Top 10 Women’s Fashion Trends to Rock the Cute and Cool Look

“Be not too early in the fashion, nor too long out of it; nor at any time in the extremes of it.”  – Lavater

A fashion trend is what keeps the pop culture alive. It’s the fashion flavor of the season, any form of fashion that stands out and is loved during a particular era, it’s what defines the culture and creativity of that time.

2020 has given us few opportunities to get out there and flaunt some fashion but things are starting to look better for the future. Feeling out of your zone lately? Be prepared with these top ten women’s fashion trends and stay on top of your fashion game!

The list is a curation of some of the coolest, classiest, and quirkiest fashion trends, currently most popular in most parts of the world. Let’s catch up with the latest fashion, shall we?

1.  Natural Tones


Shades like beige, taupe, ivory, mauve can work wonders with monochromatic scheme of clothing. This year is the time to bring back the mono look and drop in some of these shades.  Neutral or earthy tones such as sand, camel, lilac, or stone are always reliable options. Do not be afraid to experiment; earthy colors are charismatic enough to enhance any look you want to go for. 

2.  Tiger Prints

TOP 10 Latest Women’s Fashion Trends 2020 tiger prints
Tiger Prints


Animal prints have always been the frontrunners among the coolest and boldest style statements. This year, the fashion industry has staged a power-packed comeback for tiger prints. Try paring the tiger prints with dark colors like black and warm brown to master the cool vibe. You can also add denims to go a notch higher and rock the uber-cool look. 

3. Straps Over Pants


The perfect style of heels that can make heads turn, simply grab a pair of strappy sandals, let your cigarette cut bottoms flow, and flaunt the bold, strappy heels over them. It’s one of the latest, passive fashions but looks chic. You can complete the look by adding a matching jacket, hat, or glares.

4.  Fuchsia

Cute Bold

Obsession with out of the box colors, unconventional shades and unpopular tones is at the heart of 2020 fashion trends. One such unpopular hue that shot to popularity recently is fuchsia. The color is an unordinary purplish red. The color adds new energy to your wardrobe, pairs with almost any color, and makes a strong statement. If you want to step out of the beige and black safe trends to go bold, spice up your fashion with Fuchsia.

5.  Pop Colour Handheld Bags

TOP 10 Latest Women’s Fashion Trends 2020 pop colored handbags
Pop colored hand bags


This year is the one to give you the opportunity to explore and mismatch. Cute, leather handbags have always been in fashion. But add a trendy twist here and a funky twist there to get stunning pop colored clutches. Colors such as electric orange, magnetic blue, burgundy, yellow, and brown can instantly magnify your look without compromising the comfy factor. 

6.  Business Casual

Classy Casuals

Are you a boss lady with a playful side within? You are going to absolutely rock this look! Ditch the skirts for shorts to follow the coolest and classiest trend of the year. These are basically business suits, except, that instead of trousers or pencil skirts, they are paired with casual Bermuda shorts which generally match the color and pattern of the suits. Try this suit to break free from the discomfort of pencil skirts.

7.  Suede

TOP 10 Latest Women’s Fashion Trends 2020 suede


Suede, an old 70’s trend, is all set to make a fresh debut in 2020. A combination of fringe and suede is a sheer delight for all the leather lovers. It can be used to mark a variety of ready to wear outfits using skirts, coats, bags and boots. What is even more intriguing about wearing suede is the fact that it requires minimum efforts to flaunt a look.

8.  Faux Leather Jumpsuits

Boldly Cool 

Feeling a tad bit badass today? Go for one of the two things that never fail to bring out the inner goddess in you, leather, and jumpsuits. Or better, combine them both and make a statement. The fashion trend that gained a huge number of eyeballs, you can never go wrong full faux leather jumpsuits, only extra! 

9.  Bohemian

TOP 10 Latest Women’s Fashion Trends 2020 bohemian look
Bohemian look


A modern fashion trend that’s essentially inspired by folklore, Bohemian is a warm trend full of love. This modern hippie look combines intricate embroidery and unique patchwork and still makes the style look casual and effortless. Add some shades, hats, and statement accessories for the perfect touch. 

10.  Athleisure

Cool and comfy

How can we miss this current hottest fashion trend, Athleisure? A perfect blend of comfy & stylish wear giving you the pleasure of both the worlds – Sports & Fashion! Considering the amount of time you have been spending at home since the Pandemic Lockdown, comfortable yet stylish workout outfits all you need to stay fit and fab! Athleisure wear just fits the bill!


11. Chains With Hoops

Cute and Cool

Ladies love the hoops, that’s an unsaid rule. Apparently 2020 has taught us all to make the best use of the resources available, and that reflects in this fashion trend. Hoop earrings hanging off thin chains of metal is the new fast fashion. You can either go for the safe and traditional touch of gold or silver or add funk to your outfit with a dash of colored hoops.

Fashion trends, like the leaves of autumn, come and go. However, some are awe-inspiring enough to capture hearts and leave impressions to be adapted forever. Let’s refresh your styles with some of the iconic and evergreen trends which are here for long and here to stay. 

a.  Floral Print

Iconic And Evergreen Fashion Trends florals
Floral Love

A style that screams casuals and sings of joy and glee; this feel-good style is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe.

b. Miniskirts

trend introduced in the late ’50s still manages to cast its spell over the gen Z and surely even the ones to come. We’ve all been floored by cute, stunning, or sexy miniskirts and have felt our confidence shoot up on wearing them.

c.  Little Black Dresses

What wardrobe is complete if you don’t have a little black dress in it and a pair of high heels to match with? We just can’t do without them now, can we?

d. Pointed Pumps

Iconic And Evergreen Fashion Trends black pump shoes
Black Pumps

An absolute charmer, pointed pumps make any boring outfit look appealing and business or even party-ready.

If the lack of sense of style during the past few months have been wearing you out, we are sure this article on top 10 women’s fashion trends has made a refreshing comeback of fashion in your life.

Can’t wait to try out one or all of these? Neither can we!


Share your favorites in the comments section below, we would love to help you complete and enhance your favorite looks!

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