How to Get Ready for a Lake Trip?

Who doesn’t like a pleasant day out by the lakeside? As summer is here, many people are planning weekend getaway trips to enjoy the cool breeze and the glittering of water in the lake. Whether you want to go on a boat ride, hike a nearby trail, or simply sit by the lakeside and relax, girl, you need to be dressed for the occasion. Of course, carrying the necessary items such as water bottles, sunscreen, food, sanitizer, etc., is just as important. 

How to Get Ready for a Lake Trip?

Here’s how to get ready for inland road trips and lake trips to your favourite destinations. 

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➡️ Boat Shoes/ Hiking Shoes 

Boat shoes are light, airy, snug, and provide a good grip on slippery surfaces. They are designed to repel water and keep your feet dry as you walk around the docks and close to the water bodies. Boat shoes are durable and are traditionally worn without socks. You can pair them with no-show socks, though make sure you grab a relatively new pair. Oh, and don’t wear shoes with black soles on a boat. 

Hiking shoes are sturdier than boat shoes but have similarities, such as providing a good grip on rocky and slippery surfaces, protecting your feet from uneven ground, and allowing you to walk and climb the rocks for long distances. Depending on the destination and activities of your lake trip, you’ll need to carry a pair of boat shoes or hiking shoes (or both). 

➡️ Fishing Vest

A fishing vest should be a part of your packing just in case others decide it’s a good time to fish in the lake. Grab a lightweight vest with enough pockets to hold your phone, wallet, id, etc. A fishing vest with mesh lining will dry out faster and allow ventilation to maintain a proper body temperature. 

➡️ Denim and Jeans 

You can’t go wrong with either for a lake trip. They are comfy and trendy. Moreover, you can wear your swimsuit beneath the jeans and top and take them off when it’s time for a swim. Another advantage is that your jeans can be of any length. Go for the ankle-length pair, or pick the denim shorts. Denim minis are super cool for lake trips. Tank tops with spaghetti straps are a perfect choice as lake trip outfits.

➡️ Flip Flops and Hat 

Boat and hiking shoes are good. That said, you also need flip-flops when strolling by the lakeside. Don’t forget to carry a wide brim hat to protect your face and neck from the sun. Throw in a soft scarf to wrap around the shoulders if it gets too hot to bear. 

➡️ Printed Skirts and Crop Tops 

Want to do something different than jeans? Try skirts instead. Go for quirky and bold prints in bright colours. Experiment with colors and designs. Pair a printed skirt with a plain crop top to balance the effect. High-waist skirts are trending again, and it’s time to add them to your collection. Wrapped skirts are as famous as ones with pleats. 

➡️ Go Comfy in Cotton 

Cotton and summers are a great combo. You can flaunt your style without feeling the excess heat of the sun. A pair of cotton pants and a button-down shirt are enough to make you stylish. Wear your favourite sandals or sneakers and carry a handbag to complete the look. You can choose any colour in cotton and ace the outfit. Both pastels and bold shades have their charm. Choose a shirt in one size up for the extra casual look and clinch it at the waist with a wide belt. 

➡️ Stripes and Polka Dots 

If you want to go for the lake aesthetic look, try stripes or polka dots. Don’t combine both in the same outfit, though. While stripes work better with tank tops, jumpers, and jeans, polka dots are more suited for wrap and flowy skirts, summer dresses, and frills. Stripes and dots on a white background are more stylish and understated.

➡️ Off-Shoulder Tops 

Off-shoulders are a lovely choice for boat trips. The range of options allows you to go casual or stylish, depending on the trip. If you want the casual look, pair a sheer off-shoulder top with a bikini top peeking through. For a more stylish effect, grab a thigh or calf-length, curve-hugging dress with an off-shoulder.


➡️ Colour Up 

Shades like white, yellow, pink, red, peach, and black are suitable for lake trips. How you match the colours will determine your final appearance. Yellow works better for summer and lake dresses, while red suits tank tops and thigh-length jumpers. White, pink, and peach go well with flowery designs and frills if you aim for a feminine look. Bikinis in dark colours are suitable, though you can ace the look in bright and cheerful shades as well. 


Carry a bunch of towels and a basic first aid kit when going on a lake trip. Fit in a spare dress just to be safe. You never know when you’ll need it.

Flaunt your style without compromising comfort and enjoy the day close to nature.  


We hope you found this article – how to get ready for a lake trip helpful and informative 🙂. Please do not forget to share it with your friends as sharing is caring ❤️.

Now, tell us, are you planning for lake or inland road trip this summer? What would be your outfit for the day? How would you get dressed up for the lake day? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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30 thoughts on “How to Get Ready for a Lake Trip?”

  1. You have some great ideas here. I haven’t been to the lake in ages. I really need to get back to one! It can be relaxing.

  2. When our kids were living at home, we tried to go camping or stay at a cabin near a lake every summer. These are great ideas of things to take with you to the lake.

  3. All of the skirts and blouses were super cute, I was partial to the big red polka dotted skirt myself! Though I would have to say, I wouldn’t have thought of bringing a first aid kit on any local trip but that’s such a good suggestion!

  4. Melanie Edjourian

    We have never been on a lake trip before. That sounds great, I know there are a few locally. This is such a lovely idea I must take the kids over summer.

  5. We go to a local lake almost every weekend. These are great options for a lake road trip. I love have hydration (beverages) and different layers of clothing as our lake has high winds when getting closer to evening.

  6. I go to my parents little lake trailer quite often and boat shoes are definitely a must! I hate when I forget mine.

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