What is Gua Sha Facial, is it effective?

What is Gua Sha Facial? Is It Effective?

Do you wonder what is Gua Sha facial? Is it really that effective? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Our daily lives have become quite monotonous and mundane. The same old routine needs to be followed day after day, without expecting a change. And even if we manage to buy ourselves some time, we get engaged in other duties which we were ignoring discreetly for quite a time. Most of us don’t even get enough time to groom ourselves and take care of our health. And unfortunately, the reflection of the fatigue and the physical over-exertion falls on our facial skin.

All About Gua Sha Facial Massage

A person’s depressed state can be easily known from the dark circles and wrinkled skin on the face. Similarly, if you work overtime throughout an entire week, the tiredness and the mental pressure will be portrayed by your skin. So whatever you are going through is painted on your face, thereby making the muscles stiff, sore, and tired. 

If this is the result of living a hectic life, isn’t there any way to relax and bring out the lost beauty on your face?

Yes, there is, and the solution is popularly known as gua sha facial. This might sound foreign to your ears, but this facial technique has proven to be extremely beneficial for removing tiredness, muscle soreness, dark eye circles, premature wrinkles, acne, etc. Since this technique is gaining popularity, today, we will discuss the facial Gua Sha massage benefits, the number of times you can do it, and other relevant facts.

So, without wasting any time, let’s start!

All about Gua Sha Facial Massage
All about Gua Sha Facial Massage

What is Gua Sha facial? Is It Effective?

Gua Sha facial technique has its roots of origin embedded deep into the Chinese culture. Even though this treatment was practiced in China only, it has become popular in Asian culture for the last few years.

The word Gua means scraping while Sha stands for sand. So, in this facial technique, derivative sand rocks are used to scrape off the upper dermal layer in a way that can easily ward off the tightness and soreness of the muscles.

What is used for doing the GuaSha facial massage?

In today’s world, specially crafted stones are used for making the equipment for the gua sha massage. The two most commonly used stones are rose quartz and jade, derived originally from the sand. These two crystals are used for healing and uplifting one’s physical and mental health. 

However, if you look at the historical evidence, you will find that the Chinese women used a sharp object to scrape off the skin earlier than using the jade or rose quartz crystal and roller. But, no matter what history says, in the argument for gua sha facial tools vs. jade roller, the former will always win, thanks to its use of convenience.

Gua Sha Facial Benefits
Gua Sha Facial Benefits

What are the benefits of Gua Sha facial massage technique?

As most of you are eager to know the perks of this facial technique, here, we will discuss ‘what does gua sha facial do.’ 

1. A form of grounding ritual

Once you start with this facial therapy, you will realize that the crystal’s slow movement or the roller against your skin will make you feel relaxed and at peace. A fair amount of pressure is applied at the time of the massage, which activates the parasympathetic nerves and helps your body to relax from the high energetic state.

2. Improves blood circulation 

One of the main causes of facial tiredness is restricted blood flow to the skin. The gua sha facial technique helps relax the muscles and remove the epidermal layer’s soreness, thereby releasing the tension from the blood vessels.

3. Helps in detoxification

Gua sha facial for acne has proven to be extremely effective as considered to other massage techniques. The constant scraping of the epidermis layer with the roller or the crystal opens up the clogged pores. This, in turn, reduces the acne breakouts, making your skin look younger. 

4. Face lifting and sculpting

If you are suffering from sagging skin, you have to try Gua sha facial wrinkles technique. The crustal edges are cut so that repeated movements help tighten the skin and remove any signs of early aging or sagging facial muscles. 

How Often You Should Do Gua Sha Facial
How Often You Should Do Gua Sha Facial

How often you should do Gua Sha facial?

The last thing to know about this Chinese facial massage process is its frequency of use. You can go for a daily routine since the massage doesn’t need any cream or special ointment. All you need to do is buy gua sha facial equipment, and then you can start the technique at your home only. However, if you want to get professional help, you can go for two massage sessions a week.


During the old times, Chinese medicine was considered to be the most effective one in the entire world. As a result, gua sha has also become famous worldwide in a small amount of time. It is way more beneficial than other facial techniques and hence is loved by many people living a stressful life. 


Hope you found this article- what is Gua Sha facial and is it effective, informative and helpful. Also, do not forget to share it with your friends and family. Because sharing is caring ❤️

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  1. I hadn’t heard of this facial before. I might have to get one to see how it works for me. My skin could use the help!

  2. I didn’t realize that this was the name of the facial. I’d seen it done on Tik Tok and IG before but never went out of my way to learn the name of it – everyone has heard of Jade Rollers so it was easier to attain. Quick question, you mentioned it scraped the skin – does it have a less than blunt edge that enables more of a scraping feel rather than the smooth feeling of a jade roller? Thanks!

  3. If only I had known about this years ago before my wrinkles started settling in. It sounds like an effective and fairly painless treatment.

  4. Hmm I haven’t heard of Gua Sha facials before. It sounds very interesting, and I’m glad I know about it now! I might have to try one myself!

  5. This is my first time hearing about this kind of facial. I would love to incorporate this into my skin care routine!

  6. Mama Maggie's Kitchen

    I am not entirely familiar with Gua Sha Facial! Thank you for sharing this information. I will check it out.

  7. You know, I’ve never actually had a facial of any kind. But you’re right that we need to take time to care for ourselves. I haven’t heard of this technique but it sounds like a good one!

    1. You are like my elder sister, she has never had a facial!🙂 But, I have to say she has a gorgeous radiant skin! You can buy a Gua Sha tool and can massage your skin regularly at home as well! Yes, the results will be not as good as the professionals.

  8. Gua Sha Facial Massage sounds perfectly relaxing and helpful for regular skincare. I love that it’s done with natural healing crystals

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