Heart-warming Christmas movies to watch with your family this year 2021

Heart-warming Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family This Year! 

When it comes to Christmas movies, the cinema industry has spoiled us with choices. This wonderful time of the year is simply incomplete without watching a perfect Christmas movie with your family by your side. Catering to the sheer love and demand for the Christmas classics, the popularity of Christmas-themed films has only increased. Some of the best heart-warming Christmas movies are bound to get a re-watch from the fans as the year ends. Not just the classics but the new Christmas movies are also quite a rage on the internet. 

Best Christmas Movies to Watch With Family In 2023

The magical formula of romance, simplicity, and vibrance makes these films the best source of entertainment for the family as a whole. After all, happy endings can never go out of fashion, can they? A classic like Home Alone starring Macaulay Culkin or the Kate Winslet starrer The Holiday is irreplaceable. But let’s not forget the amazing Christmas movies of 2023 that are bound to tug at your heartstrings. As the holiday cheer has begun, you sure do not miss some of these best Christmas movies to watch with your family and friends! 

1. The Princess Switch series 

The Princess Switch series. Best heart-warming Christmas movies to watch with your family this year 2021
The Princess Switch series

Vanessa Hudgens stepped into the Christmas movie world with this light-hearted 2018 film. The worldwide appreciation for this breezy romantic drama led to the birth of the sequel called The Princess Switch: Switched Again. The comical story of two identical girls switching their lives was taken forward with The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star, which is considered one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix. 

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2. Holiday Rush 

Holiday Rush. Best heart-warming Christmas movies to watch with your family this year 2021
Holiday Rush

The Holiday Rush lets us dive into the life of a widower DJ who is left with little hope and responsibility for his children. The inspiring and love-filled Christmas movie got the right pulse of the audience who gets smitten by the happy family movies. The Romany Malco starrer is a great watch at your family party. 

3. The Knight Before Christmas 

The Knight Before Christmas. Best heart-warming Christmas movies to watch with your family this year 2021
The Knight Before Christmas

Christmas is the time when fantasy meets romance and lights up the mundane life. This Vanessa Hudgens film is the best getaway into the world of a medieval knight and an ordinary girl who is in search of her soulmate. Despite its predictable storyline, the movie manages to warm the romantic hearts out there. 

4. Holiday In The Wild 

Holiday In The Wild. Best heart-warming Christmas movies to watch with your family this year 2021
Holiday In The Wild

If romance is too mainstream for you, Holiday In The Wild is the perfect travel Christmas film. It revolves around a woman who is set to explore her life alone after a mishap. She ends up falling in love with an animal lover and vet while experiencing a world of an elephant safari for the first time. The Ernie Barbarash directed Christmas movie goes beyond the usual romance journey to instead hop into the wilderness. 

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5. The Christmas Chronicles 

The Christmas Chronicles.Best heart-warming Christmas movies to watch with your family this year 2021
The Christmas Chronicles

Live-action films are the call of the generation and The Christmas Chronicles does the needful. The Netflix Original movie revolves around two siblings who accompany Kurt Russel who played Santa Claus on an adventurous Christmas night. The film is a pure visual treat with brightly lit scenes, reindeers, and of course, our very dear Mr Claus. The comical film is the best one to watch with your own siblings and parents this Christmas. 

6. Last Christmas 

Last Christmas.Best heart-warming Christmas movies to watch with your family this year 2021
Last Christmas

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding take Christmas love stories to a sweeter level in this much-celebrated romantic Christmas movie. The Paul Feig created piece is set in the backdrop of the UK. The film garnered attention for the wonderful cinematography that highlights the chilly streets of London aesthetically. Music by Theodore Shapiro takes away the cake! The Christmas movie can be your pick for Christmas family night. 

7. Happiest Season 

Happiest Season. Best heart-warming Christmas movies to watch with your family this year 2021
Happiest Season

Director Clea DuVall created one of the loveliest lesbian love stories with the Happiest Season. It revolves around a girl who is hesitant about coming out in front of her family. The Christmas-themed story has the dash of humour, emotions and motivation which result in the recipe of a perfect Christmas romance film. The movie also features popular actors like Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Dan Levy, Alison Brie to name a few. Happiest Season is also one of the celebrated LGBTQ-themed films in the recent past

8. A Castle For Christmas 

A Castle For Christmas. Best heart-warming Christmas movies to watch with your family this year 2021
A Castle For Christmas

The new Christmas movie is all about a woman who aspires to romance a Duke and own a castle. This Christmas movie 2021 has to offer the familiar tingling feelings that every holiday film has in its store. The Cary Elwes and Andi Osho starrer is decorated with Scotland scenery and all things cheesy that suit a typical family Christmas movie night. A Castle For Christmas is one of the freshest offerings when it comes to the bestChristmas movies on Netflix. 

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9. A Jenkins Family Christmas 

A Jenkins Family Christmas. Best heart-warming Christmas movies to watch with your family this year 2021
A Jenkins Family Christmas

In the range of new Christmas movies, falls this beautifully created family drama that unfolds hidden sentiments and secrets at a get-together. The family-themed drama is headlined by Regina Taylor along with a host of other great performers. Christmas is often associated with jingling bells and gifts but this movie breaks the rule to make it a night of mystery and fun. 

Christmas time is reserved to unload the anxieties that accumulated throughout the year. And there could not be a better way to do that other than watching new or old Christmas movies. These festive-themed heart-warming movies are designed to give you a comforting pat on your back. They whisper that all’s well that ends well.

Watching Christmas family movies has become a popular global tradition for a reason and cinema makers are utilizing it perfectly. Yes, classic Christmas movies are still a go-to option for many. However, it is refreshing to see how the creators are now making Christmas films that go with the new age talk including travel, the LGBTQ community and so much more. The pandemic also opened doors for more and more actors to discover the digital platforms, allowing them to perform on a completely different cinematic setup.

All said and done, Christmas movies hardly go wrong and these films are the proof of it! Which Christmas film are you watching with your family this year? 


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  1. I love watching Christmas movies. It teaches you to give love, kindness, and forgiveness to everyone not only during Christmas day but every day.

  2. What a great list and most if not all I have seen. I’ve been binge watching Christmas movies for the last few weekends. The Princess Switch series was sooo good!


    I have been watching Christmas movies for a while now already. I’ve managed The Princess Switch 1 & 2 so far and am part way through 3. Love them x

  4. These are all wonderful Christmas movie ideas and I will be watching several with my niece this week as she is coming to visit 😉

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