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Do you like playing brain games? I do! I recently came across, which offers several free online video games. Their gaming collection includes not only classic Solitaire card games but also free word games, Candy Crush-inspired tile games, logic puzzles games, and more! So, if you are a gamer or have game enthusiast family members, then check out these top free fun online brain games by Solitaire!

My Experience With Playing Online Video Games On Solitaire Site:

Now, who doesn’t like the words FREE & FUN GAMES, hun? These days, video games (mobile/pc/PlayStation) are getting super expensive! I love playing those games that keep me hooked and entertained. And thankfully, I’ve found one such site which features everything I need. Easy to browse, easy to navigate, and easy to play in my web browser without any ads, what more could I’ve asked for? 😍

Every weekend, Saturday night is our Game Night! My husband is an expert gamer whereas I consider myself a beginner. I am good at Chinese chequers, Pachisi (a cross and circle Indian board game), and a few brain games, though! 😀 

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I spent about five months (Jan-May) in India with my family. My little niece (elder sister’s daughter, 10-year-old) is such an avid gamer! And throughout my stay at their place, we played several video, board & outdoor games. We had been looking for easy yet fun games that we can play along even if we are far away from each other, until now. Enter Solitaire! The site has a wide range of kid-friendly, fun video games, and now we three (husband, niece, and I) play and compete with each other every weekend. Isn’t it cool? 😎

Anyway, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the brain games we play, love, and want to share with you right away! 

Top free fun online brain games by

We played almost all the games that Solitaire offers at present. Some of them are easier to play, while some games get hard as the level goes up! To play these online games for free, you don’t have to create an account. You can play directly in your web browser.

1. Free Hidden Object Games by

My most favorite brain game so far on this site! If you/your kid like playing those “spot the difference” or “find the missing numbers” kinds of games, then you’d love this game for sure. Solitaire has about 8 varieties of games under their hidden object games collection. We played all, but I liked the Castle version more! One thing that I observed while playing these games was that your eyesight should be good 🤓 . 

Medieval Castle Online Hidden Objects Game

In this game, you need to find all hidden numbers scattered throughout each level. The game features ten levels & each level has a total of 30 numbers hidden in it. There is a HELP (a magnifying glass) option, but if you take the help, it’ll cost you 500 points each time you use it. Moreover, if you click randomly (which I always do), it removes 5 seconds from your remaining time. In short, don’t think this game is a simple one. Play it to know it! 😉 

top free fun online brain games by Madieval castle hidden object online game by solitaire org
Madieval castle hidden object online game by

You can see my name Anamika on the top list (number 6) and my husband’s name Nabby on the 10th. Haha, I win this game always! My niece is trying hard to beat me on this game these days 😬. 

2. Logic Puzzle Games by

Solitaire’s Logic Puzzle Games category has about 44 free games for us. My husband loves these puzzle games! If you are an ardent fan of brain games, then these are for you 🙂.

Daily Same Game Online

I usually play the beginner-friendly Daily Same Game, a stone breaker game where you try to clear the field by clicking on cells that are adjacent to another cell of the same color. There are two difficulty levels – easy and hard. I still pick the easy mode. On a difficulty level scale, I rate this game  6/10. You might disagree with me, and that’s completely fine 😀.

top free fun online brain games by Daily Same Game online game by
Daily Same Game online by

BattleShip Armada Online Game:

We used to play the Battleship naval board game when we were in India. We forgot to bring it with us when we left the country. So after a long time, we are playing the Battleship game again, but this time online! My husband always wins this game, even with a computer (opponent) 🤓.

top free fun online brain games by Battleship armada online game by
Battleship armada online game by

Those who don’t know how to play this game, no worries. All of their games have HELP buttons plus a “How To Play” section on their web page that clearly explains the game rules. 

3. Free Word Games by

There are five types of free word games currently available on the Solitaire site. We love playing word games both online and offline! Crossword & Word Search games are my favorites ❤️.

Daily Word Search Game Online

In this mind game, the top of the left column provides a word list with a number of words to find and then a count of how many total words you have left to go. The first ten words are shown, then as you find them, they disappear, and a new word takes their place.

top free fun online brain games by Daily word search online game by
Daily word search online game by

It takes a lot of effort to find out the words because, in this puzzle game, words can appear forward, backward, up, down, or diagonal! Hun, not so easy, guys 😕! 

Crossword Game Online:

top free fun online brain games by daily crossword online game by
Daily crossword online game by

In this game, the left side of the crossword puzzle shows the clues for across and down. Each puzzle contains roughly 50 to 60 clues. Some days I finish the puzzle quickly, and some days I find this game super challenging! However, we all know that solving crossword puzzles improves cognitive function in the brain and enhances language skills.

4. Mahjong Games by

I have never played this type of game before! So, I was super excited to play this brain game and win it. This category has seven varieties of games & each game has some rules. I mostly play China & cute Panda 😍!

China Mahjong Game 

top free fun online brain games by China Mahjong online game by
China Mahjong online game by

In this game, you can choose from 245 different level designs. It also enables you to change the background between ten different pictures and switch between a 2D and 3D view of the playing field. You have to remove all mahjong tiles from the game by matching 2 of the same type of Mahjong tiles.

Panda Mahjong Game:

top free fun online brain games by Panda Mahjong online game by
Panda Mahjong online game by

You need to combine 2 of the same mahjong stones to remove them from the playing field. You only can use free stones here. A free stone is not covered by another stone and at least 1 side (left or right) is open. At first, it looks easy, but after some time, you get stuck 😐!

5. Match 3 by

If you have been fond of the Candy Crush game, this one is for you! Match 3 games category includes Candy Crush-inspired tile games & Zuma-inspired ball shooters.

Treasure of Atlantis Game Online:

top free fun online brain games by Treasure of Atlantis online game by
Treasure of Atlantis online game by

Ahh, the name itself reminds me of the movie Aquaman 😍! The goal of the game is to get each part of a picture or map to the bottom of the level by removing the pieces underneath it by making matches. It has 25 levels, and each level is timed.

Zuma Ball Game Online:

This game has ten levels. Inside each level, there is a finite ball chain that moves toward the end of the level. The gamer’s job is to create sets of 3 or more balls in a row to remove them from the chain before it gets to the end. I must confess that I play it at least four times to get to the next level. And my niece reaches the next levels in one go 😐! 

top free fun online brain games by Zuma ball online game by
Zuma ball online game by

So, here are the top free fun online brain games that you must check out on All these games are fun to play with kids as well. That being said, don’t assume these games to be easy-peasy ones. These are some well-designed interesting brainstorming games and take a lot of effort to reach the next level, even for a pro!

So, tell me, have you ever played these online video games? Have you checked these brain games on Please share your thoughts in the comment section below! 


I hope you find this article- Top free online brain games by helpful! Do not forget to share it with your friends as sharing is caring ❤️.

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