Birchbox July 2021 unboxing and review. countryside charm edition review

Birchbox July 2021 Unboxing & Review | Countryside Charm Edition

Hi everyone,

My Birchbox July bag has arrived today, and I am going to show you what’s inside this countryside charm-inspired beauty bag! So, without wasting any more time, let’s do the Birchbox July 2021 unboxing.  

Birchbox July 2021 Unboxing & Review:

This month, Birchbox has transformed its box into a beautiful floral printed bag. The bag is quite spacious and came nicely packed inside the recyclable carton. The theme of this month is countryside charm.

Birchbox July 2021 unboxing and review. countryside charm edition review
Birchbox July 2021 unboxing and review

They say, this summer, we are taking a break from the hustle and bustle to get closer to nature with a countryside staycation. Sometimes changing up your routine and escaping to the country is exactly what you need. July’s floral beauty bag reminiscent of countryside scenery is specially curated to remind you to get closer to nature. Let the fresh air, green fields, and sunshine help you to relax, recharge and reflect.

To know about Birchbox subscription plan details, kindly read this post!

What’s inside Birchbox July 2021 Beauty Bag:

Inside the bag, there are three full-size products, two samples, and a card which displays the product details with their ingredients. 

1. Re.fil Beauty Balm Dark Green (FULL SIZE):

The first item is a full-size multi-purpose beauty balm from Birchbox’s in-house brand Re.fil. The balm comes in a refillable case made of recycled plastic. 

Birchbox July 2021 unboxing and review. Re.fil beauty balm dark green case
Re.fil beauty balm

I wasn’t sure of this brand.  So I Googled it and found that Birchbox launched this brand Re.fil in June this year as part of their sustainability initiative to reduce waste!

Birchbox says, not just a lip balm, this is your ultimate all-over salve (and it’s endlessly refillable!). Made with a blend of natural oils, hyaluronic acid, ceramics, and squalane, it hydrates and conditions dry skin, helps promote skin barrier function, and leaves a protective layer that’s light and soft (and never sticky!). It has just a hint of chamomile for a light and calming scent. 

Moreover, they say each Re.fil case is made from post-consumer recycled plastic. By purchasing refills instead of buying another balm, you are reusing 95% of the original package and helping to keep plastic out of our landfills. 

That sounds amazing! I am so excited to give this beauty balm a try. 

Price: £11 for a full size

2. ARROW Radiant Skin Moisturiser (SAMPLE):

The second product I got is this tiny moisturizer sample from Birchbox’s in-house brand ARROW. 

Birchbox July 2021 unboxing and review. Arrow radian skin moisturiser
ARROW radiant skin moisturiser

They say, from ARROW’s REVIVE line of hydrating, brightening products, this lightweight daily moisturizer has a subtle sheen that illuminates your skin as it hydrates and soothes. You may get out the door just a little bit faster when you see the instant, healthy-looking glow it gives your complexion. ARROW is Birchbox’s in-house, clean & vegan beauty line. 

If you remember, last month, in my product wish list, I mentioned it would be great if Birchbox sends me a moisturizer instead of repetitive products. And wow, this month, I got it. I wish it were larger! 

Price: £18 for a full-size product, but I got a sample

3. BIRCHBOX Microfibre Hair Towel (FULL SIZE):

The next item is again from the house of Birchbox, and it’s a full-size hair towel! 

Birchbox July 2021 unboxing and review. Birchbox microfibre hair towel
Birchbox Microfibre Hair Towel

Birchbox says your hair deserves better than harsh towels. Go easy on your locks and cut drying time in half with this microfibre hair towel. The quick-dry material has a greater surface area to absorb water, meaning the average person’s hair can dry in as little as 30 minutes! The superfine microfibre is softer than regular towels, meaning less effort and friction is required to dry your hair, keeping hair cuticles flat and smooth. Your locks will be soft, manageable, and frizz-free (with less product!).

I love using soft towels for my hair. And the quality of this Birchbox towel is nice. So, I am happy to receive this product in my bag this month.

Price: £15 for a full-size product

4. Philip Kingsley Egyptian Jasmin & Mandarin Elasticizer (SAMPLE):

The fourth product is a hair treatment sample from the brand Philip Kingsley.

Birchbox July 2021 unboxing and review. Philip Kingsley Egyptian Jasmin & Mandarin Elasticizer
Philip Kingsley Hair Treatment Mask

Birchbox says this pre-shampoo treatment, perfect for all hair types, adds elasticity, manageability, hydration & shine whilst reducing breakage and frizz (aka salon-worthy tresses). The uplifting fragrance of Egyptian jasmine and mandarin will leave you with a bounce in your hair and your step! Apply to damp hair for a minimum of 10 minutes, rinse and follow with shampoo and conditioner.

Who doesn’t like a good nourishing hair mask? I know, I do! I can’t wait to give this hair treatment a try! Have you tried this product?

Price: £37 for a full-size product, but I got a sample

5. BeautyPro Foot Therapy Collagen Infused Bootie (FULL SIZE):

The last item I got is this collagen-infused bootie from the brand BeautyPro.

Birchbox July 2021 unboxing and review. Beautypro collagen infused booties
BeautyPro Collagen Infused Booties

They say, are your feet feeling dry, tired, and in need of an intense moisturizing treatment? This innovative double-layered bootie with removable toe tips, enriched with shea butter, and marine collagen, hydrates and nourishes feet while salicylic acid dissolves skin debris. Get smooth, sandal-ready feet for the summer.

Oh, my feet are so dry and look aged! I always try to keep them hydrated, yet they crave moisture. I hope this product helps my dry feet. 

Price: £4.95

So, these are the five products that I received in my Birchbox July bag this month. I’ll share my thoughts on them on the blog and my channel soon, stay tuned! 

Birchbox July 2021 unboxing and review. countryside charm edition review
Birchbox July 2021 Countryside Charm Goodies



To sum up,

I am impressed with the Birchbox July 2021 beauty bag and why not? From the spacious floral printed bag design to the curation of thoughtful products, everything is great! Plus, I got my first ever moisturizer this month, my birthday month! 😜 Now, I look forward to the August beauty box😍!

See you soon ❤️

Have You Received Your July 2021 Birchbox? Have You Tried Any Of These Products?

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    It’s great that the items included are not just sample size. I like the sound of the moisturiser.

  2. Scarlett Brooklyn

    I love the beauty balm. It seems great to use and I’m all about sustainable. Thanks for recommending!

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