Why Live Entertainment Is Better than Anything Else

Anybody could set up their Spotify account to play on shuffle through some Bluetooth speakers.  There’s no real excitement or proper performance there, though.  Live performances bring energy, unlike any other, to a party.  And booking entertainment is a lot easier than you think.  These musical acts could be DJs, singers, ska bands, or incredible performers who bring their style to every event they get to play. 

Why Live Entertainment Is Better than Anything Else

If you’re hosting a live event you need live entertainment! Here are the top five types and how they can best be utilized –

1. Why DJs are a great type of live entertainment?

Venue Needs: electrical hookups, parties of at least fifty people.

Best For: wedding receptions, birthday parties, engagements.

why live entertainment is better than anything else

These performers are unique on this list because they usually don’t use their voices or instruments to make the music.  Their skill lies in their charisma, ability to drive a crowd, and talent at remixing or editing songs.  Although some DJs produce their work and can be considered musical artists, most only transform others’ work. 

2. What makes bands a great type of live entertainment?

Venue Needs: lots of space, parties of at least a hundred people, sometimes electrical hookups.

Best For: birthday parties, weddings, graduation parties.

why live entertainment is better than anything else

High energy and guaranteed fun, bands are a great way to excite the guests at any party.  These performers practice together often, which means you’ll more than likely be getting a polished performance from a band that’s already paid its dues. Bands are usually more reliable since more than one person is involved and will sometimes even complete requests. 

3. What you need to know about solo artists as live entertainers

Venue Needs: a venue of any size as long as there is a good sound system, microphone, and speakers.

Best For: birthday parties, holiday parties, weddings.

Solo artists, whether they’re singers or instrument musicians, are great for any venue or performance.  They’re easier on the wallet and are more common, which means you’ll be able to find one who can play what you’d want at your event.

4. What is it that makes a string quartet an excellent type of live entertainment?

Venue Needs: large venue, parties of any size, preferably indoors or somewhere temperature controlled.

Best For: weddings, baptisms, holiday parties.

Nothing is as classy, nor as timeless, as a string quartet.  Often overlooked or surprisingly not even considered- these musical groups have so much to offer.  Whether you want a classy high society feeling for your wedding, or you’d like some ironic top hits played like their heavenly hymns, you don’t need to look further than a string quartet.

5. Why you should consider cover artists for live entertainment?

Venue Needs: venue of any size as long as there is a good sound system, microphone, and speakers.

Best For: reunions, birthdays, retirement parties.

Cover artists ride the coattails of performers before them in name alone.  They work hard to recreate incredible songs, performances, and musicians- and will do their best to ensure any event they perform at is a magical one.  These musicians come in several different genres, and some even cover multiple groups and performers to offer more bang for your buck.  They’re fun, exciting, and can bring back the feelings of days long past.


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40 thoughts on “Why Live Entertainment Is Better than Anything Else”

  1. I’m a huge huge huge fan of live music and the thing I’ve missed so much over the past year has been gigs and festivals as it’s such a big part of my life x

  2. I miss going to live shows! I used to go to concerts and plays all the time! It has not happened in a while and it is so sad!!! Hopefully soon things will return to normal!


    I do really love live entertainment it can be great fun and there is often a great atmosphere. Let’s hope it isn’t too long now until we can go see performances again.

  4. I miss seeing live performances with my family. There’s just a different vibe when seeing your favorite artists sing their songs live, you can really witness their talent on the spot.

  5. I totally agree – live entertainment just cannot be beaten. I cannot wait for the time that we can see such entertainment once again in person – the vibe and the atmosphere is absolutely incredible.

  6. I just love this as it is os very true! A live performance blows away recorded performances… as there is an energy and vibe that you just cannot get from a recording. I hate to admit how long it has been since I was at a live concert….. but it has been a while 🙂 LOL. I will have to work on that after reading this 🙂

  7. I always prefer live entertainment over recorded or canned music. I really miss attending live concerts. I can’t wait to return back to normal!

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