8 Reasons You Must Love Parks  

The lush green trees, blooming flowers, trimmed shrubs, ponds, quacking ducks, chirping birds, and sturdy benches to sit and relax- a park offers the best of nature right in the heart of cities. It doesn’t matter how crowded the city is, one visit to the public park will make you feel better. Even the busiest park has its own charm and can fill you with new energy. Parks are magical! 

Do you even need a blog for reasons you must love parks? If you’ve been too busy with your life and need a breather, then yes, you surely need us to remind you how much you love parks and why they are important for us and our future generations. 

Why You must Love Parks! The importance of parks:

1. Parks Help You Relax and Rejuvenate

Nature has the power to heal anybody. But not all of us can leave everything and run away into the forests and mountains, right? That’s where parks help us. You can take a break for a couple of hours and spend that time in a park. Find a spot, spread the blanket, and rest. That’s all you need to do. You get to enjoy some quality time with your family in the park.  

8 reasons you must love parks. why parks are important in our life and society
8 reasons you must love parks

2. Parks Bring the Community Together

Why are parks important for every city and town? Parks can bring the community together in several ways. You can meet others and get to know them in a relaxed environment. Your kids can play together. You can form a team to maintain and clean the park. You can discuss ways to protect the park as well as plan fun activities and events. Parks can unite the community and make it stronger.

3. Parks Can Increase Ground Water Levels

The concrete and tar roads don’t absorb water, do they? A park, with all its greenery and open space, can absorb rain and flood water with ease. This water seeps into the earth, thereby increasing the levels of groundwater. Cities are under the threat of becoming waterless in the near future. It’s vital to protect our parks and cherish them. 

4. Parks are Great for Physical Activities 

A park is a free gym, isn’t it? You can exercise under the vast sky and breathe fresh oxygen released by the trees around you. It’s also easy to get your day’s quota of vitamin D by working out in the park. Kids love to run around and play to their hearts’ content. That is exercise and fun combined for them. You can try the same too. A park is where everyone can become a kid. 

8 reasons you must love parks. why parks are important in our life and society
8 reasons you must love parks

5. Parks Can Reduce Flooding

No matter how effective the drainage system is, floods can occur in low-lying areas. While parks cannot prevent floods, they sure can minimize the impact. By absorbing some of the excess water, parks can reduce the impact of flooding on cities. Building ponds and water collection pits at strategic places can help protect the city’s property. This is one of the key reasons why parks matter and are a must. 

6. Parks are For All of Us 

A public park is for everyone. It’s where we, the people, can be one and strengthen our city. Don’t we deserve a park full of greenery to feel closer to nature and ourselves in the process? Parks provide us the opportunity to become better individuals. Whether you want to connect with old friends, make new ones, or rediscover yourself, parks are the right place to start. 

7. Parks Can Reduce the City’s Temperature

Green spaces reduce heat. It’s something we’ve been taught in schools as kids. The trees can reduce the temperature and keep the surroundings cool even during hot summers. While buildings intensify the heat, parks reduce it. Why do you think you feel calm when sitting under the shade of a tree? The best way to combat climate change is by developing more green spaces and parks with trees. 

8 reasons you must love parks. why parks are important in our life and society
8 reasons you must love parks

8. Parks Boost the Local Economy 

You might have a question in mind. Why love parks when you can love buildings with offices? Because parks can also increase the local economy. Absolutely!

Having a park in the neighbourhood will attract more business and private investments. It will also give rise to job opportunities. Small businesses and start-ups tend to crop up in areas with bustling activity. This will lead to an increase in tax revenue and individual wealth. A public park can have a significant impact on the local economy. 


We’ve got to take care of our parks and what can be better than joining the Love Parks Week, a 10-day event by Keep Britain Tidy. Go out and enjoy all that a park has to offer. Join Keep Britain Tidy in taking care of the parks and vote for your favourite open space. Celebrate your local parks and make sure that the next generation understands the value of an open park. 


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42 thoughts on “8 Reasons You Must Love Parks  ”


    I’m with you. I love parks even more so when they are not busy. It’s so lovely to be out in nature and away from screens.

  2. I love parks..they are just a wonderful place to escape and enjoy the outdoors. My local park is one of my favorite places to visit.

  3. I couldn’t agree more strongly with you about parks. I lived in NYC for decades, and the parks, especially Riverside Park and Central Park, were my saviors. I jogged in the park every day

  4. I love having community parks nearby to walk my dog! It’s so nice to have just a couple in my neighborhood and we found another this weekend.

  5. I think it’s just nice to be encouraged outside into the fresh air, and having a nice park makes that whole process that bit more enjoyable x

  6. Excellent post! I love parks – and I really appreciate how you showed such a variety of reasons why we should appreciate parks, not just for our immediate satisfaction or health benefits while being in the park, but also for all the good parks do for our community and environment in the long run!

  7. Scarlett Brooklyn

    A place where all people are welcome to just lay down or sit, do nothing and breathe fresh air, gosh, who wouldn’t love that, right?!

  8. Melissa Cushing

    Parks are everything to me and my family… I especially love state and national parks! We just moved to PA and there are parts and preserved lands all mourned us 😉 Waterfalls, Hiking Trails… love it!

  9. I love this post as I do frequent parks quite regularly. Seeing the green in the middle of urban spaces is so wonderful. We do have to protect them for sure!

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