Why is Keratin treatment good for your hair

Why is Keratin Treatment Good for Your Hair 

Do you want to know what is Keratin treatment and why it is good for your hair? In this article, we’ve discussed the benefits of Keratin treatment and the things you need to consider before getting it done for your hair! 

Why is Keratin treatment good for your hair?

Who doesn’t want beautiful hair? If there’s one thing we could ask for, it would be to have a lustrous and wavy mane that turns others green with envy. Alas! 

We change shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, oils and do everything that promises to keep the hair healthy and shiny. Yet, only a few of us are lucky enough to see the results. Wouldn’t it be nice if we got a chance to make our hair look good? 

The beauty industry knows it needs to do something to help us. It relied on science and came up with keratin treatment. 

Well, keratin is a major protein that’s a natural part of our hair. No thanks to the environmental pollution, chemicals in cosmetics, and our lifestyle constraints, the keratin in the hair weakens and gets damaged over time. This leads to dull, lifeless, and easily breakable hair strands. Keratin treatment artificially adds keratin to the hair to make it smooth, shiny, and lustrous. 

What is Keratin Treatment? 

Keratin treatment reduces frizz and makes your hair look silky smooth for a few months. Its effect reduces gradually. The Keratin treatment is most suitable for people with wavy, frizzy, or curly hair. It is a part of the hair-straightening process in many salons. People with straight hair don’t need to go for keratin treatment. It’s not likely to make your hair stick straight. 

Keratin treatment works on the porosity of the hair. Porous hair leads to frizz, tangles, and damage. The treatment provides a temporary solution to this problem. Hair that is not overly porous doesn’t require keratin treatment. You’ve got to remember that the results of keratin treatment are not the same for everyone. It might have worked wonders for a friend. But there’s no guarantee that it’ll do the same to your hair. 

Why is Keratin treatment good for your hair
Why is Keratin treatment good for your hair

There are different types of keratin formulas used to treat hair. The hairstylist will examine the texture of your hair strands and determine which formula will work the best. The Brazilian blowout (where hair is straightened during the treatment) is the most famous and commonly used keratin treatment. 

In simple terms, keratin treatment fills the gaps in the hair structure to repair the damage and rebuild the hair strands. The treatment makes your hair smooth, soft, and easily manageable.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment: 

Let’s look at the various benefits of getting keratin treatment for your hair. 

  • Keratin treatment smoothens the cells that overlap and lead to uniform hair strands. This makes your hair smooth and frizz-free. 
  • If humidity makes your hair unmanageable, keratin treatment will ensure you can continue to manage and style it the way you want. 
  • The results of one keratin treatment will last for up to six months. You can continue to wash your hair twice or thrice a week (not daily) after the treatment. 
  • Since keratin fortifies the hair strands with artificial protein, it reduces hair breakage due to porosity. You can also try different hairstyles without worrying about breakage or tangles. 
  • Curly hair doesn’t reflect enough light to appear shiny. Keratin treatment smoothens the curls and increases their ability to reflect light and appear shiny. 
  • You need less time to care for your hair and it looks better. You can wash your hair and let it air dry, run a comb through it a couple of times and pull it into any hairstyle. 

Top 6 Things to Consider Before Getting Keratin Treatment for Your Hair 

Keratin treatment sure has many benefits to offer. However, it is not without a few risks. Here are some aspects to consider before going for keratin treatment. The more you understand how it works, the better prepared you’ll be to deal with the risks. 

Why is Keratin treatment good for your hair
Why is Keratin treatment good for your hair

1. Not for Straight Hair 

We’ve mentioned that straight hair doesn’t require keratin treatment. But why? 

That’s because the treatment is aimed to smoothen the hair strands. When straight hair is smoothened further, it will lose its natural volume. Isn’t it the last thing you want is for your hair to be flat and lacking volume? 

2. Talk to a Professional  

It is tempting to use the DIY kits and try keratin treatment at home. Don’t do it. Keratin treatments are expensive, yes. But that doesn’t mean you can try the home kits. You need a professional to work on your hair. 

3. Stop Coloring Hair 

Keratin treatment and hair color don’t go hand in hand. If you plan to go for the treatment, stop getting your hair colored a few weeks before. The chemicals used in the treatment can alter the color and damage your hair. 

4. Formaldehyde Sensitivity 

Most keratin treatments include formaldehyde (the main agent that straightens the hair). Make sure you are not sensitive to this agent. Sensitivity will cause allergic reactions such as nose and throat irritation, burning eyes, runny nose, etc. Keratin treatments without formaldehyde contain glyoxylic acid but are not as effective. 

5. Additional Hair Care 

A side effect of keratin treatment is that it can dry the hair faster than before. Switch to hair products that don’t contain sodium chloride. Wrap your hair in a soft scarf or towel when sleeping to lock in the moisture. 

Don’t wash your hair right after the treatment. You have to wait for 3-4 days post-treatment. There might be a slight stink from your hair during this period. Make sure you don’t plan the treatment amidst important meetings or events. 

6. Not for Pregnant Women 

Don’t go for keratin treatments if you are pregnant. If you aren’t sure, wait for the results before you book an appointment for the treatment. 

Final Words:

Keratin treatment has its advantages and can help people with frizzy and curly hair manage it effectively. You should seek out a qualified and certified hairstylist for the treatment. 


Have you done this Keratin treatment for your hair? If yes, kindly share your experience in the comment section below.

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