10 top beautiful mushroom decor ideas to bring life to your home

Top 10 Beautiful  Mushroom Décor Ideas To Bring Life To Your Home

Your home doesn’t need to be cloudy or dull when the weather is dull. You can brighten it up by adding a natural and whimsical touch to your space with mushroom-inspired décor items. If you are looking for the best mushroom decor ideas to upgrade your home this year, you’ve come to the right place!

In the recent years, according to this research report ,the mushroom décor has gained unavoidable popularity in interior design. This is not far-fetched from the connection they have with the outdoors and its benefits. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of top 10 beautiful Mushroom-inspired decor ideas and tips that you can implement to bring life to your home this year 🙂.

Benefits of Mushroom Home Décor 

The benefits of mushroom décor go beyond its aesthetics which brings joy and life to your home. A lot of people believe there are healing and spiritual properties in mushrooms. So, having the mushroom-themed decorative pieces in your home will offer your body and mind a calming effect. Let’s delve deeper into these benefits and see why you should add different Mushroom décor ideas to your home. 

  • Spiritual Benefits 

Traditionally, mushrooms were used in the past for healing practices. It is believed they enhance the physical and mental wellness of an individual. Certain cultures take mushrooms as a symbol of transformation, growth, and rebirth. Others see mushrooms as a symbol that connects every living thing. Imagine when you have different mushroom décor ideas in your home, you will have a sense of wellness, sanity, and peace. 

  • Calming Effect

Mushroom décor in your home will impart a soothing and calming effect on your body and mind. When you add mushroom décor items to your home, you will feel relief from anxiety and stress from their organic shapes and earthly tones.

Types of Mushroom Interior Décor:

There are several types of mushroom décor ideas that you can implement to style different areas of your home. From mushroom-themed wall art, sculptures, and paintings to mushroom-shaped furniture, lighting, mushroom terrariums, planters, and mushroom-inspired textiles. Each piece will add a charm to your home and can positively impact your mood and well-being. 

Top Mushroom Home Décor Ideas and how to incorporate them in your rooms (Tips):

Having known the benefits of mushroom décor, you would likely want to ask where to incorporate them in your home. Some beautiful mushroom décor ideas that can bring life to your house include:

1. Mushroom-shaped Candle Lamp idea for bedroom 

Most mushroom candle lamps are made of coconut soy wax. This mushroom home décor idea will give you many hours of burn time. You will not only enjoy the candle fragrance, but it will add its retro and colorful feel to your bedroom. It is possible to refill it with another candle or use the glassware for fresh flowers. That is, using it as a fresh-flower vase. 

10 top beautiful mushroom decor ideas to bring life to your home. Try Mushroom-shaped candle lamp for home.
Mushroom-shaped Candle Lamp & Night Lamp

2. Mushroom Inspired Wallpaper Idea

Wallpapers add beauty to a room. Incorporating mushroom décor ideas into the wallpaper of your room will not only enhance the beauty of your room but promote a feeling of wholeness in the room. This is because of the natural healing and well-being nature of mushrooms. 

3. Mushroom-shaped Plush Pillows idea for living room

Another way you can add mushroom interior décor to your home is through plush pillows. These soft pillows add a cozy touch to every living space. Plush Pillows come in different sizes and designs. A realistic-looking mushroom-shaped, whimsical, or cartoonish design can do magic to your home. Imagine placing your head on it. You will instantly feel calm and stress-free. 

10 top beautiful mushroom decor ideas to bring life to your home. try Mushroom-shaped Plush Pillows for home.
Mushroom-shaped Plush Pillows

4. Mushroom Inspired String Night Lights idea for bedroom

String lights create a warning and inviting atmosphere when it is mushroom-themed. With this colorful night light, you will create a cozy reading nook. You will also add a playful touch to your bedroom with fairy lights in mushroom designs. 

10 top beautiful mushroom decor ideas to bring life to your home. Try Mushroom-inspired String Fairy Lights for your home.
Mushroom-inspired String Fairy Lights

5. Mushroom-themed wooden basket for living & bedroom

This is another beautiful and eye-pleasing mushroom décor piece to add to your home. With this basket, you will no longer have exposed clutter. By opening the cap top, you can throw in or keep your small items, toys, and the rest. Keep the basket in your living room or bedroom at strategic locations for it to stand out.

6. Mushroom-inspired Jewelry Dish for bedroom

If you love jewelry, this decoration idea will delight you. It is a versatile ceramic dish for storing cuff links, rings, earrings, and bracelets. This mushroom décor jewelry holder comes in different sizes yet maintains its beauty and charm.

10 top beautiful mushroom decor ideas to bring life to your home. Try Mushroom-themed Ceramic Dish Jewelry Holder for your home.
Mushroom-themed Ceramic Dish Jewelry Holder

7. Mushroom-shaped wall hook idea

If you are looking for another natural mushroom-inspired item to beautifyyour home, consider this decorative piece. This hook is perfect and adds a rustic feeling to your home. You can add this wall hook your home and use it to place your key rings, jackets, jewelry, etc. Hooks are not the same so you can buy anyone you prefer. 

8. Mushroom-inspired Tapestry Décor idea  for living room

Tapestries are colorful and big wall hangings. They add a great statement in every living room. You can incorporate mushroom décor ideas on your tapestries to add a natural and calming effect to your living room. This item can give you a relaxing feeling, especially when you are stressed. 

10 top beautiful mushroom decor ideas to bring life to your home. Try Mushroom-inspired Tapestries for your home.
Mushroom-inspired Tapestries

9. Mushroom-themed Doormat Idea for living room

You can spice up your home by placing a mushroom-themed doormat on your entryway. As earlier mentioned, mushrooms are a symbol of growth, transformation, and healing. Whenever you are walking into your room or leaving, it will remind you to be transformed into a better person. It will ease you from the stress of the door. This mushroom décor item lasts long and is designed to capture not just dirt but moisture from outdoors.

10. Cartoon Mushroom Kitchen Towel idea

It is the last mushroom décor idea on our list that will bring life to your home. You need more dish towels in your kitchen as you do lots of washing and cleaning every day. Think of having a kitchen towel that is designed with mushroom images. Mushroom-printed kitchen towels are not just beautiful but soft and absorbent. They are made from highly absorbent microfibre and polyester. 

10 top beautiful mushroom decor ideas to bring life to your home. Try Mushroom-printed kitchen towels.
Mushroom-printed kitchen towels

Apart from towels, you can also install mushroom-themed kitchen backsplash. The fancy salt & pepper shakers or utensil holders in mushroom designs will certainly enhance the look of your kitchen!

Bonus Tips:

In this article, we have already covered how you can beautify your bedroom, living room, and kitchen with mushroom-inspired decorative pieces. But if you are wondering about your bathroom, here are some of the best décor ideas for it- 

  • Install cute mushroom-printed shower curtains in your bathroom
  • Keep soap dispensers in mushroom designs. The kids will adore these!
  • Use beautiful mushroom-shaped flower pots/hanging planters for your special bathroom plants to purify the air
  • If budget is not an issue, replace your old bathroom floor with new mushroom-inspired tiles.


Adding mushroom-inspired décor ideas or items to your home is not just beautiful or fun; it provides a touch of mystique and magic to your home. The Mushroom décor offers a calming atmosphere, a fun or bold statement, and promotes spiritual and physical wellness. There are lots of mushroom-themed décor items that you can add to beautify your home. Some of them have been explained in this article 🙂. 

So, why wait? Go ahead and incorporate these ideas today, as they are affordable, versatile, and bring charm to the home. 

I hope you found this article ‘Top 10 Beautiful  Mushroom Décor Ideas To Bring Life To Your Home’ informative and helpful. Please do not forget to share this with your friends and family as sharing is caring ❤️.

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  1. This is the cutest decor. I do have some mushroom decor that I found in stores. I’m glad it’s becoming more popular so I have more options to find some.

  2. There’s a lot of versatile things we can do with mushroom decorations, and the best thing is that we’re not limited to just one pattern because there’s thousands of species of mushrooms that can help you fit a color or stylized theme!

  3. I absolutely adore the concept of incorporating mushroom décor into the home! It’s such a unique and charming way to add a touch of nature’s whimsy indoors. Your list of ideas has truly inspired me to rethink my own living spaces and how I can introduce elements that not only beautify the area but also promote a sense of peace and well-being.

  4. That is so interesting. I had no idea that mushroom decor could have a calming and soothing effect. You have some really fun home decor suggestions. Love the lamp for a kids room.

  5. This is a unique tip – incorporating mushroom motifs into home decor, from cute mushroom-shaped lamps to cozy mushroom-printed throw pillows. They are both creative and delightful.

  6. These are so cute! So far, my favorite is the Mushroom-shaped candle lamp. The jewelry/ trinket dish is also adorable. It can imagine using them in an Alice in Wonderland themed room. Thank you for sharing these tips.

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