Top 40 Best Christmas 2022 Stocking Filler Ideas For Women

Are you looking for the best yet affordable stocking fillers and Christmas gift ideas for women? No worries! This thoughtful Christmas 2022 gift guide for ladies has got you covered. 

Choosing the right gift for your loved one is not easy! However, when you know their personality and taste, the task of buying gifts gets a bit easier. In this post, I am sharing the top 40 cute and best stocking stuffer ideas for women of all ages. Trust me, girls in your life would love them ❤️.

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Top 40 Best Christmas 2022 Gift and Stocking Filler Ideas For Women:

A ‘gift guide for her’ is incomplete without beauty ideas, right? So, let’s start with beauty gift ideas for Christmas 2022, suitable for women of all ages, followed by fashion, decor, and gadget gift recommendations. You can get these products for yourself too, and not just as gifts for someone else 😍.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. That means we receive a small percentage commission on items purchased through the link at no extra cost to you! 

1) Complete Skin & hair care Set

Not every woman is a skincare enthusiast. However, everyone craves nice glowing skin during the festive seasons. And the same goes for hair! Hence, surprise them with a lovely haircare, facial or body skincare duo or trio set. Remember, the benefit is individual products from the gift set would make great stocking stuffers, & as a set, a complete gift package 🙂.

When it comes to the small yet amazing gift sets, you must check out The Body Shop®’s collection since they have a wide array of beauty Stocking fillers

2) Skincare Tools

Skincare tools like jade/rose quartz face rollers, Gua Sha, Ice Chunk roller, twin-ball massager or body relaxer, facial stimulator and exfoliating gloves are great for anyone. No, seriously! They are small yet highly effective in stepping up your skincare game! I have been using a few of these for the past few years and highly recommend them. 

3) Relaxing & Cooling Eye Patches or Masks

Everyone loves a good eye mask, either for everyday use or travel purposes. The eye mask is perfect for this festive season!

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4) Bath Bomb Set

Enhance your special someone’s bathing experience by gifting her bath bombs infused with lavender, chamomile or any herbal scent.

5) Acne-spot Treatment Kit

Gift this kit only to those members whom you know well. Otherwise, their skin conditions might get worsen with the wrong products 😛. On the contrary, the right acne-spot treatment products would make their skin acne and blemish-free, and they will thank you for the lovely thoughtful gift ❤️. If you are still confused, you can gift them blemish-controlling skincare products such as Derma E Sulphur spot treatment or La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Corrector

6) Essential oils set 

Is there anyone who doesn’t like essential oils? I don’t think so! These oils are super versatile. They are great for relaxing your senses and elevating your mood. A nice wellness gift for everyone ❤️.

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7) Gel Nail Polish Set or Manicure Kit

A small gel nail polish set or manicure kit gift set would certainly bring a smile to your special someone’s face. 

8) Small Eyeshadow Quad or Duo palettes

9) Flattering FALSIES

Although I have never worn falsies, my besties wear them every other day like a pro! If your bestie is a makeup lover, gift her a pair of beautiful high-quality false eyelashes

10) Makeup Brush Set

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11) An aromatherapy balm/sleeping potion

Another thoughtful Christmas wellness gift idea for the women 😍! Whenever insomnia hits or I feel distressed, I spray a few drops of aromatherapy essential oil or This Work’s deep sleep potion on my pillow. You can either get it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones.

12)  Cute scrunchies/ hair ties/Heatless curls

I love scrunchies! If your special someone uses hair ties a lot, gift her a cute scrunchy. I have another wonderful suggestion, but it won’t count as a stocking filler! Heatless curls make a lovely Christmas beauty gift for anyone who likes curly and bouncy hair 😍. 

13)  Grey root cover up dye stick, spray or shadow powder

I am in my 30s, but 90% of my hair has turned grey at this age! I use all things natural to cover up the greys, as I love black hair. One of them is instant grey root/hair covering sticks. The root touch up pen, stick, spray or powder products are easy to use and carry! You can read my review here.

14) Tangle Teezer

15) BUNNY Hairband

Anyone who loves wearing cute headbands would surely love this soft headband from The Body Shop®. I wear it and love it! 

Top 40 best christmas 2022 gift and stocking filler ideas for women
Bunny Headband

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16) Perfume Oil/ Pulse point roller ball

I have been using perfume oils for a long time. You can read my review here. The small-sized perfume oils / pulse point roller balls are easy to carry and great for people on the go! 

17) Hair Removal Tool

A small-sized hair removal tool is handy and works great! You can travel with it easily, or use it at home when necessary.  

18) Cute pocket mirror & Fan 

The cute pockets mirrors and fans are just awesome! I have them and highly recommend these cuties. Buy these for yourself this festive season, or gift them to your loved ones.

19) Perfume

A travel-sized perfume gift would make a lovely stocking filler for every woman. 

20) Ankle Bracelet

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21) Dainty Personalised Necklace Set

This Christmas, gift your special someone a stunning dainty necklace set. Every woman loves statement jewellery pieces. Alongside necklace, you can gift bracelets, charms, earrings, rings and stylish brooches.

22) Watch

23) Custom Personalised Pouch

Teeny-tiny custom pouches are so amazing to keep the coins, clips, ties, or studs!

24) Tennis Bracelet

25) Jewelry Cleaner

A jewelry cleaner would make a lovely gift for all the jewelry lovers in your life! You can definitely gift this product along with a gorgeous pair of earrings.

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26) Tiny scented candles

Scented candles are love and absolutely perfect for the festive season!

27) Tide To-Go Instant Stain Remover Pens

A powerful product to get for yourself or give as a present to someone special who hates stains! 

28) Purse Chain Extenders and Shorteners

With the help of these extenders and shorteners, you’ll be able to alter the length of your handbags and purses.


29) Tealights decor piece

30) Tea bombs

Herbal tea bombs make a lovely treat for all the tea lovers in your life 😍.

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31) Bookmark and Memo Sticky Notes set / The Post-it Super Sticky Z-Notes 

32) Succulent Plant Pot

33) Cute small coffee mug

34) Cute Key Rings

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35) Stick Lost and Found Labels (Great for everyone)

These scannable stick lost and found labels are amazing and are a must-have item. If anything gets lost, your return details can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the Label.

Top 40 best christmas 2022 gift and stocking filler ideas for women
Lost and Found Labels

36) RFID Card (A must-have item for everyone)

Another fabulous Christmas and stocking filler gift idea is RFID card. Yes! Anyone who carries a purse should keep this RFID & NFC BLOCKING CARD in their wallet to secure the debit/credit cards and prevent fraud. This card is amazing, trust us! It alone protects you against card skimming and data theft.

37) Tiny Egg Meter

An egg timer will take the guess work out of boiling eggs! It is a nice gift for those who can never cook eggs perfectly (like me).

38) JBL Earbuds

JBL earbuds come packed in a cute tiny case. Hence, they make a good stocking filler for everyone. I use Bose 700 noise-canceling headphones and these earbuds. So I highly recommend both of these products to all of you. 

39. Wireless Remote Control For Digital Cameras

40) Chocolates

How can I not include chocolates in my gift guide? Chocolates are undoubtedly the best gifts! Pick your favorite person’s chocolates and put them inside the stocking 😉. 

So, this was my Christmas 2022 special best yet affordable stocking filler ideas for women of all ages. I have a thing for cute stuff, ladies! However, I made this gift guide keeping practicality, functionality, cuteness, and budget in mind. Some of the listed products are little expensive, whereas some gifts are under £10! So if you are looking for the best and cheap stocking stuffer ideas for women, this guide is for you 😍. 


I hope you found our – top 40 best Christmas 2022 gift and stocking filler ideas for women helpful and informative. Please share it with your friends, as sharing is caring. 

14 thoughts on “Top 40 Best Christmas 2022 Stocking Filler Ideas For Women”

  1. I need to get some of these for my daughter. She loves her makeup and candles. We always have Tide pens in the house as we’re messy!

  2. Oh wow, that is such a great mix of items. I think I’d consider buying a few as gifts this year. Tiny candles and chocolates always work well.

  3. I’m ALWAYS on the look out for good stocking stuffers for the ladies in my family. My grandma and mom in particular luv baths, so does my sister. But she is obsessed with anything beauty anyway. This is great! Thank u so much for the ideas!

  4. The aromatherapy balm/sleeping potion, gel nail polish set, and the essential oils are all what I want for Christmas! Hahahaha. The Beetles polish brand is amazing too.

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