Top 5 fashion hacks for men

Top 5 fashion hacks for men – Transforming average to handsome

Men, do you want to know about the top fashion hacks that can transform you from average to a handsome person? This blog post has got you covered!

Ever wondered why that new employee in your office gets a lot more attention and is better spoken to, even though he is just a month old in your company? The chances are that the new employee in your office is better dressed, talks with an accent, or has a commendable sense of humor… the list is endless!How did that make you feel? Envious? Jealous? Or did you comfort your ego by saying, Oh! He is such a show-off! One way to look at it is with green eyes filled with envy (which is rather self-demeaning). We suggest you a better alternative – Revert your focus to yourself instead of focusing on him. The spiritual gurus call it self-transformation.

What are the best style hacks every man should know? Top 5 fashion tips for men, 2024 edition

You do not necessarily have to compete with anyone (as far as physical appearance is concerned). Applying the top 5 fashion hacks mentioned in this article below, you would rise high in the fashion league and look the best version of yourself, always!

Read on to know the best fashion tips that will make you look more competent, powerful, attractive, and manly (maybe even more than that new employee). 

Top Fashion Hacks For Men, get rid of pocket flairs
Style hacks for men

1) Get rid of those trouser pocket flairs

Unfamiliar with what pocket flairs are? Well, it is just another fancy name to address those gaping pockets in your trousers. Wider the pocket gaps, broader your hips look. 

Your trouser pockets generally acquire that awkward shape, either if your pants are too tight or are too close to your hips. Therefore, get your trousers altered and, if need be, change the pocket style from vertical to front pockets to prevent them from flaring out.

2) Style your head bush – Get a haircut

No, we are not talking about the haircut that you get done once in one or two months from the local barbershop. When we ask you to get a haircut, we want you to go to a professional hairstylist in your town and get a proper haircut that suits your face shape. 

Top Fashion Hacks For Men, get a good haircut
Get a haircut

It will cost you more bucks than a local barbershop, but the result that you would get from a professional hairdresser would be a lot more than what you pay for. Always remember, there is no one-style-fits-all haircut, and therefore, you need a specific haircut solely tailored to your face shape. 

3) Use optical illusion to look better

When it comes to fashion, optical illusions play a significantly enormous role in making you look taller, slimmer, and broader. 

If you don’t have a height that can be a boastful feature in your physique, then by wearing a jacket that has a little short overall length, will make your legs look longer.

Top Fashion Hacks For Men, get rid of cuffs from trousers, wear short jacket
Style hacks for men

Another easy style hack is to get rid of cuffs from your trousers because they do not make your legs look slimmer. For shirts, wear vertical stripes instead of horizontal to create a perfect optical illusion to look taller than what your physical height is. 

4) Learn to roll your sleeves like a pro

Top Fashion Hacks For Men, learn how to fold shirts
Fashion hacks for men

Although insignificant, the way you roll up the sleeves of your shirt impacts a lot on your outlook. If you have been carelessly rolling your sleeves with uneven, messy creases, then you have no one else to blame but yourself. 

Follow the steps below to roll your sleeves like a man:

  • Unbutton your cuffs and fully extend your sleeves
  • Curl the sleeve upward and over after bending it first at the cuff
  • Roll it up to your elbow and make sure that there are no creases

5) Wear a tie to die for

People usually have a dozen ties thrown in their wardrobe, which they use randomly without giving it much thought. If you need to create an impression of authority among your fellow companions and colleagues, then a solid monochrome tie will make you look like a boss!

Top Fashion Hacks For Men, wear a mono tie
Fashion Hacks For Men

Another equally attractive choice would be to go for darker colors with bright yet subtle patterns. Whether you are wearing a suit, or a jacket, or simply a dress shirt, a premium quality tie with darker or solid colors makes you stand out from the crowd. 

In a nutshell,

John Galliano rightly said, “Style is wearing an evening dress to McDonald’s, wearing heels to play football. It is personality, confidence, and seduction.” 

Dressing in style doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to burn a hole in your pocket purchasing apparel from expensive world-famous brands. Fashion, for a person, is a unique style statement of that individual and has got nothing to do with flashing expensive brands. 

If you follow these 5 simple fashion tips that have been mentioned above, then you can be rest assured to look the best version of yourself every single day. 

On a side note – Attractiveness (especially sexiness) is what is in your mind and not what you wear. You can wear the best clothes and look dull or wear dull clothes and look attractive. It all depends on your attitude!

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Top Fashion Hacks For Men

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  1. These seem like great tips to help a man be more stylish. Of course, what is really important is how he treats other people.

  2. This is great! You never really see anything on men’s fashion. My husband and I recently went through his wardrobe and got rid of all his old dress pants. They were so wide! It made us laugh. Skinny all the way now. I will have to check out the pockets though.

  3. man, I hear you on that “head bush”. My hubs told me growing out his hair and beard has always been on his bucket list – that was 2 years ago. Today he rocks a ponytail, which is totally cool with me, but that freaking beard has to go. Any tips on that besides shaving it off? lol

  4. Love this! I always appreciate a good sense of style in a man. My husband usually dresses rather casually, but he has a pretty awesome sneaker collection and looks great in a suit.

  5. I think we all have different ideas as to what looks good. That’s what makes us all different. My husband does need to learn how to roll his shirt sleeves!

  6. Really good tips for a men’s style. Everyone do more about girls style article. I think hairstyle always change their looks.!

  7. Great tips. I just had a conversation with my husband about cutting his hair and shaving his beard. He was growing them up due to the lockdowns but it is time for them to go

  8. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Quite nice suggestions for men and with Vday coming in, such ideas are always welcome. My hubby is not stylo guy but need to try

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