Marks & Spencer Lavender Moisture Rich Bath Essence Review

Colorful products, especially body washes, dominate my bathroom vanity. Call it color therapy or something else, but whenever I get a glimpse of those vivid enchanting products, the vibrant colors instantly uplift my mood, and I feel so happy & positive. Well, readers, today I am going to review this colorful Marks & Spencer Lavender Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Essence. Is this shower gel worth buying? Is it good for dry skin? Scroll down to know more!

Marks & Spencer Lavender Moisture Rich Bath Essence/Body Wash Review

Product Description:

With a traditional relaxing fragrance of lavender, this moisture-rich foaming bath essence will gently cleanse whilst you soak, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and delicately fragranced.

Marks and Spencer lavender moisture rich bath essence review
Marks and Spencer lavender moisture rich bath essence

Add a drop of floral indulgence to your next bath with our lavender bath essence. Bringing a gorgeous scent to bath time our foaming bath essence lets you sink back into beautifully fragranced bubbles, with the smell of lavender helping you to unwind and relax after a long day.

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Target Skin Type: Normal 

Price & quantity: GBP 3.50 for 500ml

Shelf-Life of Marks & Spencer Lavender Body Wash: 24 months

Ingredients of Marks & Spencer Lavender Bath Essence:

Aqua • Sodium Laureth Sulfate • Cocamide DEA • peg-6 caprylic/capric glycerides • Cocamidopropyl betaine • lauryl betaine • parfum • sodium chloride • Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower extract • disodium EDTA • glycerin • citric acid • benzophenone-2 • magnesium nitrate • methylchloroisothiazolinone • magnesium chloride • methylisothiazolinone • potassium sorbate • sodium benzoate • butylphenyl methylpropional • linalool • ci 17200 • ci 42090.

My Take On Marks & Spencer Lavender Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Essence:

(Body skin type: Dry)

Marks & Spencer is one of my favorite lifestyle shopping brands. Although their products are expensive, sale season is the best time to purchase their stuff, and the wait is so worth it! Besides, this brand has its own beauty line, including make-up, skincare, haircare, perfume, and bath & body care products. I picked lavender bath essence from their floral collection in the bath & body range. Although the Marks & Spencer lavender bath essence is designed for normal skin types, I chose this particular variant because it was labeled as moisture-rich formula. Plus, it has lavender 😍!

The packaging & texture – Look & Feel:

Marks & Spencer lavender moisture rich foaming bath essence comes in a beautiful, long 500ml, transparent plastic bottle secured with a white screw cap. The whole packaging screams lavender! The packaging displays lavender flower design with information on ingredients, shelf-life, product details, and more. As the size of this bottle is huge, it’s not convenient for travel. However, they have separate floral collection travel sets for travelers. I purchased this from the Central Hong Kong M&S store (2019). Hence, the product looks a bit different now on their official site!

Marks and Spencer lavender moisture rich bath essence packaging
Marks and Spencer lavender moisture rich bath essence packaging

The Marks & Spencer lavender moisture rich shower gel looks light lavender color inside the bottle but appears transparent when poured into the palm of my hand. It has a gel texture with a semi-thick consistency and a mind-blowing floral fragrance ❤️.

How To Use Marks & Spencer Moisture Rich Lavender Body Wash?

To cleanse your skin with this lavender body wash, you are required to take only a tiny amount of it into your palm or on a loofah. Either way, it produces a rich lather when applied to damp skin and releases that soothing lavender fragrance while cleansing your skin. Whenever we used this lavender bath essence, its invigorating fragrance would turn the boring shower routine into a luxurious spa kind of experience!! I love it so much😍!  

What It Does? Is Marks & Spencer Lavender Bath Essence Great For Dry Skin? 

Marks & Spencer lavender shower gel as a cleanser is quite effective too. It cleanses the skin gently by eliminating dirt and grime without stripping the skin of its natural oil. Also, this lavender bath essence is alcohol-free; hence it doesn’t dry out the skin. Mind you it does contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS, second on the list, which I don’t like at all), yet non-drying. I wish it had only clean skincare ingredients! 

Marks and Spencer lavender moisture rich bath essence texture
Marks & Spencer lavender moisture rich bath essence texture

This bath essence is easy to wash off and doesn’t leave behind any slippery residue post-cleansing. Even if I forgot to use my body oil post-shower, it still would keep my dry skin soft for a good period. 

In the harsh colder months, I had to apply body oil and body lotions to keep my super dry skin moisturized, but for summers, it’s just perfect! Mr. husband and I have had no allergic reaction to this bath essence.

Pros Of Marks & Spencer Lavender Bath Essence:

  • Beautiful and colorful packaging
  • Cleanses skin efficiently and gently
  • True to its claim, a hydrating shower gel
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin 
  • Has a super refreshing and soothing fragrance
  • No irritation
  • No breakouts/body acne
  • A little amount is sufficient for each use
  • Creates rich lather which is easy to wash off
  • Suitable for all skin types, great for dry skin

Cons Of  Marks & Spencer Lavender Shower Gel:

  • The ingredients! I really wish it had more skin-loving ingredients
  • Has a strong scent!
  • Pricey! However, a little goes a long way, so the product lasts long. Also, buy during the sale season to get the best deal!

EE Rating: 



To sum up,

Marks & Spencer Lavender Moisture Rich Bath Essence is a gentle body wash that cleanses the skin efficiently without drying it out. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated, supple, and fresh! This shower gel is alcohol-free and cruelty-free, so suitable for dry skin and vegetarians/vegans.

If you are looking out for a moisturizing shower gel for your skin, then give this lavender bath essence a shot!


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50 thoughts on “Marks & Spencer Lavender Moisture Rich Bath Essence Review”

  1. Melissa Cushing

    I always love a good body wash and this one looks pretty fabulous. I know the con was the strong scent but I do love a good strong fragrance but Lavender is not one of my favorite scents…. its a bit too herbal for me so in this case…. I would want it to be a lighter scent as well. I will have to check this out for myself and appreciate your thorough and informative review 😉

  2. This sounds heavenly, the perfect shower gel for self-care. I love the scent of lavender and I think I’d really like these Marks & Spencer bath products. I’ll definitively look for them in my area.

  3. Oh how i love the color and the scent of Lavender. My favorite part of everyday is showring. I’d love to have this!

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