5 reasons why Italian cuisine is everyone's favourite

5 Reasons Why Italian Cuisine Is Everyone’s Favorite!

We couldn’t agree more when the prominent American food writer M.F.K. Fisher said, “First we eat, then we do everything else.” Food is an integral part of our lives, and when asked, which is the most delectable cuisine all around the globe? Italian cuisine flashes in our mind instantaneously. 

While some critics might say that this cuisine is only over-hyped, others (almost 99% of them) go head over heels at the smell of those scrumptious Italian dishes. 

Why Italian cuisine is everyone’s favorite? Top 5 reasons!

Irrespective of whether you are a food critic or a food lover, the chances of not liking the aromatic smell and luscious taste of the Italian dishes are highly unlikely. It is rightfully said that you would rarely find a soul who wouldn’t fall in love with this delectable cuisine. 

But then is it only a blind love for the cuisine, or do we have some concrete evidence that proves why Italian cuisine is everyone’s favorite? Let’s delve into the intricacies and find out why have people all across the globe voted it to be the best.

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1. Simplicity at its best

Italian cuisine offers a wide canopy of incredibly diverse food dishes, and the best part of all these sumptuous dishes is that they are made from fresh and simple ingredients. The traditional Italian dishes are cooked with a smooth amalgamation of different styles and recipes that are beautifully organized.

5 Reasons Why Italian Cuisine Is Everyone’s Favorite! Olive oil
Olive Oil

From high-grade olive oils to fresh vegetables and cheese to aromatic wines, an Italian food dish comprises the right proportionate of all of them. The Italian recipes are all about enhancing the flavors and taste of the original ingredients used, thus keeping simplicity at its best.

2. Unity in diversity

The diverse nature of Italian cuisine is another intriguing factor that adds up to its reputation of being the “world’s most popular cuisine.” They say that a single Italian Cuisine does not exist. Statistically speaking, every household in every town in Italy has its unique style of cooking their food. 

5 Reasons Why Italian Cuisine Is Everyone’s Favorite! Lasagne

Diversifications of the cuisine vary as follows: 

Hard cheese and stuffed pasta are used incessantly in one part of Italy, whereas northern Italy is famous for using polenta, rice, and butter. On the other hand, southern Italy only uses olive oil instead of butter. 

Interestingly, other parts of Italy focus their cuisines on seafood, while some use tomatoes and jalapenos. 

5 Reasons Why Italian Cuisine Is Everyone’s Favorite! Tomato & jalapeños

This interesting diversification of the recipes used makes Italian cuisine so unpredictable and delicious. Having such a diverse platter, it is no wonder why this cuisine always has something for everyone. 

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3. Real ingredients make real food

The use of powerful flavors such as garlic and chili in the food dishes is felt incessantly in this cuisine. On the one hand, you get to entice your tastebuds with the rich spices used in their meatballs and sausages, and on the other hand, this spiciness is balanced with the fresh vegetables cooked in extra virgin olive oil that has a lighter taste. 

5 Reasons Why Italian Cuisine Is Everyone’s Favorite! Tomato & basil leaf
Fresh veggies

The use of fresh vegetables such as ripe tomatoes, capsicum, and basil leaves, not only adds a beautiful texture, it also adds a distinctive flavor to every Italian cuisine. You get to enjoy the real flavors of every vegetable while feasting on any Italian food dish.

4. World’s all-time favorite – Pizza

Can you find a soul who would say “No” to a slice of pizza? The answer is obviously negative because the odds of finding a unicorn are higher than finding such a person! 

5 Reasons Why Italian Cuisine Is Everyone’s Favorite! PIZZA
Yum Yum

You may be a carnivore, herbivore, or an omnivore – irrespective of what food preferences you have, enjoying a pizza at any time of the day or night would always come as a first choice. We cannot think of an Italian dish without the image of a flavorsome pizza coming to our minds instantaneously. 

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5. Desserts – the “sweet” Italy

Apart from the apparent dishes of Italian cuisine such as antipasti, pasta, or lasagna, Italy also has a sweet-tooth. The Italian cuisine would be incomplete without the feasting on the delectable desserts that leave us licking the spoon! 

5 Reasons Why Italian Cuisine Is Everyone’s Favorite! cannolis

Similar to the other Italian savory dishes, their desserts also vary from place to place. After tantalizing your tastebuds with some delectable pasta or lasagna, you should soothe them with a rich and creamy Sicilian cannoli. The balance of flavor and texture feels heavenly! 

In a nutshell,

Whether you are in the mood of soothing your tastebuds with the Venetian-born tiramisu (famous Italian dessert) or tantalizing them with the mouth-watering Florentine beefsteak, the Italian cuisine always has something for every mood. 

5 Reasons Why Italian Cuisine Is Everyone’s Favorite! Tiramisu dessert

Apart from the other reasons that justify Italian cuisine to be the best in the world, the reason that is often overlooked is that cooking an Italian dish is super easy! 

Pro tip: When you are in a fix to decide which restaurant to take your significant other on a date, the safest and the most favorable option would be an authentic Italian restaurant. Thank us later!

Now you know the reasons why Italian cuisine is everyone’s favorite and regarded as the best cuisine in the world 🙂. So tell us, what’s your favorite cuisine and why?


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49 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Italian Cuisine Is Everyone’s Favorite!”

  1. I was born allergic to milk 🙁 I FINALLY started growing out of it in my late teens. I didn’t try pizza for the first time until I was 25… But now I LOVE it and all other Italian cuisine!

  2. I love Italian food. My grandmother was a big Italian cook, so I grew up on Italian food and it brings back great memories.

  3. I have been in Sicily for many trips spanning many weeks. I never had trouble in eating out because as you have mentioned, their dishes are simple, light and healthy. In desserts, Cannolo is my favorite!

  4. Following the Rivera

    Living in Italy, I cannot argue with this. We eat, and drink, very well every day, I can’t complain!

  5. I agree with every point you made here. Everyone has their own way of making a particular dish. So many delicious recipes and variations…it’s such a comforting cuisine too.

  6. If I had to give up all but one country’s food I think I’d choose to stick with Italian. It is so diverse and so utterly delicious (but I’d miss Thai, Lebanese, Mexican, Indian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, French, Greek, Turkish and so many more….!!) I’m lucky, I live an hour from Italy and in non-Covid times can pop across the border for lunch to get my fix of authentic Italian food. You’ve nailed the reasons why it’s so popular.

  7. While I’m a foodie lover, Italian has always been one of my favorites! Who can resist pizza? Great article. Loved this read.
    -Sondra Barker

  8. Besides the rich flavors and fresh ingredients, the biggest reason we love Italian food is that it brings us together with the ones we love. … While there are a million reasons to love Italian food, we appreciate the traditional recipes with fresh ingredients that bring people together.

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