The coolest lifestyle gadgets you’ll ever need

The rate at which technology is advancing today, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that its speed of advancement would be comparable with the speed of a Core i9 processor in the foreseeable future. We, humans, are only a few steps away from making almost every (if not all) science-fiction gadgets a reality. In this article, check out the list of the coolest lifestyle gadgets of 2023 that you’ll ever need 😍!

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The coolest lifestyle gadgets you’ll ever need in 2023:

The tech giants of the world, along with all its subsidiary tech companies, bombard us every time with their latest product launches. We, gullible humans (especially the tech brands’ aficionados), are always under the pressure of owning the latest technology, lest we would feel inferior in our society.

While living in the information era, it would be impractical to say that one would live a life devoid of technology. You don’t necessarily have to become a monk and lead a life of technological-celibacy to live in peace. 

Instead, if you use technology in a manner where you are in control, then you can utilise these wondrous tech gadgets to make your life simple, easy, and peaceful. 

Read on to find out the best lifestyle gadgets in the market, which can add honey to your otherwise bitter and hectic life 🙂. 

1. Temperature control mug

What’s good in a “good morning” without a cup of your favourite steaming caffeinated beverage? The temperature control mug keeps your hot beverage at your exact desired temperature. Keep this mug on its charging coaster all the time so that you can enjoy your hot drink any time. 

The mug is made out of stainless steel along with a scratch-less ceramic coating that provides enhanced durability. The temperature control mug makes your life even more comfortable by being seamlessly controlled with the smartphone that lets you adjust its temperature by the click of a button.

2. Tile Pro tracker

Do you have the habit of losing things? Or does changing the channels on the television become a daunting task because you keep forgetting where you kept the T.V. remote? 

If any of these situations ring a bell to you, then the Tile Pro will come to your rescue. It is the most advanced Bluetooth tracker that has a robust built quality and delivers optimum performance every time. 

If you are within 400 feet of Bluetooth range, then by using the tile app from your smartphone, you can make your tile attached to the remote to starting ringing.

3. Digital assistant speaker

While living in the smartest era doesn’t feel smart enough if you do not have a digital assistant at your home. Having one always-on assistant at home, now, is no longer a luxury; rather, it is a necessity for your smart home to become smarter. 

Whether you like the voice of Alexa or the wittiness of Google Assistant, choosing one between the two would absolutely be your personal choice. After having a plethora of upgrades and updates, the Amazon Echo as well as the Google Home, has become far more capable and user-friendly.

Till the time J.A.R.V.I.S. becomes a reality, get the most out of smart home’s digital assistant.

4. iPad 10.2 (8th Gen)

We know that the market is flooded with a myriad of Android tablets and phablets, but when the specifications comparison chart is made, an iPad achieved a far greater score than its counterparts. With the form factor that fits cosily between a laptop and a smartphone, an iPad is the ultimate device that would suffice all your entertainment, productivity, and study needs. 

Not to mention the excellent built quality (which is expected from any Apple product) of the iPad that feels premium to hold and work on. With the support of the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil, the productivity of that latest iPads has skyrocketed. If you need a portable and handy device with the power of a computer, then you are the right fit to be a proud iPad owner. 

5. Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

With the rapid advancement of technology, plugging in your earphones while sporting your goggles have become old-school. The well-renowned tech brand, Bose, has introduced its first audio sunglasses in the market. The Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses have miniaturised speakers that are inconspicuously hidden in the temple region of the frame. 

Investing in this hi-tech sunglass will give you the revolutionary open-ear audio experience that enables you to hear the world around you along with listening to your favourite song tracks discretely. 

In a nutshell,

Squeezing time out of your busy work-life schedule might be difficult, and hence, you should use technology to your advantage. Whether you are a tech geek or a newbie, the list of lifestyle gadgets mentioned above are sure to make your life easier and a lot more enjoyable. 

Pro-tip: While using any gadget, always remember that you are the owner of that tech beauty and not the other way round. If you use these fascinating gadgets judiciously, then it wouldn’t take long for you to enjoy the benefits and make your busy life easier and less hectic. 


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  1. Super impressed with the audio sunglasses. Those are so cool! I really love the temperature control mug though that would be so useful!

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