BIRCHBOX FEBRUARY 2021 UNBOXING & REVIEW| What’s Inside The February Beauty Bag?

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Welcome to my blog Everything Enchanting. February Birchbox has arrived today, and I am going to show you what’s inside the box! So without wasting any more time, let’s do the Birchbox February 2021 unboxing and review.

About BIRCHBOX Subscription Box:

Birchbox is the UK’s number 1 monthly beauty subscription box. Every month, it sends you five handpicked beauty samples that include full-size and sample size products. The personalized beauty box contains products specially tailored to us, the customers.

Birchbox Subscription Details:

Birchbox offers a total of four types of subscription deals-monthly, 3, 6, and a yearly plan. I picked a 6-month subscription plan that costs me £74.75 (rebilled every six months).

Monthly subscription plan cost is- £12.95 (including delivery)

3-month subscription plan cost is- £38.85 (rebilled every three months) & 

Yearly subscription plan cost is- £145.40 (rebilled every 12 months)

Initially, I picked their monthly plan. But as I am a regular customer and a subscription box addict, the 6th-month-plan seemed perfect for me 🙂 

How Birchbox Works?

Birchbox works just like other subscription box services. You need to open an account first and then create your beauty profile. In your beauty profile, you need to give details as much as possible. For example, your skin color, texture, concerns, makeup likings, hair color, texture, hair concerns, organic product lover or not, everything. This way, the Birchbox team gets proper information about your likings, preferences, and then they personalize the box and send it to you!

The Theme:

The theme of this month is  –  A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset.

Birchbox says, this February we’re inviting you to take a moment to press the pause button, be still and reconnect with yourself. We hope that your February Birchbox reminds you that a beautiful day always begins with a beautiful mindset.

What’s Inside The Birchbox February 2021 Box?

For this romantic-month of February, Birchbox has transformed their usual box into a bag, which is really nice. If you remember my previous Birchbox unboxing post/video, I said that I’ll pick the Turquoise color, not the lilac one. And accordingly, I selected the Turquoise bag for this month. However, I don’t know what went wrong Birchbox team has sent me the lilac one and not my preferred turquoise-colored bag! 

Birchbox February 2021 unboxing, review
Lilac bag instead of traditional beauty box

Anyway, this lilac-colored bag looks nice and is quite spacious too! I can store my travel-size makeup products in this bag and use it as a travel makeup bag while traveling or holidaying somewhere.

Apart from this bag, I again received the same blush pink velvety pouch as the previous month! Well, we have been receiving the bags (instead of the Birchbox traditional box) since last December month. I have so many cute travel bags now 😀 

This month, in my Birchbox bag, I’ve got two full size products and three samples. 

MCo Beauty Cheek & Lip Tint In The Shade Tango (FULL SIZE):

The first makeup product in my bag is this cheek & lip tint in the shade Tango from the brand Mco Beauty. I have tried their lipstick previously, and liked it too. I hope this tango shade looks good on me! 

MCOBeauty Tango lip and cheek stain in birchbox bag
MCOBeauty Tango lip and cheek stain

They say, this double-duty beauty treat perfectly blurs the line between dewy gloss and lip-and-cheek stain, making it the perfect product to cheat a fresh, polished, no-makeup-makeup glow. Use your fingertips to pat this fiery coral shade to your lips and the apples of your cheeks for a healthy flush of colour.

Price: £12 for a full size product

Huygens Bois Rose Regenerating Face Cleanser (SAMPLE):

The next item that I’ve received is this Bois Rose regenerating face cleanser from the brand Huygens. After a long time, I’ve received a face wash in my beauty box. 

Huygens Regenerating face wash in birchbox February 2021 bag
Huygens Regenrating Face wash

Infused with rosewood essential oil, glycerin, and witch hazel, this gentle organic cleanser washes away all traces of impurities whist working hard to improve skin regeneration (aka keep fine lens at bay). What’s more, the nourishing blend of ingredients maintains your skin’s natural moisture balance for a supple, radiant complexion. 

Price: £22 for a full size product (I got a sample)

Birchbox Accessories – Natural Green Jade Super Polished Gua Sha (FULL SIZE):

The next product is an accessory from the house of Birchbox! We all have received this beautiful full size natural green Jade Gua Sha face massage tool in our beauty bag this month. 

Jade Gua Sha tool in birchboxuk February 2021 bag
Jade Gua Sha Tool

Last year, we received a face roller from Birchbox, and this year, we’ve got this gua sha tool. So yes, now we can say that our facial massage toolset is complete. Thank you, Birchbox team 🙂 

Although, I have been using another brand’s face roller & gua sha for the past year. This new jade gua sha tool is a lovely addition to my beauty collection. 

Birchbox says the trendy jade Gua Sha is actually an ancient facial massage tool that has been used in beauty rituals for centuries. Used over moisturizer, facial oil, or cream, the Gua Sha renews skin by increasing blood flow for lymphatic drainage, perfectly stimulating the skin for radiant, de-puffed results.

NB: Use the side and toothed edge on the neck for additional lymphatic drainage.

Price: £12 Full Size

Sensory Retreats Divine Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask (SAMPLE):

The next product that I’ve got in my bag is this self-heating eye mask sample from the brand Sensory Retreats. I received a similar eye mask from a different brand in one of my previous beauty boxes. I am yet to use that mask. Now,  when I have two eye masks, I can use them one by one  and compare which one is better! What do you say?

Sensory Retreats Eye Mask in birchbox February 2021 bag
Sensory Retreats Eye Mask

The product says, when you’re feeling run down and stressed out from a jam-packed routine, it can be hard to switch off. Luckily, just 25 minutes is all it takes to magically melt away tension and eye strain with this self-heating eye mask. Using gentle, patented, air-activated Ecosteam technology, this mask delivers a pampering home-spa experience.

Price: £21 for a full size product (I’ve got a sample)

Soaper Duper Zesty Sicilian Lemon Body Wash (SAMPLE):

The last product in my bag is this cute looking zesty Sicilian lemon body wash sample from the brand Soaper Duper. I have never tried any product from this brand and I love shower gels. So yes, I’m pretty excited to give it a try!

Soaper Duper Bodywash ib birchbox uk february 2021
Soaper Duper Lemon Body Wash

Birchbox says, there is no better place to indulge in some me-time than the shower. This zingy, citrus-scented body wash is packed with softening shea nut suds, pure pressed lime oil, and hydrating aloe vera juice. It’ll leave skin feeling silky smooth and smelling divine.

NB: This body wash is made with 93% naturally-derived ingredients. 

Price: £9.99 for a full-size product 

Birchbox February 2021 Unboxing & Review
Birchbox UK February 2021 Contents

So these are the five beauty self-care products that I’ve received in my February 2021 Birchbox beauty bag. I’ll come up with their detailed reviews soon, until then stay tuned!


To sum up, I loved the Birchbox February 2021 beauty bag contents. Based on the theme of this month, the team has curated some really nice products for us. Although, I didn’t get my preferred turquoise-colored bag, am at least happy with the quality and size of the bag. 

If I add the price of only two full-size products, the total amount is £24 which is great compared to what I pay (£8) for this bag every month! In addition to this, I also got makeup and skincare samples. Therefore, this month’s box is quite worth the price! 

Have You Tried Any Of These Products? If yes, Please Share Your Experience With Me In The Comment Section Below.

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  1. I love seeing this. I’m not getting out shopping as much any more this is a great way to get some much needed items, I’ve been neglecting to purchase

  2. I love a beauty product. This sounds amazing. I’d never heard of the Gua Sha before although I have a jade roller. Will have to look it up.

  3. I’ve heard so much about birchbox. Looks like a fun subscription box ..there are so many out there but I might have to give this one a try!

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