How to design a happy garden

How To Design a Happy Garden? 8 Best Decor Ideas

Want to create a happy garden in 2024 but wondering how to design it? Then you’re at the right place! Gardens are one of our most used outdoor spaces. Once complete, we can enjoy it for years. So, you must choose the best designs for your garden to make it aesthetically more pleasing. 

Before decorating your garden, you need to take a good look at your property and decide the purpose of your garden. The design of your garden depends solely on its purpose. Some use it to plant vegetables and fruits, while others fill their gardens will nice flowers. You can also utilise it for an outdoor hangout area. After choosing the purpose, you check some other specifications of your garden, like when the sunlight falls on which part of the garden or which part of your garden has the least fertile soil. All these will influence your garden design.  

How to design a happy garden: 8 Best Garden Decor Ideas

There are many ways to create a happy garden. You can add furniture, lights, sound, and some other things to make it more attractive. Here, you can find some ideas that will help you to design a happy garden.

1. Clean the lawn

The prime thing you need to do is, cleaning your lawn to give it a good shape. There is no need for creating a perfect rectangle; you can also go with round and oval shapes. Mow all weeds and long grasses, trim long branches, and water it once a week. You can take the help of professionals for lawn maintenance. Thus, within few weeks, your lawn will be ready.

2. Plant strategically

You cannot start plating saplings wherever you like. You must make a plan before you start planting anything. Divide your garden into some parts and use evergreen trees to mark each border. You can plant small flowing trees in the middle. Use trees that bloom in different months of the year. Thus, you will have flowers throughout the year. Moreover, only plant four to five types of plants together and repeat the sequence in the next block. It will maintain harmony in your garden. Leave sufficient space between each plant so that they can grow freely.

How to design a happy garden. 8 best garden decor tips and ideas on everything enchanting blog
Plant Strategically

3. Big trees

Every garden has big trees. These will give your garden a prominent structure and attract wildlife. You can also hang lights on them or add bird feeders. Big trees also prevent noise pollution and block unpleasant sights. So, plant big trees strategically and keep them in shape.

4. Paving

You can use customized paving on the paths of your garden. It can change the appearance of your garden. The paving can be matched with the flowers. For example, if you have violet and white flowers, you can use grey paving stones. Thus, the paving will compliment your garden. Moreover, using a water-resistant material to make the paving is also important. Thus, the cleaning process will be easy, and it will last for years.

5. Decks

You can add decks in your garden to create an uplifted area for dining or hanging out. Decks are very cheap and effective. It will make your garden more elegant and enjoyable. Multi-leveled decks are also used to create the effect of garden steps. You can decorate the deck the way you like and enjoy cups of tea every morning.

How to design a happy garden. 8 best garden decor tips and ideas on everything enchanting blog
Invest in a good garden furniture set

6. Furniture sets

Investing in a garden furniture set is not a waste of money. To design a happy garden, you can but chairs, tables, fireplaces, and sofas. The size of your garden matters here. It would be better if you leave some space between each piece of furniture so that people can sit and move comfortably without bumping into each other. If you have a small garden, go for folding tables and chairs.

7. Fence

The fence of your garden creates its borderline. It is one of the most visible things in your garden. So, you must make a decorative fence. 

 Using different colors on your fence can give your garden a contracting vibe. One can also use the same color pattern on the fence. Also, the material of your fence matters. Use a durable material for the fence to make them durable. You can also create a customized fence with innovative patterns.

How to design a happy garden. 8 best garden decor tips and ideas on everything enchanting blog
Garden Lighting

8. The lights

To design the best garden, you cannot forget the lights. It creates an alluring atmosphere in your garden. You can also use layered lights in your garden. Different types of lights are available in the market to choose from. So, select the most suitable lighting for your garden and enhance its beauty.

A beautiful garden is admired by all. If gardening is your hobby, creating a happy garden must be your dream. By following these steps you can create the best garden. After creating the garden, regular maintenance is also important. For that, you can hire professional garden managers. So, make the best garden and enjoy the view.


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  1. My husband has been working so hard on our perennial garden out back. He just needs to figure out the best pavers to lay.

  2. I don’t have a garden as of now. But I’m dreaming of having it. Haha. That’s why I enjoyed your post so much. Thanks!

  3. Planting strategically is so important. We made a mistake of planting plants that aren’t supposed to be under a tree and they didn’t thrive at all.

  4. We were lucky that our house had lots of mature trees when we bought it. I’ll keep these other tips in mind when we’re ready to improve the yard.

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