How to stop hair breakage? The causes & the remedies

Are you wondering how to stop your hair breakage naturally at home? Then you’re at the right place!

Blame it on excessive pollution or an unhealthy lifestyle; most people face several kinds of hair problems. Some might suffer from extreme dandruff accumulation, while some complain about excessive hair fall. But one of the persistent problems that people are now facing is the breakage of the hair strands without proper symptoms. 

It’s like whenever they touch their hair and glide their hand across the strands, a bunch of hair comes out in their palm. Since this is the time of complete lockdown worldwide, you might face a little bit of a problem in visiting a dermatologist or a salon and getting your hair trimmed and taken care of. This is why you need some natural hair breakage tips so that you can stop the loss staying at your home only. 

But, before we discuss the ways to stop the breaking of the hair shafts, you need to learn what causes hair breakage in the first place, and other relevant facts. So, let’s start with the discussion at the earliest!

What Causes Hair Breakage on Top, Front, At the Crown?

If you do not know what causes the breakage, you can’t follow the cure tips properly. This is why here we have listed some of the most common and crucial causes of hair breakage, plus, we’ll also share tips on how to stop hair breakage!

a)Improper diet

The very first reason of your hair breakage is your diet. Eating improper food like too much of oily dishes or junk food can deprive your body of nutrition. This in turn, affects the health of your hair, causing them to break over time. 

Stress factor! How to stop hair breakage? The causes & the remedies
Stress Factor!

b)Excessive stress

It has been noted that hair breakage due to stress is one of the most common causes. Excessive stress can stall the growth of new hair follicles, thereby weakening the already present shafts. Over time, the lack of maintenance causes them to break from the middle or the root and fall off. 


Some people have oily dandruff, while some people suffer from dry dandruff. However, the former is the main cause of hair breaking. Dandruff reduces the nutrition level of the hair shafts, making them feeble and vulnerable to external forces. As a result, a little tug, and you will be holding a bunch of hair shafts in your palm. 

d)Dry scalp

The scalp’s dryness results in hair breakage quarantine since most people working nonstop for hours aren’t getting enough hydration levels. Due to lack of water and oil, the hair shafts become dry and hence break off from the root easily. 

No heat exposure! what causes hair breakage?
No heat exposure!

e)Damage due to heat exposure 

If your hair is exposed to the sun for too long, the UV rays will harm the shafts, causing them to break easily. Also, people who use heat treatments too often on their hair suffer from hair breakage a lot. 

f)Loss of hair protein

Hair breakage due to lack of protein is another reason for your hair loss. The hair shafts are made up of keratin, a water-insoluble protein molecule whose loss can make the shafts weak and vulnerable to breaking. Read this post to know, why Keratin treatment is good for your hair!


If you are suffering from hypothyroidism, it is very natural that you will have to deal with hair breakage as a side effect of the root disease. 

h)Lack of vitamins

Lastly, another reason listed is the hair breakage due to lack of vitamins. Since many vitamins maintain the hair’s proper health, their deficiency will directly affect the hair’s health, making them exposed to breakage. 

How to Prevent Hair Breakage Naturally?

If you want to stop your hair breakage naturally, here are some of the ideas you can follow. 

Healthy Food. How to stop hair breakage? The causes & the remedies
Healthy Food

1) Eating a healthy diet

Sometimes, even after knowing how much natural hair breakage is normal, you discover that the volume of your broken hair is above this amount. If that’s the case, take a look at your diet and include vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other healthy foods. Try to take fruits and vegetables as much as you can to maintain the inflow of nutrition in your body. 

2) Avoiding stress as much as possible

If possible, avoid stress and a depressing lifestyle at the earliest. Since stress is one of the major causes of hair breakage, you need to avoid such a lifestyle if you do not wish to lose any more hair.

Stay hydrated! How to stop hair breakage? The causes & the remedies
Stay hydrated!

3) Keeping yourself hydrated

If you truly want to know ‘can hair breakage be repaired’, you need to keep yourself hydrated. The water content in your body will prevent the scalp from getting dry, thereby preventing hair breakage. 

Avoid chemicals. How to stop hair breakage? The causes & the remedies
Avoid Chemicals

4) Prevent using too many chemicals on hair

If you are using too many chemical treatments on your hair, immediately stop it. The use of chemicals destroys your hair, and hence, once you stop them, you can save the rest of the shafts. 

5) Apply oil on the dry scalp

Another way to prevent the hair breakage is by applying oil on the scalp, provided you have no dandruff, and your scalp surface is extremely dry even after drinking lots of water. 


This article has discussed almost everything you need to know about hair breakage causes and how to reduce this level of loss. So, do your homework properly and then try out the tips we have discussed here. 


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42 thoughts on “How to stop hair breakage? The causes & the remedies”

  1. This is a really interesting post. I have noticed when I’m lacking in certain vitamins my hair and nails get quite brittle. Oh and stress is such a major issue for our bodies so that doesn’t surprise me, need to manage my stress levels better😁 .

  2. I’m so glad you shared this! I’ve been having trouble with my hair breaking for a long time now. I wasn’t sure what was causing it or what to do about it. This is a huge help!

  3. This is a great post and it was really interesting to read. I learned a lot about my own hair. I’m glad I was able to see this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The cause is more than that. It’s also the way you wash your hair. If you wash warm or hot, ALWAYS rinse cool. Warm or hot water opens the hair shaft up, while cool shrinks and closes it up, so you can keep in proper nutrients and moisture, and your hair doesn’t become brittle. Even the hairstylist will tell people that when they to cuts or trims.

  5. I didn’t realize that hair breakage had so many different causes. Now I have another reason to eat healthy foods and stay hydrated,

  6. I’m thankful that I don’t have too many issues with my hair. I do get some hair loss due to medication side effects. But it’s not been noticeable because I have super thick hair.

    Stress is probably a huge contributor to a bunch of people’s hair loss issues. It is known as the silent killer. With today’s, busy schedules it is easy to get stressed out if your not managing it.

  7. Very useful tips and so many reasons for breakage. I’ve certainly noticed some breakage on my end, and I’m focused on eating well and staying hydrated. More work on stress management though. Cheers.

  8. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Breakage is a real issue when it comes to maintaining hair. I have less problem with it nowadays since I trying to drink water and home made food always. But nevertheless, you have shared good tips. Its a concerning issue for many of us.

  9. I definitely struggle with breakage issues. I just did a big trim because I have so many split ends! I’ll have to start using some of these ideas to help minimize breakage.

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