Birchbox January 2021 ‘RETHINK YOUR ROUTINE’ Unboxing & Review

Hi beautiful,

Are you curious to know what’s inside the Birchbox UK January 2021 beauty subscription box? Then your wait is over! Because today I am going to unbox the January birchbox, plus I’ll also share the sneak peek of Birchbox for February 2021! So without any delay, let’s do its unboxing and review. 

About Birchbox:

Now, if you are new to the BIRCHBOX, then read this post to know more about its subscription plan details. Also, do not forget to check out my previous Birchbox unboxing blog posts and videos. 

I am into their 6-months subscription plan. I may join the one-year subscription plan later this year, but not sure! Anyway, their monthly plan is ideal for you if you have never tried Birchbox before. You can cancel it anytime!

Birchbox January 2021 Unboxing & Review:

I started my journey with Uk’s number 1 subscription box brand BIRCHBOX a year back, in January 2020. After using the Birchbox subscription for almost 12-months, I expect to get some amazing products in the first month of this new year. So am I impressed with this month’s box? Let’s see!

The theme of this month is “Rethink Your Routine. Trust the magic of a fresh start”. 

Birchbox says, hello 2021! New year, new routine. In 2021, we are more committed than ever to bringing you new and exciting ways to enjoy a little me-time. Discovering new beauty-from the latest brands to top tips-just got even more fun. This month’s Birchbox is all about revamping your beauty routine. The first step? Open up your Birchbox and discover your New Year’s Beauty Resolution!

Birchbox January 2021 unboxing & review

This month the usual pink-colored Birchbox came further wrapped inside a parcel. Why so? Because Birchbox has sent a cute blush pink colored velvety pouch along with their usual *keepsake* box. Last month too, we received a green velvety-textured bag instead of the traditional box. I am not sure why they sent another bag this month again! 

Anyway, coming to this month’s box design, it looks boring! Sorry, team, but I have never seen such dull box packaging before!

Birchbox January 2021 unboxing & review

Now, let me show you the goodies-

1. Marcelle Hydrating Mask (SAMPLE):

As always, Birchbox gave us a choice to pick our favorite product for this month. This month it was a face mask, so I chose a hydrating face mask for my combination to dry skin. I didn’t know that I’d receive a tiny sample from this brand!

Birchbox January 2021 unboxing & review

Anyway, Birchbox says this refreshing crystalline gel mask deeply hydrates and renews skin. Thanks to a blend of hyaluronic acid (which serves as a moisture magnet) and Pacific seaweed, the skin is left smooth, refreshed, and illuminated. 

Price : £17.50

2. Lise Watier Illuminating Primer Luminous Fresh Cream-gel (SAMPLE):

The next product I got is a sample size primer from the brand Lise Watier.

Birchbox says, when it comes to looking radiant, you can’t go past an illuminating primer. This cream-gel primer with a delicate, pearlescent finish gives a soft, radiant glow whether you apply it before foundation as a base, or after as a highlighter. Plus, the universal shade suits all complexions. 

Birchbox January 2021 unboxing & review

Mix it directly with foundation, concealer, or day cream for a natural, radiant look. 

I love using a hydrating primer for my skin. So yes, I am quite happy to receive this product. Also, as I don’t do makeup regularly, this travel-size product will last me long.

Price : £42.00

3. Dr. Botanicals Strawberry & Poppy Seed Cleansing Bar (FULL SIZE):

The next product is a full-size cleansing bar from the vegan brand Dr. Botanicals. My husband has already grabbed it because he loves using soap bars, but I prefer to shower gels!

Birchbox January 2021 unboxing & review

Birchbox says, perfect for your weekly exfoliation session, this is more than your average bar of soap! Formulated with 98% natural ingredients like exfoliating black poppy seeds and revitalizing strawberry, this small but mighty bar will cleanse and exfoliate the skin all over your body, restoring your natural glow.

Price : £9.90

4. This Works Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum (Sample):

The next product is also a tiny sample. I have got a 10 ml hyaluronic serum from the brand This Works. 

Birchbox January 2021 unboxing & review

They say this youth-boosting serum is formulated to target tired-looking skin. Packed with the plumping powers of hyaluronic acid and brightening slow-release vitamin C, it’ll brighten, firm, tighten and smooth your complexion in no-time.

I wish the serum was a full-size product and not a sample! I’ll start using this HA serum soon after my current facial serum gets over. Have you tried it before?

Price : £37.00

5. AMIKA Reset Exfoliating Jelly Shampoo (SAMPLE)

The final product is a sample size shampoo from the brand Amika. I am amazed, how this brand name matches with my good name! Just remove “na” from AnaMIKA, and you get AMIKA! Haha 😀 

Birchbox January 2021 unboxing & review

They say time to hit reset on your hair? Whether you are feeling oily, itchy, or sensitive, this innovative jelly shampoo uses charcoal, pink clay, and sea salt to deep clean, purify, rebalance, and soothe your scalp. Feel instantly relieved and refreshed.

All of Amika’s products are cruelty-free!

As far as I remember, I received this same jelly shampoo in one of my previous boxes! This is the 2nd time, I have got repeated products, not funny. Do you like receiving the same old products?

Price: £20.00

Birchbox February 2021 Sneak Peek:

Next month in February 2021, Birchbox will transform the usual box into a versatile beauty bag, which is perfect for stashing our post-workout essentials or sitting pretty on our dressing table!

Birchbox January 2021 unboxing & review

There will be two color options-Turquoise or Lilac. I’ll pick the turquoise one. What about you?

Birchbox January 2021 unboxing & review

So these are the 5 products that I have received in my January Birchbox. There is only one full-size product (Soap) and four travel-size products.




This January, Birchbox has failed to impress me! It is the first month of 2021, and everyone will expect the decent sized awesome goodies in their boxes. But to our dismay, we have received only one full-size product (that too a soap), and the rest are all tiny samples! 

Birchbox January 2021 unboxing & review

Instead of the soap, they could send me a full-size HA serum 😛 It’s been a year, I’ve never received a moisturizer (day/night cream) in my birch box. I thought, at least this January * the skincare edition* box will contain a moisturizer, but nope! Makeup lovers will get disappointed with this month’s contents, for sure. Never mind, I am now optimistic about the next Valentine special February Birchbox 🙂 

Have you tried any of these featured products? What goodies have you received in your Birchbox this month? Please share with me in the comment section below.

I’ll come up with another video soon. Until then, stay beautiful stay healthy.

48 thoughts on “Birchbox January 2021 ‘RETHINK YOUR ROUTINE’ Unboxing & Review”

    1. This month’s box is not bad at all! There are so many customers with different tastes, it’s not possible for Birchbox to satisfy everyone, I agree 🙂. I am just really disappointed for getting tiny samples and not the decent sized products. Plus, I don’t use soap 😕

  1. It is a shame that this was a little disappointing. I have never had a birchbox before but I really like the idea of new products to try each month.

    Thanks for sharing so honestly x

  2. I have never had a subscription box before and I think this is the right time for me to try it, will definitely look for this product. Thank you!

  3. I have heard of Birchbox, but never gotten one myself. This one looks like a pretty good one. I agree that I would have loved more makeup in that one too. Still looks like a great box either way.

    1. This month’s box is not bad at all! There are so many customers with different tastes, it’s not possible for Birchbox to satisfy everyone, I agree 🙂. I am just really disappointed for getting tiny samples and not the decent sized products. Plus, I don’t use soap 😕

  4. It is a shame that your Birch Box didn’t impress you as much as you hoped. I hope the February box is better. (I would choose turquoise too.)

  5. I appreciate this awesome review as I have been debating on whether to order a Birchbox and I think I will give it a go. What a nice little surprise in the mail each month 🙂

  6. looking at this from a business perspective makes me excited! I love the simplicity of the look. It really is a cute package with all the skin care essentials.

  7. These all sound like wonderful products. I haven’t tried Birchbox before, and it would be fun to get all these in the mail to try (especially in the pandemic, when I am avoiding the store).

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