top summer fashion style trends for adult men 2021

Top Summer Fashion Trends For Adult Men

Summer is the right time to infuse your wardrobe with new additions. Various fashion trends tend to emerge with the change of seasons, as people adapt their wardrobe to the latest weather. When it comes to summer fashion for adult men, there are some trends that you might find interesting. The summer fashion trends aim to keep clothing stylish without compromising on comfort or utility. Let us talk about the latest summer 2021 trends.

Here are some of the top summer fashion trends for adult men-


Shirts happen to be one of the most common types of clothing worn in summer. However, you ought to be careful when purchasing a summer shirt. Make sure you would be comfortable in it. Shirts of white or other light colors are particularly trendy in summer. As for materials, cotton has undoubtedly earned the top spot in adult men summer clothes across various categories. Some of the other shirt materials that might interest you are:

  • Linen: Linen shirts carry a classy look that has helped them become a popular material for men’s clothing. These are relatively simple in design and perfect for casual wear. 
  • Chambray: If you love to wear denim shirts for the looks, chambray is a good alternative you can try in summer. Although it looks similar to denim and blue is the classic color of chambray, it is a lightweight and plain-weave fabric.
  • Seersucker: When it comes to comfortable shirts in summer, seersucker is yet another great material.  The material is rippled, which allows helps to keep the body cooler. 
Latest top summer 2021 shirts trends for men

These shirts are currently a popular trend among men’s clothing this summer. 


For men, t-shirts are a popular choice for stylish casual wear. However, in summer, t-shirts that are relatively simplistic in design are exceptionally trendy. As for material, you would want it to be thin enough to allow maximum air permeability without being see-through. Light solid colors are the most popular choice for summer t-shirts. Some of the common t-shirt designs for this summer are:

  • Multicolored words
  • Hand-drawn designs
  • Doodle artwork
  • Arched text
top summer fashion style trends for adult men 2021
Latest top summer 2021 t-shirt trends for men


Your shoes can add to your fashion statement, and it is necessary to put on footwear that would sync well with your outfit. Yet, you should also remain aware of the necessity of staying comfortable. Some of the popular summer shoe trends this year are:

  • White canvas sneakers: These go well with most outfits, making it one of the most versatile summer footwear options. 
  • Knitted sneakers: In summer, knitted sneakers are very practical due to their lightweight and breathable build.
  • Suede derbies: Summer shoes aren’t entirely about casual wear, as Suede Derbies go pretty well with formal outfits. 
  • Leather sandals: These stylish shoes are particularly well-suited to resort-wear outfits, such as chino shorts, polo shirts, khakis, etc.
top summer fashion style trends for adult men 2021, shoes
Latest top summer 2021 shoe trends for men


A list of the top summer clothing trends for adult men is incomplete without mentioning shorts. It is best to opt for forts that are neither too short nor too long, particularly those that end right above your knee. To keep it comfortable, you would want to leave some space between the fabric and your thighs. Some of the most sought-after summer shorts are:

  • Chino shorts: The chino shorts are generally fashionable and cool at the same time, making them ideal for the summer. 
  • Denim shorts: Jeans have always been a popular choice among men. Denim short offers a similar style at a shorter length that is more suitable as summer wear.
top summer fashion style trends for adult men 2021, shorts
Latest top summer 2021 men shorts trends


Fashion never ends at clothing and shoes alone. Accessories enhance your look and make an impression. A variety of accessories have found their way into men’s wardrobes this season due to their styles and utility.  

  • Fashionable rain hats: These hats carry a significant fashion statement and go well with various outfits. The extended brims offer protection against rain and heat alike. 
  • Slouch backpacks: Lately, an increasing number of men are choosing to use slouched and oversized backpacks. These are not only spacious but also sleek and comfortable with a soft texture. 
top summer fashion style trends for adult men 2021
latest summer 2021 style trends

Men who crave style always tend to come up with innovative fashion ideas. This has led to the advent of several other summer style trends that you may want to check out:

  • Warm-weather layering: Multi-layered outfits mostly tend to be a winter fashion. However, lightweight jackets worn over plain summer shirts or t-shirts are becoming quite a trend. 
  • Short-sleeved Henley: Long-sleeved Henley’s happens to be popular winter wear. However, a majority of men are making short-sleeved and lightweight Henley’s a part of their summer clothing. 
top summer fashion style trends for adult men 2021
Top summer fashion & style trends for adult men 2021


These are a few popular summer fashion trends in 2022 and are likely to stay for a while. Based on your tastes, you may pick up whichever style trend you wish or even come up with customized outfit ideas.


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    Loads of great ideas for my husband. I think he needs some more shorts as his other ones are a bit old now. It’s nice to have some new items.

  2. My sons will love this post. I know they want some new clothes so this list would help them find some good ones. I could use a pair of those knitted sneakers too. 🙂

  3. I have never put much thought into fashion trends for men, until my son became an adult. He is so into fashion and being “tight” as he calls it. Great information for this Tshirt and jeans mama to learn.

  4. I have always found it’s very difficult for men when it comes to fashion which is dominated by women’s trends. It’s nice to have resources for men to find their style and identity too. Great picks!

  5. Does it seem like men’s shorts are getting shorter this summer? I see a lot of people running around with them mid-thigh. That’s a big change from the longer versions we’ve been used to on the fellas.

  6. Jasmine Martin

    I think cargo shorts and basketball shorts should be added to this list too. I always see men wearing those in the Summer time too.

  7. I’m still searching for that best chambray shirt for the hubs. I like the look of a chambray shirt paired with shorts and then slip on sneaks.

  8. Terri Steffes

    I shop for my husband and I was delighted to see some of these fashion choices. He needs new shorts and I would definitely buy these.

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