Winter Wonderlands in the World to Experience the Best of Snow

The experience of first snow remains etched on the mind, similar to one’s first relationship, no matter how cold it left you feeling! And for many people, experiencing the snowy winters remains on their wishlist. To witness the true beauty and magical feeling of snowfall is to visit beautiful destinations that are famous for being the winter wonderlands of the world. These winter destinations are ones resembling the snow globe towns, blanketed with white sheets of snow in subminimum temperatures. 

If you are on the lookout for holiday destinations or the best places to experience snow this season 2023, we have made a list of winter wonderlands in the world:  

7 Best Winter Wonderland Destinations In The World, 2023:

1. Lapland, Finland:

Located in the northernmost part of the country, Lapland is called the home of Santa Claus. Needless to say, it is one of the best places for the Christmas holidays! Give your kids the surprise of visiting Santa’s home instead of the other way around. Lapland’s landscape sees a mesmerizing contrast of white snow and colourful auroras against its dark sky. If you love adventure, you can experience Nordic exploration like sledging with huskies or riding the frozen lakes on a snowmobile. But mind you, it can get frosty cold here, so make sure you have the acclimatization capacity for the cold weather.

Lapland, Finland. winter wonderlands in the world to experience the best of snow
Lapland, Finland

2. Dolomites, Italy:

Experience the beauty of snow in one of the most unique geological formations in the world – The Dolomites, Italy. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the mountains are blanketed in snow and watching the warm sunrise colours on the snowy hills is a delight. The Dolomites has one of the best ski resorts in the world boasting several ski slopes for avid lovers of the sport. The Alpine scenery of the region offers several other winter activities in the Dolomites.

Dolomites, Italy. winter wonderlands in the world to experience the best of snow
Dolomites, Italy

3. Banff, Canada:

There’s no fun of the snow, unless you pick snow fights, jump and fall, slip and roll in the snowy blanket. Banff is one such winter getaway destination where you can make relive the child within by playing fully in the snow. The National Park is also a great spot for sports like skiing, snowboarding or a dog sledging trip. If you go hiking, there are chances of watching frozen waterfalls on the way! The Lake Louise with turquoise to the sapphire hue of its water and snowy mountains with alpine trees is an enchanting place for winter. Soak in the incredible valley views and the Canadian Rockies by taking a Gondola ride up the mountains.

Banff, Canada. winter wonderlands in the world to experience the best of snow
Banff, Canada

4. Shirikawago, Japan:

Shirikawago is a historic village and one of the snowiest places in Japan. Famous for the Gassho-style houses with roofs made out of palm, they turn into pretty sight when snow accumulates on them. And to make it even better, the locals organize special illumination events, a major tourist attraction in winter in Japan. It is like being a part of a snow globe, with idyllic houses lit up in bright lights and everything else covered in thick snow. Due to the growing influx of tourists to witness this spectacle, there is now a reservation system to ensure limited visitors but a pleasant experience.

Shirikawago, Japan. winter wonderlands in the world to experience the best of snow
Shirikawago, Japan

5. Reykjavik, Iceland:

Iceland is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world, in recent times, thanks to its landscapes serving backdrops for several movies and series (Games of Thrones has been shot here). During the winters, the country sees sunlight of just 5 to 6 hours in the winter months. So, you partake in the lifestyle of chasing warmth through the few hours. Take a dip into the geothermal pools perfect for the chilly winter nights. A lot of cultural events, concerts, local festivities take place during this time, to ensure locals, as well as tourists, are entertained through these winter activities in Iceland.

Reykjavik, Iceland. winter wonderlands in the world to experience the best of snow
Reykjavik, Iceland

6. St Moritz, Switzerland:

Switzerland has been blessed with natural beauty that transforms it into an even more exotic locale in the winter season. The Swiss Alps peppered with fresh snow turn it into a paradise waiting to be explored. St Moritz is one of the most pristine Alpine villages and has a host of holiday experiences and activities to do in Switzerland. Stay in palatial hotels that offer a picturesque view of the mountain lake and towering peaks. You can indulge in a variety of snow sports like Nordic skiing, bobsledding, kite skiing, curling and so much more. You can also challenge your adrenaline on winter hikes here.

St. Moritz, Switzerland. winter wonderlands in the world to experience the best of snow
St. Moritz, Switzerland

7. Prague, Czech Republic:

Prague as a city casts a lasting impression with striking architecture, historic buildings, alternative art and artists. In winters, the streets light up, the Christmas markets cheer up with the festive charm. The vibe in Prague’s Old Town Square is amazing during this time of the year, straight out of a fairytale. The hotels in Prague have holiday feasts, in fact, the Christmas markets here go on till January, so there is enough celebratory vibe all around. Winter sees comparatively lesser crowds which in turn is an advantage to explore the streets on foot. The Czech Republic has a tradition of ice-skating, so no surprise there are several ice-skating rinks in Prague.

Prague, Czech Republic. winter wonderlands in the world to experience the best of snow
Prague, Czech Republic

If you want to really experience your first snowfall, head to one of these snowy cities and it will be a memorable holiday for you and your fam… to watch the snow-capped structures, walking and tripping down the snowy lanes, taking snow sport rides, building snowmen, or just soaking in the feel of chilly cold weather catching snowflakes.

As the New Year spirit begins to sink in, the plans of taking a holiday are in the offing. And no matter which winter’s getaway destination you choose, remember to plan it safely with all considerations of travel restrictions. Do thorough checks on weather conditions, since some places can see a really harsh winter, more so in recent times. And whichever snow globe you end up trotting, don’t forget to pack enough layers.


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  1. These places look unreal. My husband and I have been talking about visiting Canada for our next big anniversary.

  2. These places are beautiful. I would go to anyone of them. I think the winter time is magical I love the snow.

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