what is the safe jewelry to wear at the beach

What is the safe jewelry to wear at the beach?

Beach is a great place to relax and have fun. With a swimsuit, a beach cover, sunglasses, and a beach bag, you are all set to go to the beach. But people usually get confused about their jewelry. Which jewelry should you wear at a beach? Can you wear any jewelry at all?

All of us love to accessorize ourselves. Accessories make us look more beautiful and fashion-forward. Just because you are on a beach, you cannot look dull. People usually avoid wearing jewelry as it can get lost in the sand or damaged in water. But, if you are careful in choosing the jewelry, you are good to go.

What is the safe jewelry to wear at the beach?

So, you need to be smart here. By following some simple tricks, you can wear jewelry to the beach and glam up your look. Here, you will find everything you should know about beach pieces of jewelry and how to pick and take care of them.

Things to consider before picking your jewelry

Wearing jewelry on the beach is different from wearing jewelry at events. Here, you must be extra careful and picky, or you will lose or damage them. Before discussing the jewelry you should wear, you must understand the whole situation here. You need to keep few things in mind before selecting the jewelry, which are:

1. Beach sand

Sand feels soft under our feet, but these tiny grains can scratch your jewelry and damage its look.

2. Salt

Seawater is salty; we all know that. This salt can stain or damage some of your jewelry. There are also some chemical compounds mixed in seawater, so you must pick your jewelry accordingly.

3. Water

Sometimes, the color of certain jewelry fades away as they get in touch with water. That is why people keep their pieces of jewelry in a clean, dry place. Moreover, in the seawater, you have a high risk of losing the jewelry. Once the jewelry slips from your body, you will never find it again.

What is safe jewelry to wear on the beach. Beach safe jewelry guide on everything enchanting blog
Harmful Sun Rays!

4. Sun

The heat of the sun can damage your jewelry. We get exposed to the sun more directly on beaches. This can fade your jewelry and damage its shine.

5. Sunscreen

While visiting a beach, you cannot skip sunscreen. The chemicals mixed with sunscreen can damage your jewelry.

What is safe jewelry to wear on the beach. Beach safe jewelry guide on everything enchanting blog
Beach Safe Jewelry

How to pick your beach safe jewelry?

Picking beach jewelry can be a mind-boggling task. The piece must go with your dress, and it has to be Beachsafe

Indeed, wearing jewelry on a beach is very risky if you are not careful. But, if you cannot skip accessorizing yourself, you can pick beach jewelry by yourself. First, understanding a few aspects is important.  

1. Go for the casual ones

You must not wear costly jewelry on a beach. We have different types of jewelry, some are costly, and we cannot afford to lose them. Always skip such pieces, even if you are emotionally attached to a piece of jewelry, save it for future use. On the beach, your jewelry can damage or get lost accidentally; you must be able to cope with that. Beads are considered the best beach jewelry. You can also opt for jewelry made of seashells. They look amazing and give you the perfect beach vibe.

2. The type of metal

The metal of the jewelry matters a lot. Some metals cannot tolerate the heat of the sun or the salt of water. They will get damaged easily. So, avoid such delicate metals. Copper, pewter, silver, all will stain on the beach. You can wear metals like platinum and gold as they do not get stained easily.  

3. The type of gems

The sand of a beach will make scratches on your costly gems. So, avoid any soft gem and go for gems that have a hard surface. Avoiding amethyst will be a smart choice. Pick gems like diamond, sapphire, and rubies. You can also avoid gems altogether. It will reduce the risk factor. Another way is, wearing jewelry with simulated gems. These too will get damaged, but they cost significantly less, so you can afford the loss easily and replace the piece with a new one.

4. The fittings

The fittings of the jewelry also matter. If you are wearing loose jewelry, it will slip in the sea without your notice. You will find it missing when you reach your hotel back, but it will be too late by then. So, always wear jewelry that fits well.

5. Tanning plans

Most of us visit beaches to get beautiful tanned skin. But you must avoid any heavy jewelry if you are planning to get tanned on the beach. The jewelry will leave an odd un-tanned mark on your skin. So, wear thin jewelry for fewer marks.

What is safe jewelry to wear on the beach. Beach safe jewelry guide on everything enchanting blog
Beach Safe Jewelry


So, these are all the tips you must keep in mind before picking the jewelry. You can also keep your jewelry in a bag before going into the water. Cleaning those when you return from the beach is also a must. 

So, follow these simple tricks and look glamorous on the beach.


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