what should you take to keep your gut healthy while traveling

What Should You Take To Keep Your Gut Healthy While Traveling?

Traveling to new places is the best way to bring a change in our monotonous life. When we are on a trip, we break our routine and adopt a more flexible one. Sometimes this new routine affects our health, mainly our gut. Having gut issues during a trip can ruin the whole fun. So, everyone must stick to a list of good gut-friendly food items. In this article, we are going to share what should you take to keep your gut healthy naturally while travelling. 

The main thing you need to understand is things you should avoid to maintain a healthy gut. For some people, the change of air pressure in a plane causes constipation. Moreover, if you are traveling internationally, the shift in time zone will affect your health. Other than that, your destination will play a role too. If the food is not 100% hygienic or you consume too much food, you may suffer from diarrhea 😞. To avoid all these health hazards, here is a list of best gut-healthy foods to eat during traveling.

List of best gut-healthy foods to eat while you travel:

This list is after thorough research. Visiting new places and trying new cuisines sound thrilling, but at the same time, you must maintain your health. After all, staying healthy during trips is highly important. But, if you are wondering how to keep your gut healthy naturally while traveling, then fret not! These gut healthy super food diet list will keep you safe from all kinds of gut issues that can occur during traveling. 🙂

1. Food for constipation

The prime thing you need to keep in mind is, you should always keep yourself hydrated. So bring your favorite water bottle with yourself and drink whenever you get a chance. Water breaks down the food particle we consume and transfers them to our digestive system. So, water is very important for a smooth bowel system. 

What should you take to keep your gut healthy while traveling
Food For Constipation

Moreover, you should avoid caffeine, alcohol, and salt as much as possible. All of these items will dehydrate your body. You should also add fiber-rich foods to your diet as they help us to digest our food. So include Chia seeds, flax, beans, hemp seeds, and lentils in your diet. You can also take bananas, blueberries, apples, and oatmeal as breakfast to avoid constipation.

2. Food for bloating

When you are traveling, you are likely to try new dishes. This change in diet causes bloating. Our body takes time to adapt to a new diet, and for the time being, it fails to break down the consumed food smoothly. To avoid this, you can take some bitters that contain rhubarb, fennel, or dandelion. These will help you to digest the food easily. 

You can also try ginger for your gut issues. Fresh or supplement, both are great for your gut. When you consume ginger, you do not suffer from bloating or stomach aches. So this is one of the best items to eat to keep your gut healthy while traveling.

What should you take to keep your gut healthy while traveling. List of gut healthy foods
Food For Bloating

3. Food for jet lag

Our body has its fixed mealtimes. Our gut gets habituated to receiving food at some particular times during the day. It digests the food in a rhythmic pattern and sends nutrients to different parts of our body. When you are traveling, this food cycle breaks, and our body gets unsettled. To maintain its routine, you need to consume healthy food in smaller amounts. Thus, your body will adjust to the new routine gradually and you can easily avoid digestive problems during trips.

What should you take to keep your gut healthy while traveling.
Food For Jet Lag

For some people fasting during a flight proves beneficial as they do not feel much jet lag. After arriving at your destination, you can have a proper meal. But fasting is not suggested for people with blood sugar. It will also be harmful to pregnant women. So eat light vegetables, dry fruits, and water to maintainhealthy gut while traveling.

4. Food for diarrhoea

If you are suffering from diarrhea, you can take activated charcoal. It will absorb all the toxins and prevents your gut from foreign bacteria. If your body is dehydrated, you can drink coconut water or plain water for rehydration.

What should you take to keep your gut healthy while traveling?
Food For Diarrhoea

5. Food for energy boosting

Most of us try different types of alcohol while visiting a new place, but alcohol can make your body dehydrated and cause disturbance in your gut. It is suggested to drink two glasses of water after each alcoholic beverage. You should also avoid coffee on trips. Indeed coffee gives an instant energy boost, but after few hours, the energy goes down, and you feel fatigued. So, drinking herbal tea is a better alternative to coffee. 


These are all the food items that will keep your gut balanced on trips. Apart from these, always take your meals in time and not sleep just after dinner. When we sleep after taking a meal, the food does not get digested properly, which triggers gut problems. Taking small strolls after dinner can be helpful. Last but not least, you must know your limits and tolerance to maintain good health. So, follow all these guidelines and keep your gut healthy during travel.


We hope you found this article on what should you take to keep your gut healthy while traveling informative and helpful. Please do not forget to share it with your friends as sharing is caring ❤️

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43 thoughts on “What Should You Take To Keep Your Gut Healthy While Traveling?”

  1. These are all fantastic tips! No one wants to feel sickly when on vacation or on a trip so these are great to keep in mind.

  2. It’s so useful to know these things as when you go away you tend to eat quite differently to how you would usually so your gut may need some help feeling good x

  3. michelle twin mum

    This is so interesting, I didn’t realise about half of these things being useful to settle your gut. I definitely drink lots of water whilst away to keep me hydrated ad regular.

  4. Thank you so much for this guide. I definitely needed this. I want to enjoy my traveling experiences and not have to worry about getting sick.

  5. Im about to go onto a trip and it must be fate I’m reading this! Ill make sure to pack some ginger so I can stay healthy!

  6. Jetlag is a challenge for anybody who travels from one time zone to another. I’m comforted to know what foods to eat to avoid or as a remedy. Great tips!

  7. It is good to be prepared for travel. We go to Mexico a lot and it can be stressful dealing with the change in foods and also being worried about contaminated water.

  8. Melissa Cushing

    Thank you for sharing this informative post on gut health. Gut health is so important to your bodies overall health so this is super important 😉 I use a really good probiotic.

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