Easy technical hacks you must know for everyday use in 2022

Easy Technical Hacks You Must Know for Everyday Use in 2024  

Do you want to know the best and easy technical hacks & tips 2024 (for smartphone, smart TV, computer) for everyday use 😍?

Technology is an integral part of our lives, like it or not. It is not something we can avoid for long, even if it makes us uncomfortable. You are reading this post using technology, after all. 

That doesn’t mean you’ve got to fumble and feel sad for not being a pro at using the latest gadgets or technology like others. All you need is some encouragement and a handful of technical hacks to make your life easier. 

We’ve divided this tech hacks 2024 article into four sections like easy technical tips, Smart TV hacks, Smartphone hacks, and Computer hacks for your convenience. Note down the tech tips or print and carry a copy with you 🙂. Be at ease in using technology and everyday devices. Shall we get started without further delay?

Easy Technical Tips/Hacks For Everyday Use:

Easy technical hacks you must know for everyday use in 2022
Easy technical hacks you must know for everyday use

➡️ Access Wi-Fi

If the Wi-Fi network at the airports or hotels charges money to log in, add ?.jpg at the end of the URL address. Bingo. 

➡️ Identify Virus 

If the PDF file you download has a .exe extension, don’t open it. Delete it completely from the computer (use Shift+Delete). Exe files install software, and when a PDF file has an exe extension it contains a virus. 

➡️ YouTube Download 

Downloading videos from YouTube is easy if you simply add ss in the URL between www. and youtube. Then press enter. You can also select the picture quality and the extension before downloading the video. 

➡️ Image Reverse Search 

Right-click on the image and press the S key to reverse search an image on Google. This works only when using the Google Chrome browser. You can also right-click on the image and select ‘search with Google Lens’ to run the image search. Google allows you to adjust the area of focus on the image when running the search. 

➡️ Clear Cache 

Press Ctrl + Shift + R to clear cache and refresh the page on your browser. The same command will place the cursor on the right margin when you use it in Google Docs. 

Easy Smartphone Tech Hacks for Everyday Use in 2024:

Easy smartphone tech hacks you must know for everyday use in 2022. best technical hacks for everyday use  
Easy smartphone hacks you must know for everyday use

➡️ Better Audio Quality 

Place your hand over the microphone when recording a video on the phone. This will block the background noise and increase the volume of what you are recording (what’s in front of you). 

➡️ Fast Charging 

Use the Airplane mode to charge the smartphone faster even without using a fast charger. Airplane mode prevents new updates by blocking the network. This will allow the phone to charge faster. 

➡️ Screenshots 

If you are not sure of internet connectivity, take screenshots of the map and use the images to guide you. That way, you won’t be lost even if there is no network. 

➡️ Emergency Calls 

Long-press the power and volume buttons together to make an emergency call on iPhone. It’ll call 999 directly. 

Press the power button thrice in succession on Android phones to call contacts listed as emergency numbers (this works only on some Android devices). 

➡️ Disable Auto-Rotate 

Do you want the phone’s battery to last longer? Disable auto-rotate feature that uses the accelerometer sensor to identify the screen’s direction. 

Easy Smart TV Tech Hacks For Everyday Use in 2024:

Easy technical smart tv hacks you must know for everyday use in 2022. best technical hacks for everyday use  
Easy technical smart TV hacks you must know for everyday use

➡️ Smartphone as Remote 

There’s no need to use the remote that comes with your smart TV. You can download the smart TV apps on your smartphone and use them to control the TV. Don’t fret if the remote goes missing. 

➡️ Upload Blu-rays to Cloud 

You can upload the digital version of your Blu-rays to the iCloud if you own the rights for it. The movies will show up as ‘purchased’ on your Apple TV, and you can enjoy them anytime you want. 

➡️ Live Stream on TV 

Smart TVs can be used at home and work to live stream videos wirelessly. All you need to do is sync the device with the smart TV and connect them to the same Wi-Fi network. 

➡️ Voice Controls 

Amazon Fire has voice control functionality. The Firestick is your mic and voice assistant. This eliminates the need to use the remote. Other Smart TVs also have voice control features. You need to check the specifications. 

➡️ Add IDs to Apple TV 

You can create a user ID for each member of the house on your Apple TV. Go to Settings and click on Accounts. Then click on iTunes and App Store. Switch from one account to another and keep your purchases/ apps separate. 

Easy Computer Technical Hacks for Everyday Use in 2024:

Easy technical computer hacks you must know for everyday use in 2022. best technical hacks for everyday use  
Easy computer hacks you must know for everyday use

➡️ Reopen Closed Tabs 

Did you accidentally close a browser tab? You can retrieve it with ease. Click Control + Shift + T on Windows and Command + Shift + T on Mac. You can use the command any number of times. 

➡️ Make Your Own Cord Protector 

Worried about frayed cords? Take the spring out of your pen and stretch it. Then wrap it around the most vulnerable part of the cable. 

➡️ Wikipedia Pages can be Books 

Any Wiki page can be converted to an eBook in PDF, OpenDocument, or ZIM formats. You can even order it as a print book. 

➡️ Use Google as Stop Watch 

You can set timers using Google with an alarm to go off at the end. Type ‘start a timer’ in the Google search bar and edit the time. 

➡️ Edit Images in MS Paint 

You can crop and edit images by opening them in MS Paint. You can also change the file extension of the image and save it in PNG, JPG, JPEG, etc., formats. 



We hope our easy tech hacks for 2024 make your life simpler and better. We use these hacks almost every day and that’s why have shared this article with you today to help you🙂.

Any tech tips you could share with others? Share them in the comments!  

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  1. Wow, I am really the furthest thing from tech savvy. I was not aware of most of these. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for PDFs with .exe. I had no idea! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I’m always surprised when people say they don’t know about keyboard shortcuts and honestly there are some here not even I knew about! It’s definitely super helpful and saves time.

  3. Jasmine Martin

    These hacks are so important because you never realize when you’re going to use them until you actually need to know these tips. Thank you for these!

  4. There are really so many great tools available through the use of technology. It is nice to know these hacks and have all of these resources.

  5. I was going to have an attitude like yeah, the older generation needs this info! And then as I read, I realized, I must be the older generation, I didn’t know half this stuff! This post is getting bookmarked, thanks!

  6. Such great tech hacks for anyone because I struggle with shortcuts for my phone. Then I saw the ones for the smart TV and found that helpful too. I have closed a browser tab by accident before so that one I found very helpful. Thank you!

  7. Melissa Cushing

    I am bookmarking this post so that I can come back to use this wonderful resource! Lots of fabulous hacks heer that I can use at any given time so thank you 😉

  8. Melanie Edjourian

    Loads of great and useful hacks there. This will come in handy for me as there are a lot of things I don’t know how to do on the list.

  9. I didn’t realize there was a paywall hack. The first tip “ If the Wi-Fi network at the airports or hotels charges money to log in, add ?.jpg at the end of the URL address. Bingo” is one that I’ll definitely try.

  10. I have to say that this is one of the most useful articles I have read this year so far. These are tips that are so beneficial and can be used daily. Will keep in mind the airport wifi trick for sure.

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