11 Best Travel Safety Tips You Must Know

Traveling to a new destination is exciting and fun. There’s so much to see, learn, and enjoy, isn’t it? But you also need to know the not-so-good side of traveling. Scams, theft, sickness, and miscommunication can ruin your travel in the worst possible manner. Experienced travelers have learned the hard way, but you don’t have to follow in their footsteps. We’ve compiled a list of the best travel safety tips for all travelers to ensure that your journey to a new destination is filled with laughter and adventure. 

Best travel safety tips for your next trip 2023:

The below mentioned 11 best important domestic & foreign travel safety tips are for staying safe & smart and you must know them for your next trip. So readers take a notepad or bookmark this page for future reference! Or if you know any other important travel tips, do share with us in the comment section 🙂

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1. Do Your Research 

Don’t underestimate the importance of research. Go on the internet and read all that you can about your destination. Start with official government websites and travel blogs to know the dos and don’ts in the new place. 

11 best travel safety tips you must know. Do your research well.
Do your research

Also, read about common scams that occur in the country/city. Fake tour guides, extra-charging taxi drivers, illegal travel agencies, etc., are scams we see in almost every region.

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2. Don’t Forget Emergency Information 

Relying on helpful strangers to get you out of a situation can be risky. Trust the embassy and governmental services instead. Note down the contact details for emergencies from official websites. It is important to carry this with you at all times. It’s good to have multiple copies of this information.  

3. Secure Your Travel Documents 

The most crucial of the travel safety tips is to keep your documents safe. You cannot lose the originals. Carry the photocopies with you always. Maintain a digital version of the documents on your phone and on the cloud/drive. Wrap them in a waterproof cover and tuck them in a safe place in your passport cover/travel wallet

11 best travel safety tips you must know. Trendhim travel passport wallet.
Trendhim Passport Wallet

This stylish sleek dark brown leather passport wallet from Trendhim is great for the beginner as well as experienced travelers. It  has plenty card slots, slip pouches and absolutely perfect for keeping your credit cards, notes, small important docus and passport. 

4. Don’t Try to Grab Too Much Attention 

You never know who you’ll attract and how it could impact your travel. Tourists and travelers are already too easy to spot among the crowd. Don’t call more attention to yourself by wearing flashy jewelry, wearing different clothes, taking too many pictures, or drinking more than what you can handle. And always, always keep an eye on your drink, ladies and gentlemen. Make sure no one has played with it.

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5. Be Careful with Money and Cards 

Carrying huge amounts of cash with you is risky in most countries. Store the amount in a safe locker at the hotel and take only what you’ll need for the day. If you must withdraw cash, use the ATMs attached to the banks. These are considered safer. You can contact the manager immediately if there’s an issue. 

11 best travel safety tips you must know. Trendhim RFID & NFC blocking card for travelers.
Trendhim RFID & NFC Blocking Card

Aside from cash, secure your debit/credit cards and prevent fraud  by using  RFID & NFC BLOCKING CARD from Trendhim. This card is amazing, trust us! It alone protects you against card skimming and data theft. Just keep it your wallet/handbag and this card will transmit a signal to disrupt and deflect RFID signals. Don’t have a special RFID-blocking wallet to keep your information safe? No worries, get this one!   

6. Lock the Valuables 

It’s not just your money that can be stolen. Even your expensive electronics are a prime target. Lock them in the hotel’s safe if you don’t need them that day. Of course, you’ll need your camera to take pictures. Don’t leave it on a table or counter even if you are nearby. Wrap the strap around your arm or wear the camera around the neck. Don’t give it to any stranger and ask to take your pictures. 

7. Choose the Travel Bag with Care

One of the important travel safety tips to know that make a great difference is the type of bag you use when traveling. Yes! 

Cross-body bags and slash-proof anti-theft backpacks are safer than handbags or shoulder bags. Robbers cannot easily grab or cut through such bags and run away. A handbag is the easiest to steal and is one of the regularly stolen items. 

Buy TSA-Approved and recognized travel locks to lock the suitcases and bags (if they aren’t equipped with built-in TSA Lock), whether in the hotel or when on a train, airport or bus. In fact, you can use travel locks to seal the bag to your chair as you have your lunch or dinner.

8. Use Public Transportation 

Try to rely on public transport as much as you can. These have fixed destinations and reduce the risk of being lost or lured to unknown places. If you need to hire a taxi, research the reputable ones and cross-check the credentials of the driver. 

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9. Stay in Touch with Your People

Not being answerable to anyone feels like freedom. But when you are alone in a new country, it is risky too. Stay in touch with someone you trust and update them about your location regularly. Give them the name and address of where you are staying so that they know who to contact in adverse conditions. 

10. Get Travel Insurance 

Things can still go unfavorable, and this is where travel insurance will save you. This is a must-make investment to safeguard yourself when in foreign countries. 

11. Eat What You Know 

Trying new food is a part of the travel adventure until you end up with food poisoning. If you have any allergies, try to check out the ingredients of the dish you order. Eat at popular places and choose fully cooked food. 

Safety is super important when we travel anywhere with family (kids) or alone.  It is important to be vigilant all the times! In short, follow these essential safe travel tips and have a lovely time adventuring in a new destination. Happy traveling! 


We hope you found this article- “11 travel safety tips you must know” informative and helpful. Do not forget to share these tips with your friends and family as sharing is caring.

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  1. These are good tips and it is important to use a lot of common sense. We travel to off the beaten path places in Mexico and these are the kinds of safety measures we take. There are some I’ll have to add to my list.

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