Top 10 free online design creative tools

Top 10 Free Online Design Creative Tools

Free online tools have their own charm, don’t they? Why would you want to buy expensive software when you can use a free application on the internet? The same rule applies to most creative tools in the market. In this post, we’ve discussed top 10 free online design creative tools.

Let’s get started, shall we? 

Top 10 free online design creative tools

The internet is full of websites that offer you free and paid apps to design images, templates, book covers, videos, gifs, infographics, presentations, trailers, and many more. These online design tools are useful and effective. 

Even if the free version has a few limitations, we cannot deny the range available within. Take Canva, for example. It’s such a versatile platform, isn’t it? There is so much you can do even with the free version! 

We thought it would be helpful to list out the top free sources to unleash your creativity and design attractive stuff. Our list includes websites that offer free fonts and platforms that let you create stuff for free. 

1. Font Bundles

Top 10 free online design creative tools, font bundles
Font Bundles

Font Bundles was started in Dec 2015 to bring together typographers and users to the same platform. If you want free fonts and paid fonts for discounted prices, Font Bundles is the website for you. The fonts on the website have been PUA encoded so that you can download and directly use them for your creative work. You will not need to install any other software. 

2. Fontjoy

font joy, Top 10 free online design creative tools

Fontjoy takes fonts to the next level by allowing you to combine them. If you wonder how two fonts will look together, hop over to this website and find some cool font combinations. You can see the preview in real-time and also get suggestions about which fonts would be more suited to go with each other. 

3. Google Fonts

Google fonts, Top 10 free online design creative tools
Google Fonts

Google offers several free tools and packages, isn’t it? Google Fonts is one such free place from where you can download font packages for free. And the best thing is that these fonts are open source. It means you can change and customize them to suit your designs. How cool is that! 

4. DaFont

Dafont, Top 10 free online design creative tools

DaFont is yet another free website to download a multitude of fonts. The fonts are categorized based on scripts, periods (gothic, Celtic, etc.), global languages, and more. You can see the font preview and even enter your own text to see how it’ll appear in that font. It’s easy to download and use the fonts in other apps or MS Word. 

5. Tiff

Tiff, Top 10 free online design creative tools

You have free fonts with you but are confused about which one is better. Use Tiff to compare the fonts by overlaying one against the other. You can compare the capital letters and the small letters to decide. Tiff supports all system fonts and Google Web Fonts. 

6. Picsart

Picsart, Top 10 free online design creative tools

Picsart is a free photo editing app for smartphones and tablets. It works with Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. You can use the collection of free (and paid) templates, stickers, fonts, and editing tools to give new life to your pictures and videos. Picsart has 4+ ratings on Play Store and Apple Store. 

7. Canva

canva, Top 10 free online design creative tools

Canva is the most popular free online design creative tools in the market. It offers extensive options for designing almost anything you want. The templates are easy to customize and create new stuff. Though some features need the premium version, the free version is enough for many of us. Moreover, it can be used by even someone with minimum technical skills. 

8. PlaceIt

PlaceIt, Top 10 free online design creative tools

A little bit of customization goes a long way in polishing and enhancing a photo. PlaceIt allows you to place screenshots in stock photo templates and customize them. The end result is a high-quality, sophisticated image that grabs attention just as you intended. 

9. Giphy

Giphy, Top 10 free online design creative tools

Many of you would have heard of this site. It’s a famous platform to create an endless loop of gifs using video clips. The gifs generated by other users can also be downloaded. You can add these to presentations, share them on social media, or embed them on blogs. You can search for gifs, stickers, or users on the platform using the search bar at the top.


Infogram, Top 10 free online design creative tools

Do you want online design tools specifically for interactive infographics and visual presentations? is the site for you. It is easy to use and provides built-in social-sharing buttons with each infographic. You don’t need to create the Pin-it button separately. Also, the tool can be used by anyone with minimum technical skills. 


You can check out sites like Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels, PicJumbo, Gratisography etc., to get high-quality stock photos/videos for free. You don’t have to provide any attribution for the pictures to use from these sites. 

There are many other free online tools to showcase your creative and design pictures, gifs, videos, infographics, and more. Give wings to your creativity and promote your brand using these free (and paid) online design tools


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61 thoughts on “Top 10 Free Online Design Creative Tools”

  1. I heard about a lot of these but some I haven’t. I love Canva. I will have to check out the others you listed.

  2. They are really helpful. Aside from being free they’re super easy to use. I use Canva and it’s an amazing app ever.


    These sound like great design tools. I haven’t heard of most of them. I’ve used Canva a couple of times.

  4. Rhian Westbury

    I used to use the Canva free platform for a long time, but I’ve now signed up for the premium membership and I’m getting so much use out of it x

  5. My niece needs to check out this post. She is always looking for new tools and she is always discovering something new online.

  6. As a blogger, I’m really grateful you shared this! I have only used Canva and I love it. But I’m gonaa check out these other tools too now.

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