10 Fun Online Games To Play For Free On Plays.Org

What do you do when you feel bored? I love playing fun and brainstorming games when I’m bored, alone or with my niece and husband. Today, I’ll share 10 fun and free online games by plays.org that you can play when you’re bored at home or work with your friends and family.

10 free and fun online games to play on Plays.Org

Recently, when I was searching for new interesting online games, I stumbled upon the gaming site Plays.org. Boy, what a great gaming collection it has 😍! I was elated to find my favorite childhood games on the site. Plays.org offers a wide range of free web games (from educational to fun) that’ll keep you and your kids entertained forever! And if you are a novice gamer (like me), then you should definitely check out these games 😉.

1. Batman Gotham City Speed Batmobile LEGO Stud Game:

My husband and I are Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) fans! Among their 1000+ free online video games, I picked this Batman game first to play on the site. Kids and parents can play this driving and flying LEGO game 😍.

Batman Gotham City Speed Batmobile LEGO Stud Game. 10 Fun Online Games To Play For Free On Plays.Org
Batman Gotham City Speed Batmobile LEGO Stud Game

A quiet night in Gotham city is torn apart by the sound of an explosion. The villains of Gotham City have escaped from Arkham Asylum and are racing away. The Bat-Signal lights up the sky of Gotham, and Bruce Wayne spring into action. As a player, we need to help Batman defeat the villains and send them back to Arkham Asylum. 

It is not an easy game for beginners, though! It gets harder as you progress. My advice would be to read the instructions carefully and mug it up before you start the game. As I can’t remember all the rules (any game), it becomes challenging for me to complete each level quickly 😬. The driving excitement, the tension, and the urge to help Batman are what keep me hooked to this game. 

It comes under their LEGO and Driving games category. So if you’re fond of any of these, you’ll surely enjoy this game!

2. Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Club Lucky You Game:

It is a simple virtual two-player fun online board game. Since the game is in the narrated form, it’s recommended to leave the sound on while playing this game. My hubby and I play this often, and is one of our fave games! My niece also loves playing this one 🙂.  

Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Club Lucky You Game. 10 Fun Online Games To Play For Free On Plays.Org
Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Club Lucky You Game

To play this game, you need to choose a character for each player first. The steps are so fast that I couldn’t take many screenshots for this post. It is a super fun game, and kids would love it nonetheless. 

You’ll find the details about how to play this game on the game page itself! Basically, you have to spin the wheel to play this game, and the wheel will land in any of 4 different types of activities. The number of moves you will get depends on how well you perform in each activity. The game ends when the first player reaches the clubhouse at the end of each path.

The activities are pretty fun and easy too. For example, spot the number of differences in the picture, choose the missing shape in the pattern parade, identify the sound coming from the box, and pick the number of noodles in the soup that matches the number of decorations you can see on the placemat. 

But, this is not a mere kids’ game! The adult players can activate the Grown-up Controls button before the start of the game. We can customize the difficulty levels for each player and adjust the length of the game, if our kids want to play a longer or shorter game! Isn’t it cool 😍?

3. Adventures in Babysitting Game:

A simple yet exciting logic puzzle and a level escape hybrid video game for all ages. As a player, you need to help the babysitters make their way through the warehouse on the moving laundry conveyer without falling off the platform and getting caught. You’ll get clear instructions at every step on how to avoid being caught by the guards. Along the route, you will have to collect coins, avoid hazards, and unlock the next level.

 Adventures in Babysitting Game. 10 Fun Online Games To Play For Free On Plays.Org
Adventures in Babysitting Game

My tips are – to memorize the track. Since they will cross the same tracks repeatedly (if you fail in the first attempt), it’s better to remember which way they’ll go. One word of caution, the red switch will help indicate the right way, but the same red mark will confuse you later and can get you caught! Also, click only once at the long red track junctions because twice might disconnect the line. 

It’s easy to unlock the first level of this strategy game, but from level 2, it gets harder! The kids will be frustrated, for sure! I played this game numerous times to unlock just level 2, haha! But now, I know how to play this game like a pro and enjoy it.

4. Battle Tank:

It is a fun tank-fighting shooter game for kids and adults. In this endless tank shooting game, you’ll try to take out competing tanks that are also shooting at you! It is my husband’s favorite game, and he plays it well. 

Battle Tank game for kids and adults. 10 Fun Online Games To Play For Free On Plays.Org
Battle Tank game

Kindly read the shooting strategy before you start the game. This power-packed game has everything you need to beat the enemy! However, you’ll have to be clever and fast enough to remove the obstacles, earn gems, upgrade your weapons, and get high scores. If you like battles, especially tank battles or shooting games, this one is for you!

5. World Trivia Game:

My niece and I love to play word games. She loves Social science subjects, especially Geography. So when I spotted this educational quiz game, I knew she would enjoy playing it. This game is designed for those willing to test their knowledge of geography and world culture. 

World Trivia Game on playsorg. 10 Fun Online Games To Play For Free On Plays.Org
World Trivia Game

First, choose a language and a level to begin the game. Once you finish the first level, it automatically unlocks the second and third levels. It starts with the UK, then countries like the US, Berlin, and Rome follow suit! You can play through 64 levels themed after various countries and regions across the globe. Each level is localized to a specific country.

You only have 3 minutes to solve the entire level. And the faster you answer, the higher your score. I reached out to the HINT button for so many questions, LOL 😆 ! But Hints cost you hint points, so use them wisely! 

6. DONUTS Game:

It is a fun and challenging 25-level, connect three matching game which is perfect for kids and adults. In this game, you need to clear the number of donuts of specific flavors outlined in each level before the time runs out.

DONUTS connects 3 matching game Plays.org. 10 Fun Online Games To Play For Free On Plays.Org
DONUTS connects 3 matching game

You have two minutes to clear the number of donuts. The best part is you automatically win if you’ve cleared at least one of the target donuts for that level. But, at the same time, if you don’t meet any of the level’s quotas by the end of the timer, the game is over! 

Each level has its own unique playing field design. And because of this, donuts will not always fall into a convenient location & match-making gets harder as you get onto higher levels with more irregular shapes.

I absolutely love playing this game. I found it pretty easy to play. If you like such matching games, do play them! 

7. Bow & Angle – best educational game for kids:

It is an educational geometry (protractor angles) and archery video game for kids. You can play with your kids/nephew/niece if they like geometry subject or love playing archery games. 

Bow & Angle - best educational game for kids. 10 Fun Online Games To Play For Free On Plays.Org
Bow & Angle archery geometry game for kids

To play this game, first, you need to select a mode. After completing the tutorial part of the game, you can opt for adventure mode and play. You’ll have to pick a hero and use the protractor to measure your angles as you take out various enemy ninjas while avoiding their counterattacks. The game strategy is already explained on the site, so read it carefully. 

My niece is scared of Mathematics subject, yet she enjoys this game. So, it’s a win-win for us adults 😉.

8. Cars Lightning Speed Free Racing Game

Racing lovers, this one is for you! A simple yet exciting cartoon racing game for teenagers and adults who love car games. Although we can’t compare it with professional racing video games like Need for Speed or F1, this game is definitely worth the try on the Playsorg site.

Cars Lightning Speed Free Racing Game. 10 Fun Online Games To Play For Free On Plays.Org
Cars Lightning Speed Free Racing Game

They say, race across the world of Cars as Lightning McQueen’s new protégé. In tutorial mode, you will play a brief race against Lightning McQueen. The game has 20 tracks spread over five nations (U.S.A., Brazil, Japan, Germany, and Italy). 

Once you’ve passed the tutorial, you’ll go to the next level and play the main game. Remember, you need to focus on collecting as many lightning tokens as possible to gain speed. Collect tool boxes for money and use them to upgrade your car. Also, remember that driving off the road and hitting obstacles will also slow you down! 

In single mode, you must race one track to unlock the next two, then play both the tracks to unlock the fourth. In the Career Mode (the game’s story mode), compete and win in several races spread over eight tournaments. Each tournament has four tracks. Career mode has a grand total of 32 different tracks!

9. Connect the dots game:

Another cute and interesting game for everyone! It is a simple connect the dots game where players have 15 seconds to complete the puzzle. Yes, only a few seconds to pass each level, and it ain’t easy 😞! 

Connect the dots game. 10 Fun Online Games To Play For Free On Plays.Org
Connect the dots game

You need to drag your finger or mouse to the next sequential number and solve the puzzle. After you complete each level, you will begin the next one. If you run out of time, then the game is over! My husband gets frustrated with this one, but I enjoy playing it. The steps are repetitive, so try to memorize the paths/dots, and it’ll be easier for you to solve the puzzle quickly 🙂.

10. Super knight adventure game:

The last one in my favorite 10 Plays.org games list is this 10-level simple beat-em-up platforming Super Knight Adventure game. If you or your kids like zombie games or knight adventures, then you’ll love this game!

Super knight adventure game. 10 Fun Online Games To Play For Free On Plays.Org
Super knight adventure game

In this game, you are required to defeat the zombie. Then the key from the zombie and open the treasure chest. To unlock levels 2 & above, you will have to beat level 1 first, just like other games, duh! However, before you fight with the zombie, make sure to collect the coins and gems at each level. Save your range attack primarily for the zombie boy or girl near the end of the level and repeatedly fire it. This way, you’ll pass each level quickly and win the game 🙂.

I’m a hardcore fan of survival strategy and zombie games (‘DAYS GONE’ is my fave) 😍. If you’ve never played these kinds of games, then super knight one is a good start! 

The Plays.Org site is neat and fast loading. You don’t have to open an account to play on their site. All these aforementioned free online games are my current favorites on this site. These fun games are great to play with kids. Moreover, these free entertaining games will keep you occupied through those boring days! So play them and have fun 😍.


I hope that you found this article – 10 fun online games to play for free on Plays.org helpful. Please do not forget to share it with your friends as sharing is caring ❤️.

Have you played any of these games? If yes, please share your experience in the comment section below. 

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