grey will be the color of 2021. It is a soothing cool-toned color that represents the perfect blend of modernity and technology. People are more likely to keep grey as one of the dominant interior colors these days.

9. Sustainable house decor

People are now reusing plastic products and creating innovative house decors. This has become a trend now. Everyone must have seen plastic bottle plant holders hanging on balconies.

Sustainable decor- 10 best interior design tips & trends for 2021
Sustainable decor

10. Easy-cleaning

Last but not least, easy-cleaning surfaces and fabrics are gaining popularity now. Regular and thorough cleaning of the house is essential to stay protected from any virus. So, people are opting for easy-cleaning materials like metal or glass. They are less prone to viruses or bacteria, and you do not have to put much effort into cleaning them. Also, fabrics that do not catch stains or germ easily will be more used in 2022.

Now, interior designing is all about being creative and experimental. So, do not hesitate much and create a new design for your interior that complements your house.

Interior designing plays a significant role. It influences our mood, attitude, emotion, health, and others. Due to Covid-19, we are forced to stay in our homes for months. It gave everyone to evaluate their house décor. The tips mentioned above can be pretty helpful if you are willing to redecorate your house and bring change to your life. So, be innovative and have fun.


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73 thoughts on “10 Best Interior Design Tips & Trends For 2022”

  1. I’m glad to hear that plants are in style. I have 10 green fingers, so it’ll be easy for me to keep the house stylish in that department.

  2. I’m excited to see color make a comeback! And you are right, I’m starting to see a lot more ceilings with decoration.

  3. Plants is the one thing I always forget to add. It does make a room feel complete when some greenery is in it.

  4. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    I loved the ceiling decor, I have a special fascination for it. In my house too I have ceiling decor. The grey colour caught my eyes too as I like the design to be simplistic.

  5. Cool to learn about all these new and classic trends in one post. And glad to know I’m still “on point” with my grey decor, with layered lighting, plants, and art work to pop among the otherwise minimal colors in my home.

  6. I love the plants! It really adds such a brightness to the space to have plants and flowers around the area. Great tips!

  7. I was really interested in the part of your article that discussed how decorating the ceiling is such a good idea now. After moving into a new house that has two floors, I figured that decorating it would be a great way to spend most of our time here. With a house as tall as this one, I could really get creative with the ceiling portion, so I’ll ask an interior design company for some help on how to do it well.

  8. I love easy cleaning homes. So I am looking for less decoration objects and concentrate on colors, lighting and curtains.

  9. I have to say I have found a real love for interior design since lockdown began. We have done most of the house up. We have gone for Dark blues and greens and it perfectly compliments the grey in our other rooms.

    Lighting is next on our list to do so I really enjoyed this post x

  10. Melanie williams

    Ooo there are some good trends here. for me it is all about lighting and also some plants potted around the place always is welcomed x

  11. We have a lot of grey in our house and I agree it seems very much on trend at the moment. And we are bringing more plants in so it’s good to see that’s a trend as well x


    These are all great tips and plenty of them. I do love having plants in the home but they often don’t survive which is a shame.

  13. I love decorating. I have recently painted the wall on our staircase in Fortune Green. I have also added lots of different sized prints and a lantern and I am loving it.

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