7 Christmas celebration activities ideas for adults, family in 2021

7 Christmas Celebration Activities Ideas For Adults 

The season of joy is here, and it’s time to plan for the Christmas celebrations if you already haven’t begun. While tradition is a big part of Christmas, adding a touch of creativity and doing something new will add to the excitement of the festivities. So, let’s discuss 7 Christmas 2023 celebration activities ideas for adults/family. 

7 Christmas Celebration Activities Ideas For Adults 2023 

Buying gifts, wrapping them, sending handwritten cards, baking loads of cookies, etc., are very much a part of the process. Decorating your home for Christmas is a huge task, especially if you’re running short of time. But with some groundwork and creativity, you can celebrate a great Christmas with your loved ones and have a lovely time. 

So, what are your plans for the entertainment for Christmas party this year? Oh, wait! This blog is to help you brainstorm more ideas and come up with something cool. 

1. Choose the Party Theme 

The first step undeniably is to choose the theme of your Christmas party. Will there be more kids this year? Is the party aimed at adults to relax and unwind? Do you want to remember the Christmas of your childhood? The decorations, invitations, arrangements, and cooking will have to revolve around the same theme. Instead of sending emails or text messages, send handmade invitations for the party. 

7 Christmas celebration activities ideas for adults, family in 2021
7 Christmas celebration activities ideas

2. Colors Always Rule 

Yes, colors make Christmas extra special. Red, green, and white are common colors for every Christmas. That doesn’t mean you have to stick to those. Gold color brings warmth and richness to the surroundings. If you’re having a virtual Christmas party, decorate the room in shades of gold, white, and red, while the decorated green tree completes the look. The biggest advantage of a virtual party is that you don’t have to stress matching colors in the entire house. Decorate the room where you’ll party, and that’s it. Easy, right? 

3. Get More Balloons

Balloons don’t create a mess when they burst, unlike snow globes and other delicate ornaments and bulbs. We don’t mean you have to hang balloons on your Christmas tree. That would be a different kind of fun. 

7 Christmas celebration activities ideas for adults, family in 2021
Christmas celebration activities ideas

We’re talking about one of the trends for Christmas 2021. Use balloons to decorate the walls, the staircase, and scatter some on the floor. Red balloons can be arranged as mistletoes, while blue and white balloons can be snow globes. If you want some mess, add confetti to some balloons so that they sprinkle your home with fairy dust. Vacuuming confetti should be easier than picking up broken glass. 

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4. No-Tree Christmas Tree 

Your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be a tree. If you’re eco-conscious and don’t want a live tree but also dislike the idea of fake trees, we’ve got a fab idea for you. Why not arrange books, photos, or even cushions to resemble a Christmas tree? You could get the kids to make a DIY tree with painted and decorated cardboard pieces as well. Let your imagination go wild. Come up with a Christmas tree no one ever saw! 

7 Christmas celebration activities ideas for adults, family in 2021
Christmas celebration activities ideas

5. Cookie and Cake Swapping 

Christmas celebration ideas for adults/families are a lot more fun when there’s food. It also makes it easy to connect with neighbors, especially if you’ve been busy and not had the time for proper interaction. 

7 Christmas celebration activities ideas for adults, family in 2021
Christmas celebration activities ideas

Make cookies and exchange them with your neighbors. Share recipes, add a twist to an existing recipe and decorate the cookies together. You could bake them in your respective homes and come together in one house to decorate the cookies, have a glass of cider or wine and enjoy the day. Involve the kids in decorating the cookies and cakes and wrapping gifts. 

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6. Outdoor Lunches 

If you have a huge open yard or live on a farm, you’ve got to plan a picnic outdoors. Look into the weather forecast and choose a day that’s relatively less cold. The lunch party can be limited to your close friends. You don’t have to cook everything either. A potluck lunch would mean each of them would bring an item, and you can stick to what you prepare the best. 

7 Christmas celebration activities ideas for adults, family in 2021
Christmas celebration activities ideas

7. Activity Calendar for Kids 

Plan easy and fun Christmas party activities for December in advance and make a calendar for the kids. This will ensure that they look forward to making scrapbooks, taking pictures, helping you with cleaning, decorations, baking, and so on. Include the activities each of the kids love. This will keep them happy and excited through the Christmas month. Remember that it’s more than okay to get messy with paints and colors. 


Christmas is also the time to spread happiness and bring a smile among the less fortunate. You can volunteer to play the Secret Santa at an orphanage or an elderly care home. Spend some time with those who need an encouraging word. It’s a different kind of party, but a highly satisfying one. This Christmas, let’s do our bit and give people a reason to smile. 


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  1. Christmas is the time for spreading happiness and joy. It’s the kid’s favorite season. I love all your ideas. My favorite is the activity calendar for the kids

  2. So much fun! Love all of these ideas! We do some already but the more balloons idea my kids would love! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Lots of great ideas here to keep the celebrations fun and different. I love the idea of a cookie swap! I might do that this year!

  4. These are such lovely Christmas activities. I know I’d like a cake and cookie swapping party. That sounds like it’d be fun and tasty.

  5. I feel like since having kids, christmas is all about the kids! I love the idea of having an adults chrismtas party – especially with the tree that is not a physical tree. What a fun time.

  6. These are great ideas. I love the idea of outdoor lunches. It’s been so warm here lately so this might work!

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