How to pick your perfect handbag? Women's bag guide. best stylish practical handbags for women in the uk

How to pick your perfect handbag | Women’s bag guide

Everyone loves shopping. From dresses to shoes, from jewelry to bags, shopping is one of our favorite activities. But most of the time, we have no specific idea regarding what suits us the best. This, we end up wasting our money. To avoid this, we must understand what looks perfect on us and accentuates our looks. Even for handbags, we need to be picky. Majority of us (women) have no knowledge of how to pick the perfect handbag. If you are one of them, keep reading this article.

Best tips on how to choose the right handbag (Women’s bag guide 2023):

Buying handbags that are both practical and stylish can be quite challenging. There are many cute and trendy bags for women to confuse us. So, what should we choose? Before buying a handbag, we need to consider a few things. Only after understanding all these aspects we can choose the right bag for us. Aside from women’s bag guide, we are also sharing a list of best stylish yet practical handbag gift ideas for ladies (available on Amazon UK) in this article. 

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1. Occasion

The prime thing to bear in mind while making the purchase is the occasion for which you will be using the bag. Ladies, if you want it for your office, you should buy a more structured bag. Oversized bags are great when you are on vacation. If you are going to a party, you can opt for a small and stylish purse. So, depending on the occasion, you should choose the right bag.

JW PEI Lily Shoulder Bag Purse ⬇️

Tommy Hilfiger – Honey Large Wallet ⬇️

Large Leather Tote Bag Ladies ⬇️

2. Budget

Going over budget to buy a bag is not wise. You should buy the best thing without exceeding your budget. So, the first thing you need to do is, setting a realistic budget for your bag. Then you can look for available bags within that budget. If you like an over-priced bag, you can wait for a sale and get that for a lower price.

Miss Lulu Women Top Handle Bag ⬇️

URAQT Womens Top Handle, Ladies Shoulder Bag ⬇️

Miss Lulu Small Shoulder Cross-Body Saddle Bag with Lock Closure ⬇️

FULEI Soft PU Leather Cross Body Ladies Shoulder Bag ⬇️ 

3. Color

Knowing which color suits you the best is very important, ladies. Black or beige bags go with almost every outfit. So, if you want a casual bag that goes with most of your dresses, purchase a black handbag. If you want a bag for a specific occasion, then opt for a matching colored bag.

NICOLE&DORIS Women Tote Top Handle Shoulder Bags ⬇️

Lekesky Tote Bag for Women Stylish Handbag ⬇️

JW PEI Women’s Gabbi Ruched Hobo Handbag ⬇️

4. Weight

A women’s bag should not be too heavy or too light. Light bags are not usually durable. They get damaged easily. On the other hand, buying a heavy bag will only add up the load. So, go for a bag with average weight, which you can carry throughout the day comfortably.

Miss Lulu Leather Look V-Shape Lightweight Medium Tote Shoulder Bag ⬇️

Nicole & Doris 2022 New Pompom Grey Designer Top Handle Bag ⬇️

Women Fashion Purse Faux Leather Tote 3 Piece Handbags

5. Pockets

Pockets are very important for ladies handbags. We women want to keep everything in separate pockets. It helps us to find anything easily. So, depending on your requirement, you can buy the perfect bag. For short hangouts or dinner parties, a small bag with one or two pockets is enough. 

Soft PU Leather Crossbody bag, Waterproof shoulder bag ⬇️

Love Moschino Women’s Borsa a Spalla Shoulder Bag ⬇️

BOSTANTEN Designer Shoulder Bucket Bags for Ladies ⬇️

If you carry quite a lot of things while traveling, you need a bag with more pockets or a good travel backpack like this water-resistant Trendhim Lemont foldable backpack. Even though it’s designed for the men, it can be worn by ladies too!The best part is, it can be folded and stuffed inside the inner pocket. A spacious, practical and stylish backpack for all travelers. 

Trendhim Lemont Foldable Travel Backpack. how to choose the perfect handbag.
Trendhim Lemont Foldable Travel Backpack

6. Comfort

Comfort is a significant factor while you are buying a ladies bag. You will be carrying it for the rest of the day, so a soft material for the bag is essential. You cannot carry a bag if it has a rough and hard strap. So, check the quality and comfort of the handbag before purchasing.

Miss Lulu Fashion Large Soft Faux Leather Shoulder Bag ⬇️

Myhozee Canvas Women-Vintage Hobo Top Handle Tote Multifunction Bags (Gray) ⬇️

Kipling Women’s Arto S Handbags ⬇️

7. Zips

It depends on your choice. Some women prefer bags with zips, while others like open bags. If you are carrying any valuable item, opting for a zip bag will be a smart decision. For more casual purposes, you can opt for an open bag. Open bags give you more space and easy accessibility, while zip bags provide you more security. So, depending on the things inside a bag, you should make a choice.

Women Waterproof Anti-theft Crossbody Backpack ⬇️

Hanaso Ladies Multi-Pocket Crossbody Soft Leather Handbags ⬇️

Fly London Women’s Bag ⬇️

8. Design

Now we women have different types of bags. We can go for the one that suits us the best. For fancy parties, you can go for a shimmering purse. For the workplace, a simple statement bag is enough. Bags with long straps also look trendy. Moreover, you should choose a bag that is opposite to your body type. It is one of the best ways to pick your perfect handbags, ladies. For example, if you are slim and tall, you can buy an oversized bag. Thus, bags will complement your look.

GUESS Women’s Noelle Elite Tote Bag ⬇️

Primo Sacchi Calogera Ladies Italian Smooth Leather Long Handled Handbag ⬇️

Miss Lulu Top Handle Shoulder Messenger Bag ⬇️  

The Drop Women’s Avalon Small Tote Bag ⬇️

9. Versatility

You should check the versatility of a bag before buying it. A bag that goes with different types of outfits is the best choice. So, always opt for a statement bag that goes with skirts, pants, jeans, and dresses. Thus, you can fully utilize the bag.

Valentino Bags Women’s Bigs Crossbody Bag⬇️

TOMMY HILFIGER Item Statement Shoulder Bag ⬇️

Faux Leather Clutch Bag with Long Chain ⬇️

SwankySwans Women’s Chloe Clutch Bag ⬇️

Women evening PU leather clutch bag ⬇️


If you are still not sure how to choose the perfect handbags, you can visit a professional stylish. They will suggest the most suitable bags depending on your body type and personal choices. Well, these are a few effective ways that can help you choose the best right handbag for your each outfit. Handbags are a big part of our look. So, we should always carry a bag that complements our style.

We also hope our list of best practical and stylish handbags gift ideas helps you in choosing the right handbag for you and your loved ones!


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  1. Cute bags. I tend to go for what is on sale. But lately I have been into Loungefly bags and use that as my purse.

  2. I think any woman should have the right bag for any occasion and also in different colors perfect for different outfits!

  3. This is a really great and very informative post! So helpful now I am not gonna have a hard time picking the best bag for me! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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