Top Indian Lifestyle Blog Recognition + 1st Blog Anniversary

Hey sweet enchanting fam,

Today, we are celebrating the Everything Enchanting blog’s first anniversary! Yay🥳!! We are also thrilled to announce that Everything Enchanting has been selected as one of the top 100 Indian lifestyle blogs on the web by Feedspot panelists. 

This year, I am celebrating my six years of blogging and one year of vlogging! My other beauty blog NBAM has been on Feedspot’s Top 100 Indian Beauty Blogs list (ranks 15th as of July 2021) since 2018 🙂. I have always shared the accolades, recognition posts on my social media before but have never made a dedicated blog post. However, Everything Enchanting has earned this recognition within a year, and this is nothing short of a milestone! Hence this blog and Feedspot both deserve it, and I’ll do it in the future as well 🙂! 

These six years have been a great learning experience for me. Today, I am so happy to see my blogs, especially this new baby, Everything Enchanting, on the top Indian blogs lists with my fellow and respected blogger friends. Our blog ranks 22nd on Feedspot Top 100 Indian Lifestyle Blogs in 2021. Thank you so much for this recognition, Feedspot! I am truly honored. 

Everything Enchanting best lifestyle blog recognition
22nd rank on top Indian lifestyle blogs, as of July 2021 report

These days I am working hard to grow my YouTube channel! I hope to see it on the Top Indian/UK YT lists someday, too!😉

Well, here is the link to the entire list of the Top 100 Indian Lifestyle Blogs ⬇️

Feedspot helps its readers keep track of their favorite blogs all in one place. I am already a subscriber of Feedspot’s newsletter. And every Sunday, I make sure to read all my favorite bloggers’ recent posts 🙂. 

If you haven’t yet heard of Feedspot, then I’d highly suggest you check it out! 

And, if you are new to this blog Everything Enchanting, then let me share the topics that it covers-

  • Beauty product Reviews – Skincare/ Makeup/Haircare
  • Unboxing & shopping hauls 
  • Commercial/Non-commercial Product and Service Reviews 
  • Beauty guides, tutorials 
  • Latest Fashion Tips & Trends (MEN/WOMEN/KIDS)
  • Interior décor Trends & Tips
  • Food & Drink Tips & Info
  • Health & Wellness, Fitness info
  • Natural beauty tips and DIYs
  • Hotel Reviews  
  • Entertainment 
  • Latest Technology Hacks/News/Tips
  • Blogging tips 
  • Social media tips
  • And last but not least, the tales of magical places, travel guides & lots more!

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How can I end this blog post without conveying my heartfelt gratitude to all of you? Yes, YOU! My sweet enchanting team, my lovely readers & followers, my awesome blogger friends and family, each one of you has contributed to my blogging journey and this Everything Enchanting blog’s growth🙂. 

Thank you to those who email us saying how our reviews, product recommendations and tips helped you! We appreciate your faith in us ❤️. Thank you to those who follow us on social media channels, including YT!

Thank you for your continuous encouragement, valuable comments & suggestions, constructive criticism, trust, love, motivation, and immense support! Without you, my blogging journey would not have been so much interesting and blissful! THANK YOU 🙏🏻

See you soon ❤️


Anamika A Chattopadhyaya


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  1. Congrats to you! I’m new to the blog, so I’m excited to continue to follow. I love following new blogs.

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