The Essential Travelling Tips You’ll Ever Need


Imagine going to the beach on your much-awaited holiday and finding yourself without sunscreen or heading to the desert without a hat! These seemingly insignificant things can turn out to be a major holiday disaster if you do not care about it in the first place. 

When you feel the adrenaline rush through your body in the excitement of going on a holiday (especially if you had to work extra hard to squeeze out those leaves), it is only obvious for you to forget some travel essentials or the other. 

We know exactly how you feel! 

The Essential Travelling Tips You’ll Ever Need

Although temporarily making a travel packing list might feel like a mundane chore, but in the long run, this meagre yet imperative list is going to save your holiday from turning into a nightmare! 

Read on to find out the essential travelling tips that you would always need to enjoy your holidays peacefully. 

First things, first! Make a list:

Before you start making a list of the travelling essentials, it is imperative for you first to do the following:

  • Grab your iPad (or pen and paper, if you still like it old-school)
  • Drink some water (just plain water, no liquor)
  • Take a deep breath (fresh air recommended)
  • Calm yourself down (sit down comfortably)
Make a list!

You cannot possibly make a rational and mistake-proof list when you are high on adrenaline; hence, the points mentioned above are equally essential. While making a list, always separate your essentials from your desirables. Do not get washed away by your emotions and be realistic while packing your luggage. 

Health comes first! Grab your first-aid kit:

You might be as fit as a fiddle, but that does not guarantee you to be at the top of your health, especially when you are visiting a place that might have some adverse climate. Whether it is a throbbing headache or an upset stomach, no one likes to fall even the slightest ill while on holiday. 

Grab a small bag and pack in all the essential medicines that you might need during such health adversities. Do not forget to pack some antihistamines, lest you want to suffer from a sudden allergic reaction when you are far away from your home doctor. Also, your first-aid kit must contain extra face masks, hand sanitizers and gloves (by now you know this already, still reminding you is our responsibility), etc. 

Have the habit of mixing things up? Use name tags:

Whether you use sticky notes or have a list of name tags, it is essential to tag all your luggage items into two categories – essentials and desirables. This will help you to cut down your unnecessary luggage items. 

Use Name Tags

It would be best if you also put name tags on your suitcases, lest you want to exchange your bag with someone else’s during airport checkout. 

Fan of using cosmetics? Cut them down:

Only if you do not have a crazy idea of going to a no man’s land, like a deserted island or a dense jungle in your holidays, it is suggested that you carry minimum cosmetics with you. 

Depending on the climate of the place that you want to visit, your cosmetics can either melt into gooey liquids or can even freeze and become hard as a stone. If you cannot live without your special BB cream, then pack those that are utmost necessary instead of packing in your whole make-up box.  

Keep all your golden eggs in one basket:

Even while planning to relax on our holidays, we cannot do away with our beloved gadgets. Be it your smartphone, iPad, Kindle, DSLR, or laptop, living without these tech beauties can steal the night’s sleep for most of us. 

Pack wisely!

If you are not a monk who has given up using all worldly pleasures, you need your gadgets while on-the-go and you need to keep them safe. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep all your essential gadgets neatly packed inside your hand luggage, which you can keep with you in the flight. 

When it comes to your delicates, be delicate!

It is unlikely to pack anything as fragile and delicate as some porcelain plates or glassware while preparing your holiday luggage. This tip is applicable if you happen to purchase anything delicate while on your holiday and want to bring it back home safe. 

Be Delicate

You can wrap those fragile art pieces or crockery in bubble wraps or in-between soft clothes, to protect them from any jerk or pressure and to bring them back home in one piece. 

Want to have hassle-free airport check-ins? Drop your manicure kit:

We know that you are not on the international most-wanted list, but you might still face similar treatment at the airport check-in if the officials find any sharp metal objects in your luggage. Explaining to them that you are just another well-groomed flyer will not make the cut! 

Solution – keep your manicure/pedicure kit at home. Whether you have a pair of scissors or sharp primping tool or even a nail cutter, you will not be allowed to board your flight unless you get rid of them at the airport itself. If you do not want to ditch your expensive manicure kit, leave them at home. 

In a nutshell

You deserve to enjoy your holidays with an absolute peace of mind, and this is only be ensured if you abide by the tips as mentioned above. While packing all your travelling essentials, do not forget to pack your valid passport and wallet, if you don’t want to head back home midway.

Happy holidays! 

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  • We don't do a ton of traveling, but I'm always looking for tips like this for when we do. Thank you!

  • Now that we are vaccinated the pandemic seems less daunting and dangerous. I would love to book a trip and use these handy tips.

  • Some great tips here! As a mum first aid kit, medicines and a list is something I totally need before I head off traveling anywhere with kids

  • Thank you for all these helpful tips. I miss traveling even more just by reading your article.

  • Amazing tips! I can't wait to go back to traveling and exploring, I havent set foot outside my city for over 2 years now!!!

  • These are all great ideas. I always think a list is such a good idea. I make a list everytime I'm traveling so that I don't forget anything.

  • Great tips and reminders here! It's been a long time since a lot of us have traveled it's important to go over things with a guide. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have a standard packing list that I use for everywhere I go and then add on the specific things I need for that trip in particular x

  • I am a list maker and that is my biggest tip also. Lists, lists lists and follow up on my lists lol

  • these are great tips for traveling easily! I agree with everything you've mentioned. Med's 1st priority, reduce makeup items, etc...
    I can't wait to travel again!

  • These are all great pointers for travel. We also keep all our valuables and electronics in our carry on, as well as one day's worth of clothing and a swimsuit, just in case!

  • Making a list is a huge must for me when I travel. Or else I will end up in the hotel room all day napping and watching TV which isn't bad :) but I would rather explore I think haha

  • Thanks for the tips, I'm off on holiday next week so I'll be making my list very soon and getting organised. Mich x

  • I always take my electronics and expensive items into my under the seat hand luggage, and have never lost them as a result!

  • Great tips! We have traveled many times locally and internationally and I have always made a list of the things that we need.

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