6 Interior Designing Tips You Must Know

Interior designing isn’t just about changing the furniture in a room or adding new paint to the walls. Bringing in new wall pieces also is not enough. Interior designing is an art. It is a detailed process where you plan every tiny aspect of the room ranging from the décor to the lights to the color of the ceiling. In this article, we’ve discussed the 6 interior designing tips that you must know!

Does it mean that we cannot design our homes? Do we have to hire an expert whether we want to or not? 

Well, we cannot deny that a professional is the best choice to handle such intricate details. But hey, there is nothing impossible in this world. You can become an interior designer for your home and flaunt your hidden skills. With a little patience and loads of creativity, you can give your place a new lease of life and bring on the fresh look you’ve always wanted. 

6 interior designing tips you must know

We’ve compiled a few interior designing tips and rules you must know you keep your space just the way you like it. 

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1. Patterns and Textures are Cool

6 interior designing tips you must know
Pattern & Textures

Don’t be afraid to try patterns and textures in the room. Be it the walls, the flooring, or the furniture, plain stuff doesn’t have the same appeal as textures do. From stripes to dots to squares, you can choose anything that catches your eye. Mixing up more than one pattern is also a choice. But be careful not to overdo. You don’t want the room to look like one of the hidden rooms in the mobile games, right? People who sit in the room shouldn’t feel uncomfortable and stare at the walls. 

2. Greenery Adds Life to the Room 

6 interior designing tips you must know
Add greenery

When we say greenery, we mean plants; real ones. Succulents can add life to any room and are relatively easy to care for. They are small, cute, and can sit in the center of a table or on the window sill in a corner. You can also have creepers across the windows to aim for a more natural and forest-y look in the room. Indoor plants can add a lot of character to space. Bonsais that bloom in colors will be lovely when placed in rooms with subdued background décor.


3. Let the Room Breathe 

Let the room breathe- 6 interior designing tips you must know
Let the room breathe

Majority of us have been guilty of overstuffing the room to include all over favorite showpieces and furniture? Almost everyone, right? That’s where things get beyond control and turn the room into some storage space. Have enough space between the furniture and the showpieces. Let each item mark its territory so that people can appreciate every single element in the room rather than feel overwhelmed by the clutter around them. There should be space for you to walk around without tripping. 

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4. Clusters Don’t Have to be Messy

clusters - 6 interior designing tips you must know
All about clusters

Oh, this is confusing, isn’t it? We just asked you to let the room breathe. Well, this cluster is something else. Take, for example, the cushions or the tiny vases. Or think of the mackintosh dolls. Just one wouldn’t look as good as a set does, right? You can line up identical cushions on the couch. You can place a pair of vases on the side table. They don’t have to be the same. Similar ones or even complimentary designs will look together. Just don’t overdo the cluster. 

5. Include Items That Matter To You

6 interior designing tips you must know
Keep Your Fave Items

For a room to be lively, it is necessary to have at least one item of value. By value, we mean something that matters to you. If there is a photo frame or a painting or a simple doormat that you love, you can use it as décor in the room. But you still have to make sure that it fits into the overall personality and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. If it doesn’t, find something that does and use it. We are sure there will be quite a few items you are attached to and would love to have within your sight.

6. Mix n Match

Mix & Match

This is tricky, just like every other point on our blog. Mixing up textures, patterns, colors, shapes, and designs is fun and can add a lot of personality to the room. Still, before you go ahead and start piling up stuff, think about what you want for the room. How does the space feel? Are you aiming for a peppy and bright look? Do you want it to be cozy and warm? Should it be subtle and artistic? Decide the personality of the room before you start mixing stuff. 

When you are decorating the room, it is good to take a breather once in a while. After every change, take a picture, and move on to the next. This way, you will have a gallery full of pictures to see when the room looked the best and make the necessary changes again.


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44 thoughts on “6 Interior Designing Tips You Must Know”

  1. Mix and match was a game-changing tip for me! Even on a budget, I feel like my apartment has a better sense of design by staying away from the showroom-style furniture. Every piece of furniture has its place and tells a story!

  2. I’ve been wanting to redecorate my house for awhile. These tips are very helpful especially about letting a room breathe.

  3. It would be really cool to to design my own home. Though I’m not a professional, I’ll just follow your tips then I think I’d make a great job.

  4. These are great tips for anyone wanting to decorate. I actually plan to do a lot of redecorating soon. These tips will come in handy.

  5. I have been trying to figure out what decorating tips works for my home. These are good points for putting together a room. I am trying to focus on cohesiveness as much as possible.

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