Birchbox July fruity beauty 2020 review, unboxing and my first impression

Birchbox July 2020, Fruity Beauty- Unboxing, Review + First Impression

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to Everything Enchanting! The Birchbox July 2020, Fruity Beauty edition arrived on my birthday, and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got in my July Birchbox! 

About BIRCHBOX Subscription Box:

Birchbox is the UK’s number 1 monthly beauty subscription box. Every month, it sends you five handpicked beauty samples that include full-size and sample size products. The personalized beauty box contains products specially tailored to us, the customers.

Birchbox Subscription Details:

Birchbox offers a total of four types of subscription deals-monthly, 3, 6, and a yearly plan. I picked a 6-month subscription plan that costs me £74.75 (rebilled every six months).

Monthly subscription plan cost is- £12.95 (including delivery)

3-month subscription plan cost is- £38.85 (rebilled every three months) & 

Yearly subscription plan cost is- £145.40 (rebilled every 12 months)

Initially, I picked their monthly plan, but as I am a regular customer and a subscription box addict, the 6th-month-plan seemed perfect for me 🙂 

How Birchbox Works?

Birchbox works just like other subscription box services. You need to open an account first and then create your beauty profile. In your beauty profile, you need to give details as much as possible. For example, your skin color, texture, concerns, makeup likings, hair color, texture, hair concerns, organic product lover or not, everything. This way, the Birchbox team gets proper information about your likings, preferences, and then they personalize the box and send it to you!

About Birchbox Fruity Beauty July 2020:

This month, Birchbox is celebrating everything fresh and summery with their fruity beauty box! Ahaa!! 

Let’s have a look at this pretty and colorful box. The fruity design is screaming summer and monsoon! The box arrived quickly this month, and the packaging was intact.

So let’s see what’s inside my Fruity Beauty 2020, summer edition box-

Birchbox July 2020 fruity beauty box review, unboxing and my first impression on everything enchanting
Birchbox July 2020 fruity beauty goodies

Polaar Sun Lotion SPF 50+ UVA-UVB:

I received this cute, orange-colored, tiny 20ml sun lotion sample from the brand Polaar.

Polaar sun lotion with an SPF 50+ UVA/UVB in Birchbox July 2020 fruity beauty box
Polaar Sun Lotion with SPF 50+ UVA/UVB

This product says- this lotion helps fight against sunburns and premature aging. Invisible formula. Apply generously before exposure. Reapply frequently. It is fragrance-free and alcohol-free for sensitive and sun intolerant skins.

I am so impressed with the product details and design. I hope this works for my skin.

Price & Qty: £20.20 for full-size product 

Dr. Paw Paw Rich Mocha Balm:

Every month they allow you to pick your favorite product or product shade or box design! How cool is that? 

This month, it was Dr. Paw Paw balm in hot pink or rich mocha. I picked the shade hot pink balm for my pigmented lips, but I received rich mocha! This is not fair, Birchbox team 🙁 

Dr. Paw Paw rich mocha balm for lips, cheeks in Birchbox July 2020 fruity beauty box
Dr. Paw Paw Rich Mocha Balm

The product says-this balm provides moisture to lips with a hint of tint. Adds a natural glow to cheeks, eyelids, and general beauty finishing.

I am not happy with the shade. However, I cannot comment on its effectiveness. Let me try it for a few weeks, and then I’ll share my experience with it over here.

Price & qty: £6.95 for 25ml full size product.

Ciate London Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer:

Look at this pretty pink packaging of Ciate London watermelon burst hydrating primer! Infused with watermelon, this unique aqua serum primer grips foundation for long wear and added glow. With witch hazel extract, niacinamide, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid, this primer helps to brighten and refine pores, while the watermelon extract droplets combat dehydration. This water-based, vegan formula is silicone-free! 

Ciate London watermelon burst hydrating primer in Birchbox July fruity beauty box.
Ciate London Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer

Now, I don’t use foundations too much. I am more of a BB cream lady than a foundation. Because, most of the times, foundations oxidize on my skin and I hate when it happens. I am yet to find the perfect foundation shade and formula for my skin. I am not going to use this primer now.

Price & qty: £24 for full size (I received a sample)

Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo For Fine, Limp Or Flyaway Hair Types:

This month, I received a 20ml sample of Philip Kingsley body building shampoo that is geared towards the fine, lip, and flyaway hair types. 

Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo For Fine, Limp Or Flyaway Hair Types in Birchbox July 2020 fruity beauty box

They say, enhanced with keratin proteins and natural cellulose, it improves your hair’s strength and condition as well as thickening the appearance of each strand. 

I have thin and damaged hair. So, I am going to use this shampoo soon to see its effect on my hair. Stay tuned for the detailed review of this shampoo.

Price & Qty: £20 for full size

Beauty Pro Coconut Sheet Mask:

It is the only full-sized product I have received in my fruity beauty box! And that too, a single-use sheet mask 🙁 I love sheet masks, but when it comes to subscription boxes, I think brands should provide a lipstick or lip balm or blusher as full-sized products. 

Beauty pro coconut sheet mask in Birchbox July 2020 fruity beauty box, Birchbox review

Beauty coconut-infused bamboo sheet mask is plastic-free, compostable, and biodegradable. And this mask comes in a recyclable pouch! Vegan people, this sheet mask is for you. They say- a multi-purpose mask that harnesses this powerful ingredient coconut to provide nourishment for increased hydration.

Price – £4.95 


Among these above mentioned five beauty treats, my favorites are Polar sun lotion, Philip body building shampoo, and the coconut sheet mask. 

Every month, this beauty subscription box, Birchbox gives you a sneak peek of one of the next month’s products. You can choose your favorite shade or product from the given options. Just like this month, we got Paw Paw balm, for the next month, August, (*spoiler alert*) we have got an opportunity to select either a bronzer or a highlighter from the brand REAL HER! And I have picked ….. Nah! I am not going to reveal now, stay tuned for my next unboxing post!

Keeping summer in mind, they have curated all fruity, the summer-essential products like watermelon infused primer, coconut-infused mask, sun lotion, and natural cellulose infused shampoo, etc. for this month’s box. I truly appreciate their effort. 

If we calculate the total cost of these products (full-sized version), it sums up to £76. However, we received only one full-size product worth £5 in this beauty box. For my 6-months plan, Birchbox costs me about £8 per month, so not a bad deal! I get several new products to test and try every month. 

EE Rating: 


The Verdict:


I am satisfied with the Birchbox July 2020 Fruity Beauty box edition because it includes all the summer beauty essentials. I can’t wait to try the next month’s beauty box!


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Birchbox July 2020 fruity beauty box review, unboxing and my first impression on everything enchanting blog

What Have You Got In Your Birchbox July 2020 Fruity Beauty Subscription Box? Have You Tried Any Of These Beauty Products? Let Us Know In The Comments.

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  1. I’ve always been tempeted to try this box as I don’t often treat myself, so would give me a nice treat each month. But I worry I won’t use the products if it’s not suitable, then a waste. Although I LOVE that lip balm!

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