10 Halloween Theme Ideas amid COVID 19

10 Halloween Theme Ideas amid COVID 19

Halloween this year is going to be less extravagant. The focus is more on spending time with family and enjoying the celebrations with loved ones. Attending online parties is yet another common trend we are seeing. With the day being Saturday, we have even more chances of enjoying it to the full and turning it into a full day celebration. 

This year will be a combination of scary and cute, leaning more toward cute (to cheer up the kids). Trick or treat may or may not be possible. But you sure can treat them at home. In this blog, we’ve put together some Halloween theme ideas to make the day extra special for you and your loved ones. Why let the pandemic damper our spirits? 

10 Halloween Theme Ideas amid COVID 19

1) Halloween Games at Home 

The regular games are not exactly feasible this year, be it the donut strings or picking apples with your teeth. Shift the focus on activities that’ll keep kids occupied for a while. Whether it is making Halloween decorations at home or playing ring toss, make sure the games can be hosted inside the house or in the backyard. 

2) Binge on Scary Movies 

Sometimes being a couch potato is a good thing. Didn’t we learn that this year? Bring out a set of scary movies and play them one after another. A bowl of popcorn, some soda, and a handful of candies are perfect accompaniments. Dim the lights and bring the comforter to the living room. Cuddle with your kids or your partner as the ghosts and zombies waltz on the screen.

Cute costume. 10 Halloween Theme Ideas amid COVID 19
Cute costume

3) Don’t Ditch the Costume 

So what if you don’t want to step out of the house. You can still wear the Halloween costume, right? Funny to spooky, take your pick, and don’t hesitate. Dress up the kids. Let them dance to Halloween music until they are tired enough to go to bed. You don’t have to invest in costumes if you don’t want to. Recycle and recreate. 

4) Scary Snacks and Spooky Sweets 

Spooky treats. 10 Halloween Theme Ideas amid COVID 19
Spooky treats

Food is and will be a major part of Halloween. From breakfast to snacks to dinner, let the theme rule your kitchen. Crave tomatoes and bell peppers. Fill them with delicious stuffing. Decorate pancakes to resemble mummies. Give cakes a spooky fondant look. Check out the yummy Halloween special cocktails and mix them up in shades of blood and dark nights. 

5) Trick or Treat with Social Distancing 

So how do you do that? For one, you can become a ghost and leave a tiny bucket of goodies at the neighbors’ doorsteps. Drop in a small note to let them know who the secret ghost is. If there are any low-key outdoor celebrations for kids in your area, take them to the events. Make sure the face mask is in place. 

Halloween decoration. 10 Halloween Theme Ideas amid COVID 19
Halloween decoration

6) Decorate Your Home

Now, you can either terrify your family or make them smile. That would also depend on the number of kids running around, we suppose. Dress up balloons to resemble ghosts, bring in the fresh pumpkins and squashes. Decide the color scheme and go crazy with decorations. Rope in the family members to do their bit. And yeah, make sure they also help you with removing and cleaning up as well. 

7) Host Online Parties 

Online parties are a rage this year. Choose an app of your choice and play the host/hostess. Sit with a glass of your favorite drink and talk to your loved one you couldn’t meet due to the pandemic restrictions. You can plan late-night parties so that the kids would be safe in their beds as you relax and unwind. 

Pumpkin carving activity. 10 Halloween Theme Ideas amid COVID 19
Pumpkin carving activity

8) Let Crafting Fill the Noon

Halloween is not just about scary stuff, is it? The fall season is so full of color and scents, why not bring them inside the home? Plan a crafting activity for noon. Create fall decorations, carve pumpkins, and make some crafts for Thanksgiving next month. Christmas planning might be a little too early, but if you want to make snowflakes, we aren’t going to stop you. 

9) Face Painting Anyone? 

Face painting. 10 Halloween Theme Ideas amid COVID 19
Face Painting!

Halloween makeup this year is focused on the face, especially the eyes (if you are going out). Set up a mini face painting studio. If you want to do a thorough job, select the theme for your family. It would make for some great pictures for social media. 

10) Plan Family Outings 

Do you want something entirely different? Do you want to relax instead of filling up the hours with endless activities? Check out nearby parks for morning/ evening walks or bike rides. Get some exercise while enjoying the colors of fall. 


There is much you can do without putting you and your loved ones at risk of the virus. It needs some planning and execution, which we are sure, you can pull off with ease. 

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