The Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Summer 

Summer is the right time to let your hair loose and natural. However, trips to the beaches and pools can damage your hair along with the harmful rays of the hot sun. People living in tropical regions will find it even hard to maintain shiny and smooth hair in this season. If you’re worrying about how to take of your hair this summer, then fret not! To help you out, we have come up with our ultimate hair care guide for the summer season.

Best Hair Care Tips for Summer Season + Product Recommendation 2022

Summers are particularly harsh on chemically treated hair. The heat dries out your hair and makes it look like a bird’s nest in every way. Chlorine in the swimming pools, styling equipment, seawater, and allowing the hair to dry in the sun are all causes of damaged hair during summers. 

Your regular hair care routine isn’t as effective in summer seasons due to increased heat and humidity.  Armed with this knowledge (aka our haircare guide), you can enjoy the season without worrying about what the heat will do to your hair. 

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1. Cover the Hair

Yes, we know it’s tempting to let your hair free and loose, dancing around your face. It’s fine occasionally. But grab a wide brim hat and tuck your hair under it. If a hat doesn’t suit the dress, use a scarf or a wrap to cover your hair. 

If none of these is an option, apply loads of leave-on conditioner on the hair before stepping out. Let it seep into the hair strands and lock the moisture. The conditioner will add gloss to your hair and act as a protective layer between the hair strands and direct sunlight. 

The advantage of using a hat or scarf is that they protect your hair from wind and dust, too, which the conditioner doesn’t do. 

2. Use Loose and Comfy Hairstyles 

Don’t tightly plait the hair or pull it up in elaborate hairdos. Summer is the time to give your hair some breathing space. Leave it loose and wavy or opt for messy braids. Messy buns are also good as long as you don’t tug the hair from the roots. Keep it casual.

3. Switch to Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Summer seasons result in oily hair and scalp in many people. You can control this by using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to wash and nourish your hair. Sulfate-free shampoos help with moisture retention and keep the oil in check. Though people with dry and damaged hair use these shampoos, it’s recommended to switch to air products with lesser chemicals. The sulfate-free shampoo also maintains the pH level on the scalp and minimizes the risk of seasonal allergies. 

the ultimate hair are guide for summer
Avoid Hair Styling Gadgets

4. Stay Away from Heat (Styling Products)

Heat is all around us in summer. How can you stay away from it? We mean the styling products that use heat on your hair. Be it blow dryers, curling rods, straightening iron, etc., these products release bouts of heat directly onto your hair. This heat dries out the moisture and makes your hair look frizzy. Use a soft towel to remove excess water from your hair and let it dry naturally in the air. 

5. Don’t Hesitate to Use Dry Shampoo 

Washing your hair every day in the summers will give you the opposite results. Each time you strip the hair of the natural oils, your scalp will produce more. This will make the hair look oiler than before and prompt you to wash it again. 

Give your hair a fresh and oil-free look with dry shampoo. You can prepare dry shampoo at home using corn starch. However, remember that excess dry shampoo will dry the hair and even cause scalp infections. 

6. Deep Condition Your Hair 

Regular conditioning is not enough in the summer season. You need to deep condition your hair to add extra moisture and retain it. Deep conditioning will also make your hair frizz-free, tangle-free, and shiny. You can opt for hair masks or prepare a natural conditioner at home. Use it once a week to protect your hair in the summers. 

7. Use Sunscreen 

Though there are shampoos with UV protection, these are loaded with chemicals and cause more harm than good. An easier and better way to add sunscreen to your hair is to run your hands lightly through the hair after applying sunscreen over the body. 

8. Hot Oil Rinse to Soften the Hair 

One of our favorite natural hair care tips for summer is the hot oil rinse to lock moisture in your hair. Wash your hair using shampoo as always. After the rinse, apply oil from the roots to the tips. Coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil have a good absorption rate. Once you apply the oil, rinse your hair with water and then condition it. 

the ultimate hair are guide for summer
The ultimate hair are guide for summer

The result will be soft, smooth hair without being greasy. It’ll also add the necessary protection to retain moisture in the hair strands. 

9. Switch to a Wide-Toothed Comb

Hairbrushes are handy but not in summers. Detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb. Don’t brush your wet hair. It will result in more hair breakage and loss. Part your hair into sections and gently run a comb through them individually. If your hair is not too tangled, use your fingers to get the natural wavy look. 


Avoid direct sunlight and keep your scalp free of infections to have happy and healthy hair this summer season. Carry a hair spray to make your hair appear fresh and natural.

Now, tell us, are you following this summer hair care routine already? If not, start following now and see for yourself ❤️.

We hope you found this article – the ultimate hair care guide for summer helpful and informative. Please do not forget to share it with your friends as sharing is caring ❤️.


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  1. My hair looks awful on the ends. I’m planning on cutting it all off this week. Ever since I had Covid in Jan, I also lose a ton of hair and it tangles so easily. I’m hoping a good haircut will fix this problem.

  2. These are some great tips- some of them I do already, but I think if I decided to cover my hair during the summer it’ll give me a great excuse to get some beautiful shawls I spotted while surfing the net!

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