7 reasons to reconsider the use of plastic

7 Reasons to reconsider the use of plastic

Plastic products have become a part of our modern life. With time, their usage has increased immensely. We can see plastic products everywhere. People never considered their harmful effects much until the recent past. Keeping in mind their adverse effects, it is time to understand the reasons to reconsider the use of plastic. 

Plastic products are damaging our earth, which is also affecting our health. After considering its dangerous effects, plastic products have been banned in many states. If you are still wondering what a small plastic bag or a bottle can do, read this article.

Why should we think twice before using plastic products?

There are numerous harmful effects of plastic on nature. Now, if we visit sea beaches, we will see nothing but piled-up plastic bags and bottles. Plastic is causing damage to our earth at an alarming rate. Some of the reasons are given here that will justify why we should stop using plastic as soon as possible.

1. Causes pollution

Plastic is the main cause of water, air, and soil pollution. It is very light, so it gets carried by wind and covers a long distance. Plastic wastage can clog the drainage system of an entire area and cause flooding. 

These can easily get stuck in your sewer system and block the water passage. Because of them, during monsoon, streets of any urban area could get filled with water. Plastic products also mix with the ocean water and pollute it. Many sea animals die due to excessive plastic wastage. Even if we burn plastic, it will cause air pollution.

7 reasons to reconsider the use of plastic. Why we must avoid plastic use
Causes Pollution

2. Source for production

Whenever we use any plastic product, we are wasting our non-renewable energy sources. Polyethylene is used to make plastic. This substance is made from natural gas and oil. Both of them are non-renewable resources. 

Moreover, during the production of plastic products, greenhouse gas gets emitted. This causes significant climate changes.

3. Non-breakable element

Plastic is made of non-breakable synthetic polymers. This means it does not get decomposed. A plastic bag can stay intact for 1,000 years underground. So, the more plastic products we use, the more the amount of wastage. 

These non-degradable elements get mixed in the soil and water, causing irreparable damages. There is no way to destruct plastic products completely. Even if we reuse plastic materials, they end up as plastic waste eventually. So, it is high time to reconsider the use of plastic.

4. Dangerous for sea and forest animals

Plastic products can break into small pieces and get mixed with seawater. This has caused serious life threats to sea animals. Many sea turtles have died because of plastic straws in the past years. The straws get stuck in the mouth of sea turtles, and they die eventually. 

Apart from straws, plastic bags floating under the water look like jellyfish. Many sea animals end up consuming plastic and suffer a slow death. Many crocodiles, turtles, and pelicans have been found dead with their stomach filled with plastic. 

Plastic is not only deadly for sea animals. It is equally dangerous for wild animals. Many dogs, cats, monkeys, and birds get seriously wounded as they get stuck in plastic. They strangle themselves to death as they try to get out of it. Plastic products are already destroying our coral reefs one after another. 

7 reasons to reconsider the use of plastic. Why we must avoid plastic use
Dangerous to sea & forest animals

5. Harmful to our health

Plastic particles get mixed with everything. From tap water to soft drinks, from seafood to vegetables, traces of plastic can be found everywhere. As a result, we are consuming those regularly. This is affecting our health seriously. Plastic particles can damage our liver, decrease our nutrient absorption capacity, and cause hormonal imbalance. 

Colorful plastic products have more harmful chemicals, which can damage our digestive system. Apart from direct effects, plastic products also harm us indirectly. They can clog our drainage system and increase water-borne diseases. 

6. Tough to recycle

Recycling plastic products is very tough. It needs some special equipment. The plastic recycling cost is quite high. That is why most recyclers avoid plastic products. Only 5% to 10% of the produced plastic gets recycled every year. 

Most of the plastic products get caught in the recycling machine, so they get discarded. The machines do not have the capacity to recycle such an element.

7 reasons to reconsider the use of plastic. Why we must avoid plastic use
Tough to recycle

7. The cost

Apart from its harmful effects, if you think deeply, we are paying for these products. Nothing comes for free, not even the plastic products. So, we are paying to risk our environment and ourselves.


These are some of the major reasons to stop using plastic products. We can easily replace plastic with other eco-friendly products. For example, we can use bags made of paper or fabric. Fabric bags are very durable and reusable.

Gradually, people are becoming aware of the dangerous effects of plastic and trying their level best to reduce the use of plastic. On 17th June, Plastic Free Beauty Day is going to be held, calling for the need to bring change. This is a shout out to customers, brands, and retailers to reconsider the plastic usage. It is only then that we can save our Mother Earth and give our future generation a better world. 


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66 thoughts on “7 Reasons to reconsider the use of plastic”


    I have been working on cutting down plastic items in the household. We look for items that have been made with recyclable plastic more and more now. There is far too much plastic in the environment.

  2. I try to cut plastic as much as possible from my life. I can’t even remember when was the last time I bought a bottle of water. I do struggle with vegetables wrapped in plastic at the supermarket, I don’t understand why they need all that wrapping.

  3. Yes, I am trying to make changes so we don’t use as much plastic. We rarely use bottled water and we recycle.

  4. I am really trying to get better at not using plastic as much as I have been in my life and swapping as much as possible. After all what we are doing to the earth with plastic is awful.

  5. I totally agree with you the use of plastic is so bad for the environment. I have been changing my lifestyle and now try to only buy products sold in glass and have stopped using one-time use plastic. But more people need to join in to make the change

  6. These are all fantastic points! One of the ways I’ve tried to reduce our plastic use is I use re-usable grocery bags and we have re-usable straws/water bottles in the house instead of buying new bottles all the time.

  7. Jess Howliston

    Fantastic and informative post, it really is scary how many issues plastic can cause in our world. Reducing our plastic is something we have been trying to do as a family by making little switches such as using smol for laundry tabs rather than the plastic tubs and reusing where we can etc. If we all made little changes it would make such a huge difference.

  8. Melanie williams

    This is fab and I could not agree with you more. Anything that promotes not using plastic gets a big thumbs up from me and my family for sure xx

  9. Rhian Westbury

    These are all great points, plastic is something we should all be phasing out the use of. We try and use as many reuseable things as we can so we don’t have to recycle a load of plastic x

  10. I’m always looking for ways to use a greener lifestyle. Recycling plastic or completely removing it from our lives should be a priority for all!

  11. It’s so important to recycle and consume less waste for a plethora of reasons. Thank you for sharing and encouraging your readers!

  12. I have been trying to reduce my use of plastic but I could definitely be doing more. This is a really helpful post with many great reasons why we should reconsider using plastic.

  13. We have been cutting down on our use of plastics, but it all feels so hard! Most of the waste in the ocean is actually from fishing ships and big companies – if only there was more we could do.

  14. Rose Jane Carcedo

    Single-used plastics should be eliminated. Let’s help save mother Earth!
    Such an important topic to discuss.

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