what is maskne and how to prevent mask acne with homemade remedies on everything enchanting

What is Maskne & how to prevent mask acne?

The world has heard about acne, its causes, and also the treatment. But, recently, a new dermal disease crept up, all thanks to the global pandemic that is going on. You can say that it is an evolved version of the acne, also known as the maskne

This is a relatively new disorder that many people are facing all across the world. The constant use of face masks is said to be the main cause of this special form of acne breakout. However, since many of you are still unaware of the maskne (mask acne), we will be concentrating on learning the basic facts about this skin problem.

How to prevent maskne? Tips for fighting mask acne! 

This article will discuss the maskne in general, its causes, the home remedy, and how to avoid the breakout. So, without making any further delay, let’s venture deep into the impending discussion.

What is maskne?

Since you all know that the only way to keep yourself and others safe is by wearing a mask, it is something that you can’t avoid. If you are going out for carrying on with your daily activities, you have to wear this protective gear, be it a surgical mask used by doctors or the N95 disposable masks. 

When you are putting on the mask, you are trapping the air inside. Whenever you are blowing out air from your nose, the temperature inside the mask gets increased. As a result, your facial skin releases sweat droplets, which continue to accumulate on your skin. The lack of air and the increased percentage of moisture promotes the growth of bacteria. This is one of the main maskne causes that the healthcare professionals have listed as of now. 

what is maskne and how to prevent mask acne with homemade remedies

What are the effects of the maskne breakout?

Normally, when someone is suffering from an acne breakout, they develop small reddish bumps all over the face. However, in this new skin disease maskne, the jawline and cheeks suffer the most

The masks are designed in a way where they cover your nose, mouth, jawline, cheeks, and the facial hairline right before the ears. Due to this, the acne breakouts are seen along the cheekbone, nose tip, hollow of the cheeks, and ear’s hairline. 

what is maskne and how to prevent mask acne with homemade remedies on everything enchanting
Maskne (Mask Acne)

Small to medium-sized reddish bumps form on the skin surface, clogging the pores and causing further rashes. The acnes can be a real pain in the head if you aren’t learning about how to stop maskne at the earliest.

How to treat maskne naturally? Skincare Tips for Maskne:

Fighting maskne and acne are different since the causes of both these diseases are varied. This is the reason why treatment of the mask acne is different from the regular breakouts. This section discusses some easy ways to treat the disorder and relieve from the skin’s painful bumps.

1. Wash face properly

The first way to prevent the sudden breakout of the mask acne is to wash your face correctly every time you open your mask. This will prevent the accumulation of sweat and germs in the skin pores, thereby reducing acne breakouts. Use a proper face wash (as per your skin type and concern) and massage the cheeks and the jawline to remove any pores’ dirt.

what is maskne and how to prevent mask acne with homemade remedies (use a moisturizer)
Use a moisturizer

2. Use a moisturizer

Sometimes, the acne breakouts are caused due to excessive friction between the mask’s inner layers and your epidermis. Due to continuous friction, the skin suffers irritation causing breakouts, especially along the jawline. This is why using a moisturizer will help you in dealing with maskne. It will keep your skin hydrated for long hours, thereby reducing the irritation when wearing masks. 

what is maskne and how to prevent mask acne with homemade remedies (no make up)
No make-up

3. Say no to make up

If you are going to your work or a shopping centre, you will put a lot of makeup on your face, even though your face will hardly be seen. The use of makeup will block your skin pores, thereby not allowing them to breathe. This can be a prime cause of maskne and hence, try to avoid putting so much makeup layers while going out. 

what is maskne and how to prevent mask acne with homemade remedies (use a clean mask)
Use a clean mask

4. Use a clean mask

One of the best tips for maskne is to avoid wearing overused or dirty masks. In case you are wearing a reusable mask, you will be able to use the cover several times. But, sometimes, the inside layer of the same can become dirty. Using such a mask again will cause bacteria’s growth, thereby causing acne and red bumps to appear on your skin.

what is maskne and how to prevent mask acne with homemade remedies on everything enchanting (clean your reusable mask)
Clean your reusable mask

5. Avoid using fragrant detergents for washing

If you are using a reusable mask, you will have to clean it frequently. While using the detergent for cleaning the mask, make sure that it is free of any fragrant compound. This is because the aromatic molecule will remain trapped inside the pores of the mask material. This might irritate your face once you put on the mask. 


Many healthcare professionals are now offering different maskne skincare tips only to help people to avoid acne breakouts and irritation. After all, if you want to go out of your house, you will need a mask, and hence, you need to take care of your maskne before your next planning. 


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  1. I don’t have to wear my mask often since I work from home, but I know others who have had trouble with this. I always use a clean mask, though, and don’t wear makeup except around my eyes. And when I work at the school, a face shield is enough for our district so I oftentimes wear that so it doesn’t cause the maskne.

  2. super useful post to me. the issue is real, oh so real. Masks are important and I agree to wear them as long as it is necessary but protecting your skin is very important as well

  3. My face has definitely been irritated from working all day in a mask. I work in a greenhouse, and in the summer, temps were over 100 degrees F! So needless to say I was dealing with some breakouts. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    This is very useful. Hard time for many who have to wear masks for long durations. It’s needed very much these days.

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    I’ve never heard of Maskne before but it’s good to know what is. acne is never a good thing, good tips!

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