5 beautiful autumn/fall-themed tracks to listen to in 2020

5 Beautiful Autumn (Fall-themed) Tracks to Listen 2023

What is it about fall that makes us nostalgic, mellow, happy, and sad at the same time? Nature itself gifts us music and vibrance in abundance. The rustle of the leaves, the whistle of the wind, and the happy cries of kids are pure delight. 

What if we can add more music to our life? If you’re a music lover, you’d know what we are talking about. There’s a song for every season, every day, and every emotion. If summer is full of loud cheer, fall is more subdued and subtle. It’s softer, warmer, and differently intense. It’s more sentimental, melodious, intimate, and atmospheric. 

5 Beautiful Autumn/Fall-themed Songs to Listen (2023)

With so many music apps available, it’s super easy for us to create the perfect fall playlist to listen to throughout the day. These tracks are sure to keep you warm for the rest of the year (or until you pick your list of Christmas tunes). With so many suggestions and options, why not check out the following tracks and delve headlong into the beauty of fall music. 

1. October Song by The Incredible String Band

Robin Williamson sang this song in 1966 (yeah, we know. Some of us weren’t even born back then). Following him, Tom Gilfellon sang it in 1972 on his Trailer album, Loving Mad Tom. In 1987, Maggie Boyle sang it on her Run River album, Reaching Out. 

October Song by The Incredible String Band. 5 Beautiful Autumn (Fall-themed) Tracks to Listen to in 2020
October Song by The Incredible String Band

A little over a decade in 1998, Dick Gaughan sang October Song on his Greentrax CD, Redwood Cathedral. In the same year, Brian Peters sang it on his CD, The Beast in the Box. And… (yep, we aren’t done yet), The Rheingans Sisters sang it on their RootBeat album, Glad Gold Hearts, in 2013. 

Guess what? Lori Watson, Jon Wilks, and Mike Wilson also sand October song in 2017 (released in 2018), 2018, and 2019 respectively. Do you need any more reasons to listen to the soulful track? 

2. Finally // Beautiful Stranger by Halsey

Finally Beautiful stranger by Halsey. 5 Beautiful Autumn (Fall-themed) Tracks to Listen to in 2020
Finally//Beautiful Stranger by Halsey

Love songs always fill our hearts, just as sad songs break them into pieces. The fall-themed tracks tend to have both together. While some of Halsey’s songs are better suited for Halloween, this particular track is the best ever. With the singer showing two sides of herself in the video, the lyrics talk of the safety one experiences in love. Light percussions and acoustic guitar are the perfect accompaniment for the soulful lyrics. And with a refrain like that, we are already dancing in the living room

3. Comfort Crowd by Conan Gray 

Comfort Crowd by Conan Gray. 5 Beautiful Autumn (Fall-themed) Tracks to Listen to in 2020
Comfort Crowd by Conan Gray

If you are looking for something comforting yet creepy, we’d say this one fits the bill. The video is set in what seems to be an old Victorian house. Now add candlelight and blood. Oh, wait, don’t forget the lyrics that deal with loneliness, isolation, and yearning for someone to provide comfort by staying by the side. It’s as if 2020 has flashed in front of our eyes once again, isn’t it? With a comforting voice like his, Conan sure hit the right notes with this track. 

4. Autumn Childhood by Forest 

Autumn Childhood by Forest. 5 Beautiful Autumn (Fall-themed) Tracks to Listen to in 2020
Autumn Childhood by Forest

The song is part of the album Full Circle released in 1970. The song is poetic and mystical. It has nature, life from the medieval ages, childhood, the freedom and pure happiness which only children can enjoy, and the yearning to go back to that stage and have it all are the major themes of the song. With a refrain like- 

Autumn spread the wings to fold me

 Autumn spread the wings to hold me

 And take me back

What more do we need to call this an autumn track that longs for joy? 

5. Cardigan by Taylor Swift 

Cardigan by Taylor Swift. 5 Beautiful Autumn (Fall-themed) Tracks to Listen to in 2020
Cardigan by Taylor Swift

Well, the title itself says autumn, doesn’t it? People feel that the entire album, Folklore has songs that reflect and remind us of fall and things associated with the season. It’s comforting, sad, and even a little spooky. The music video pictures Swift in an isolated cabin where she enters the magical world by on the other side by stepping into the piano box. She plays the moss-covered piano in the green, enchanted land and steps into the pathway opened by the stool. She finds herself in turbulent waters and manages to enter the piano to get back to her old cabin. The song ends as she pulls the cardigan around her shivering body. A metaphorical representation of this year, isn’t it? 


We might have listed only five songs up there, but let us assure you that there are countless tracks to listen to. 

October Sunshine by Mercury Rev, Rose Hip November by Vashti Bunyan, I Can’t See You by Tim Buckley, King of Capulet by X Lovers, Cinnamom Girl by Lana Del Rey, Vampire by Dominic Fike, etc. are some tracks that’ll bring a multitude of emotions and set in the mood for fall/autumn season. 


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  1. I’ve only ever heard one of these songs, I will have to check out the rest. Thanks for putting together this list, they all seem like good songs.

  2. To be honest, I have never heard some of these songs before but I am going to try it right now. Thanks for giving these lists to us.

  3. Honestly, I have never heard any of these songs but I would love to hear them as you’ve recommended them. I would try to change my playlist with the changing season. That’s a great idea.

  4. My daughter loves Conan Gray and of course, Taylor Swift’s new album, which we are both fans of. Great suggestions here!

  5. Ooo I love my music, but not Hearst any of these before, but will deffo try a few of these tracks out, thank you so much x

  6. The only one of these I’ve heard is Cardigan by Taylor Swift and I love it. Will have to find the others on Spotify and have a listen xx

  7. This is such a fun post! What a great idea to listen to Fall themed music. I can’t wait to explore some of the tunes you share.

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