The Most Popular Women Winter Fashion Trends To Rock In 2021

Puffer Jackets To Plaid Blazers: The Most Popular Women Winter Fashion Trends To Rock In 2021

Take a look at your social media feed and you will find so many people showing off their winter trends in style. And while some of you may swear your love by the hoodies, the 2021 winter fashion game has already begun for the fashion lovers. 

Thanks to social media, there is a huge audience for fashion, an advantage for bloggers to give out more winter fashion tips and tricks. Unless you have been on an online detox program, you might have already felt the tinge of FOMO regarding the perfect winter outfits that are trending this season.

The Most Popular Women Winter Fashion Trends To Rock In 2021

The winter fashion 2020 trend may have been more about sitting at home in warmers and socks, but women are ready to catch up with the latest winter trends this year. Winter accessories like gloves, coats, and trench coats are all on the street stores. Just like the weather, the winter colors of 2021 have also changed a bit. 

Fret not girls, winter clothing is a cakewalk if you choose the right outfit to beat the cold. Let’s take a look at what’s in for women winter fashion trends this year.  

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1. Puffer Jackets 

You might have already seen these vibrant jackets in celebrity pictures. These jackets are quilted coats, filled with air pockets made of feathers. This design helps you keep warm for the longest of time, depending on the size of the coat. Puffer jackets come in vibrant colors. They look best when worn with denim jeans or baggy pants. 

Puffer jackets to plaid blazers, most popular women winter fashion trends to rock in 2021. winter fashion style trends for women 2021
Winter Fashion 2021 Trends For Women

2. Knitted Co-ord Set 

The co-ord style is ruling the fashion industry like a queen. The best part of this color-themed trend is that they fit in well with formal as well as casual setups. Winter fashion for women cannot be complete without a perfect knitted co-ord set. These matching sets of long knitted tops and fitted tights can be picked up on a usual day out. They not only help you stay warm but also are hassle-free. Neutral shaded co-ord sets are the vibe off all fashion 2021. 

3. Leather Boots 

Well, a pair of good boots take you to good places! Leather boots are quite a veteran to winter fashion trends. Tall leather boots go well with pants, skirts as well as dresses. A classic black leather boot is always a go-to option for a true-style diva. However, picking hues like olive or dark brown will surely make you stand out amid the crowd this winter season. Make sure you wear the right pair of socks to carry them gracefully. Leather boots are not snow-friendly but you can strut proudly in them in the moderate cold weather. 

Puffer jackets to plaid blazers, most popular women winter fashion trends to rock in 2021. winter fashion style trends for women 2021
Winter Fashion 2021 Trends For Women

4. Shirt Dress 

When you’re confused between choosing glamour and comfort, pick a shirt dress. Long-sleeved shirt dresses are in the top winter fashion trends. They also gel in well for those who love to flaunt casual winter outfits like a runway star. These knee-length shirt dresses come with a waist belt and look elegant when worn with a pair of ankle-length boots. They keep you warm and fashionable at the same time. Khaki and brown shades are getting sold out rapidly, in case you’re confused which colours to don?

5. Solid Cardigans 

When everything fails, turn to the good ol’ cardigan style statement. It doesn’t matter if you have been a geek who stays miles away from winter fashion trends or a true-blue topper in this department. A waist-length cardigan has everyone’s back in the cold season. Just like 2020 winter fashion, Fall 2021 fashion also has managed to bring this statement pattern back into the market. This knitted open jacket-like outfit fits flawlessly with denim pants and narrow skirts. Cardigans now come with an embroidery and floral designs as well. Talk about adding some spice to the basic outfits. 

6. Plaid Blazer 

Work from office days is back and so is the demand for sophisticated formal winter looks. 2021 winter fashion list has plaid blazers bookmarked on the top. This contemporary style is the best way to stay hot and happening in the chilly weather. Commonly made of wool, plaid blazers can be teamed up with a variety of alternatives. Of course, T-shirt and trousers are the best way to go about it. But have you thought about pulling them off with a classic LBD or a mini skirt with boots? Plaid blazers have also garnered a lot of attention over the past few years on the celebrated fashion shows. 

7. Muffler or Stoles 

You get to add a twist to your regular outfit by just wrapping around a cute muffler! The simplest winter fashion hack there is! Mufflers, stoles, or shawls are quite easy to carry and come in a plethora of colors and materials. Wearing a contrast-colored muffler or a neutral-themed shawl can keep you warm as well as in vogue. When you are done choosing the right winter casual outfits for 2021, do not forget to pair them with different kinds of mufflers. There are many ways to tie them around your neck including the knot style, toss style, and loop style. They add a fun element to the basic full-sleeved tee as well. 

8. Denim Jackets 

Denim jackets are still in the winter trend to help you pretend that you aren’t really cold! The trademark blue denim jacket absolutely is every woman’s best friend while trying to check the 2021 winter outfit trend. There is no right or wrong way to wear denim jackets as they match with pants, skirts, and dresses too. Black, brown, olive, and pale washed denim jackets are right now competing with the traditional blue denim. You can make them stand out by wearing a belt and a contrasting T-shirt. 

Winter fashion outfit ideas are bubbling continuously on the internet. To be up-to-date with all the buzzing fall fashion attires or winter attire for women can be a bit tough. But if you go by these basic winterwear for this season, there won’t be a single day to go without receiving a sweet compliment. 

Fashion is what you make out of the available option in a graceful manner. Winters compel you to be extra careful with the OOTD choice as comfort becomes the topmost priority. As long as your outfit is sturdy enough to keep you away from the chilling cold, the season is yours to rock. Above all, none of these outfits are complete without some confidence and a smile! 

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