The Body Shop® Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil Review

The Body Shop® Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil was the first facial oil product I tried in my life. I was a firm follower of a minimal skincare routine, i.e., cleansing, toning and moisturizing until I found this two-in-one facial product four years ago! So today, I am going to share my experience with The Body Shop® alcohol-free overnight serum-in-oil here with all of you.

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AboutThe Body Shop® Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil:

Awaken to restored and nourished skin with this innovative, lightweight, non-greasy serum-in-oil, that combines the power of a serum and an oil, to replenish and recharge skin with moisture overnight. The morning after, skin looks fresher, more radiant and rested. Follow with chosen moisturizer as part of your personalized skincare program.

  • 8h beauty sleep for your skin
  • Skin feels recharged, replenished and softer
  • Skin looks fresher, rested and more radiant
  • Our highest concentration of wheatgerm oil
  • Non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula
  • Enriched with community trade Soya from Brazil
  • To complete your daily routine, shop our Vitamin E Collection
  • Enriched with community trade Marula from Namibia

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Ingredients Of The Body Shop® Vitamin E Overnight Serum:

To know about each ingredient in detail, read this!

Price & Shelf-life Of The Body Shop® Vitamin E Overnight Serum:

GBP 16 For 30ml (£53.33/100 ML).  Buy From HERE

3 years if unopened and 12 months once a product is opened!!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. That means we receive a small percentage commission on items purchased through the link at no extra cost to you!

Ingredients of The Body Shop vitamin E overnight serum in oil review

How To Use The Body Shop® Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil:

Wake up with refreshed, radiant-looking skin with our much-loved Vitamin E overnight serum-in-oil.

1. Prepare your skin by cleansing and toning to remove make-up and impurities.
2. Apply a few drops of the overnight serum in the palm of your hands and gently rub together to warm. Apply onto the face and the neck with a gentle patting motion. Using your fingertips, massage in small circular movements over the forehead, cheeks, and around the mouth and chin area.
3. Enjoy a restful night’s sleep.
4. For drier skin, apply a small amount in the morning as well before a moisturiser.
5. Use the Vitamin E serum every night for softer skin while you sleep.

My Experience With The Body Shop® Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil:

(Skin type: combination (oily T-zone, dry U-zone), dehydrated, sensitive, acne-prone)

As I mentioned, before this facial oil I had never tried any serum or oil for my skin. So when I introduced this product to my night skincare regime, I was quite hesitant about its effect on my skin. Let me share one more thing, when I started using this product, I had almost clear skin with no major acne issues. I finished it long back but as always forgot to review it! Anyway, let’s move on to the details-

Product Packaging:

The Body Shop® Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil comes with a dropper. The product-related information like ingredients, shelf life and other details are clearly printed on the packaging. I sealed the cap while travelling to avoid product leakage.

Texture of The Body Shop vitamin E overnight serum in oil review

Product Texture:

The Body Shop® serum-in-oil has a clear, light liquid texture with a runny consistency. It has a pleasant fragrance which is not overpowering! 

How I used The Body Shop® Vitamin E Overnight Serum?

As instructed, I would take only 2-3 drops of this serum-in-oil for my whole face and neck. I would gently pat my skin followed by a light massage with fingertips until it got absorbed. I would complete my skincare routine with the lightweight night cream. If I was using a hydrating toner & night cream, I would apply only 2 drops and if non-hydrating then 3-4 drops for the entire face and neck. I would suggest, start with 2 drops first, twice a week in case you have oily skin. I have also used this oil with my day-moisturizer!!

Product Performance:

It may sound weird, but honestly, at first, I was unsure about its name and category!  Is it a facial serum or oil? If you are wondering the same then let me tell you, I checked the ingredients and the product description of it where they have clearly mentioned that this overnight skincare treatment has the highest concentration of Wheat-germ oil and it also combines the power of a serum and oil. Therefore, we can categorize it as a facial oil! The lightweight runny texture, however, is similar to that of serum or essence thus you get the benefits of both the worlds. GREAT!!

This serum-in-oil has a nice fragrance which is plus for those who loves scented skincare products and con for those who hates fragrance in skincare products. I love scented skincare products so I had no issues with it. When applied on the skin, it gets absorbed by the skin quickly providing you with a soft, healthy glowing face and absolutely prepped for the next step- moisturizer. 

Enriched with Vitamin E, nourishing plant oils like sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, marula seed oil, jojoba oil and their community trade Soybean oil it helps replenish the dry, dull skin. Every morning I woke up to a fresh, non-shiny, radiant-looking skin! I loved its hydrating effect so much that it motivated me to include serums/oils permanently in my skincare routine 😍.

Initially, right after the application, it seems as if it imparts a thin oily layer to the skin but no worries, it vanishes away soon. Mind you, it’s not going to provide you the matte finish!! I mean it feels absolutely lightweight & non-greasy provided you have applied the right amount. Too much amount can lead to greasy skin followed by breakouts and all, especially if you live in humid climates 😐. 

The Body Shop vitamin E overnight serum in oil review
The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil

Does The Body Shop® Vitamin E OvernightSerum-in-oil Cause Acne?

As I mentioned earlier, I had clear, acne-free skin when I started using this product in 2017 and thankfully everything was going well until April 2018. A sudden change in my diet and BOOM! My facial skin was covered with cystic acne, dark spots and what not! By the end of December 2018, my skin condition got improved and I bought a second bottle of this overnight serum. 

I didn’t experience any breakouts or irritation by using this product before April 2018. But somehow, I noticed since that acne-episode, my skin has been rejecting maximum skincare products infused with oils, be it natural or non-natural!! Whenever I used this oil, I got red bumps near my nose and chin area. Hence I had to stop using this product. 

But being an economical person, I couldn’t throw it away! So I used it to hydrate my body skin until it got expired. And it moisturized my dry skin amazingly!! I felt so relaxed and happy.  

What I Liked About The Body Shop® Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil:

  • Lightweight, fast-absorbing serum-in-oil
  • Alcohol-free
  • Rich in nourishing plant oils and anti-oxidants
  • Feels non-greasy
  • Hydrates and soothes the skin really well
  • Gives a nice glow
  • Has a pleasant fragrance
  • A little goes a long way
  • The product lasts long
  • Makes skin softer, plumper & brighter
  • Great for dry skin & colder climates
  • Acts as a perfect base for smooth makeup application too!
  • Can be used as body oil/moisturizer as well!
  • Hygienic and easy-to-use packaging
  • Cruelty-free
The Body Shop vitamin E overnight serum in oil review
The Body Shop vitamin E overnight serum in oil

What I Disliked About The Body Shop® Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil:

  • Nothing as such! It was doing a great job in hydrating my skin until summer 2018 and suddenly, my skin started hating maximum oil-infused skincare products including THIS one!! So, check the ingredients before buying this product. If you are allergic to plant oils then better avoid it as this has a high concentration of seed oils.
  • It contains Parfum!! If you are sensitive to fragrance then beware, it has way too many perfuming agents. Check the above ingredient details section, please!
  • Expensive !! But I found it value for money

EE BLOG Rating: 


Suffice to say,

The Body Shop® Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil is a wonderful fast-absorbing non-greasy yet nourishing skincare product. This facial oil-cum-serum will be your BFF if you are craving for softer, fresher and glowing skin. It is suitable for all skin types; however, I feel it is ideal for dull, dry to combination skin.

We all have different skin types. So if it affected my skin doesn’t mean it will affect yours too! I have explained everything in detail, why it stopped working for my skin the second time😞. If you don’t have similar skin issues, then definitely give this product a shot.


See you soon ❤️

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  1. I really appreciate that you included the negatives as well as the positives about this product. I don’t like highly fragrant things, so I’ll have to pass on this.

  2. I haven’t gone to The Body Shop in so long! I would love to try these products. My skin needs extra attention in the winter.

  3. I used to use this kind of product before and it’s super effective. This product caught my attention, I think I might get one for myself.

  4. I haven’t been to the Body Shop in ages. They have so many great products. I haven’t used Vitamin E in a while and this would be a great product for my skin.

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