Birthday dinner date at Jasmine Indian Restaurant Review, Milton Keynes, UK. Jasmine restaurant review and my dining experience.

Birthday Dinner Date at Jasmine Indian Restaurant, Milton Keynes (Review)

Recently, we had the pleasure of dining at the Jasmine Indian Restaurant in Milton Keynes. If you are curious to know more about this family-friendly restaurant, keep reading!

My husband’s birthday was on 13th February, but we postponed his birthday dinner due to poor rainy weather. The next day was 14th February, Valentine’s Day, which we celebrated happily at home by watching two romantic movies and eating delicious food! We ordered food from our regular favorite Milton Keynes-based restaurants on both occasions. Finally, on the last Sunday of February, we managed to visit this Jasmine Indian restaurant for our dinner date. 

In this article, aside from sharing our dining experience, I’ll also share my look details with you. 

Jasmine Indian Restaurant, Milton Keynes Review

The Jasmine Indian Restaurant opened in 2023 and has been on my hotel-try list ever since. As an Indian food lover and reviewer, I always try to find the best Indian restaurants in foreign countries. However, I believe that to review a restaurant, I must try at least 50% of the dishes from its menu, which we couldn’t do this time, unfortunately! Hence, for now, it will be a mini-review of this hotel. After a few months, I’ll update this article and share a detailed review of this place. PINKY PROMISE!

How to get to the Jasmine Restaurant?

The Jasmine Indian Restaurant is situated just a short distance from the Centre MK shopping complex. All new yet major DESI restaurants like Sankalp, Krispy Dosa, and Mezbaan are located in the same place! From my home, it takes only a 10-minute walk to reach these hotels, haha. If you’re coming from London or other nearby cities, it’ll take about 20-25 minutes to walk from Central MK Train station. 

Hotel address is – 

Unit 24 Lloyds Court, 9 North Tenth Street, Militon Keynes , MK9 3EL 

TIMING: Tuesday – Sunday. [ 12:00AM – 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM – 10:30PM], Tel: +44 7741 487500 

Jasmine Indian Bar & Restaurant Decor

The Jasmine restaurant is not as huge as we expected, but with about 40-50 seats inside, it is airy and nicely decorated. I didn’t notice any staircase/lift service there, so I am unsure if they also have an upper-floor setting for the diners!

Jasmine Indian Restaurant Review, Milton Keynes, UK. Jasmine restaurant decor review and my dining experience.
Jasmine Indian Restaurant Decor

Although I admire its nature-inspired modern decor and lovely ambiance, being a religious person, I simply couldn’t ignore the placement of our lord Ganpati Bappa idol near its bar station! 

When we visited, the restaurant was packed with several Indian guests. However, we got a lovely dinette quickly upon arrival. I say lovely because the beautiful tree backdrop was perfect for capturing some beautiful photos! 

Love this backdrop at Jasmine Indian Restaurant

Jasmine Indian Restaurant Food & Service

The Jasmine Indian restaurant has plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options on their menu. They also offer £15 Lunch Set Menu and Ala Carte Menu. If you are allergic to GLUTEN, DAIRY, OR NUTS, please carefully check their dishes as each item is labeled. I found their menu labeling very clear & helpful. 

We ordered dishes from their Ala Carte Menu that night. From the Starters, we ordered Lamb Sheekh kebab (skewer of minced lamb marinated in Indian spices). We ordered Dal Tadka (Indian lentils tempered with Ghee and spices) and Kadai chicken (semi-dry Indian curry cooked with toasted spice mix) from the Curries category, along with Butter Naan, Egg fried rice, and Mango Lassi for me and Masala Buttermilk for him.

Birthday dinner date at Jasmine Indian Restaurant Review, Milton Keynes, UK. Jasmine restaurant food review and my dining experience.
Food we had in dinner at Jasmine Indian Restaurant

Except for Dal Tadka, everything was delicious. The low amount of salt in the Dal made it a bit bland to my liking 🙁. Otherwise, I bet it would have tasted amazing, too. The Lamb Seekh Kebab was cooked to perfection. It was definitely the star dish of that night! Despite being labeled as highly spicy, the Kadai Chicken didn’t burn my mouth, which means it had the perfect level of spices. For the record, I can’t eat too spicy food! I loved that flavourful chicken curry 😍. The chicken pieces were tender, and the gravy was rich and fragrant. 

We loved their super crispy and thin butter naan ❤️. However, the Masala buttermilk was quite spicy! I do not like black pepper, and the buttermilk was fully loaded with it, I reckon. My husband enjoyed this drink, though! I savored the creamy, flavorsome, yummy Mango lassi. If you have ever tried our Bengali sweet Sandesh, you’ll love this delightful drink. But I must admit, it tasted more of Sandesh or Kheer mix than Mango!! 

They get brownie points from us for their food presentation and quick service. The hotel staff of Jasmine restaurant was polite and friendly. The price-to-quantity ratio is great as well. I wouldn’t say their food portions are huge, but sufficient for two people!

What I Wore To The Birthday Dinner Date:

Now, let me share my Birthday dinner date LOOK details with you. Since it was February month, the season of love and pink, I decided to wear a three-quarter sleeve, pink woolen fur top with my high-waisted straight jeans. I finished the look by pairing it with my coat and boots.  

Jasmine Indian Restaurant Review, Milton Keynes, UK. What I wore to the birthday dinner date at Jasmine hotel review.
Birthday Dinner Date OOTD

👚 Pink Top: ONLY, India

👖 Blue Straight Jeans: LEVI’S, India

🧥 Cream colored Coat: Forever New, India

👢 Boots: Metro store, India

👉🏻Earrings: Shoppers Stop, India

Makeup Look Details:


a) Illamasqua Hydra Veil water-based hydrating gel primer. This one is so good for dry, dehydrated skin! Stay tuned for my full review. 

b) MAC color corrector duo (Burnt orange and Rich Yellow) to conceal my dark circles and spots.

c) Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Cashew shade. I have a medium dark complexion (NC 40 for reference), and this shade matches my skin tone. Also, it never oxidizes on my skin, unlike MAC! Do you want a full review? Let me know in the comments.

d) Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Face Powder in the shade PO Peach Puff. It’s one shade lighter than my skin tone 🙁 

e) Makeup Forever Mist & Fix dewy Setting Spray. It works wonders on my dry skin!

Birthday dinner date look details of beauty blogger Anamika Chattopadhyaya. Jasmine Indian restaurant, Milton Keynes, uk.
I took this selfie post dinner. Hence, you can see the mauvish pink lip color is almost gone!!


I am honestly poor at eye makeup! So, I always try to pick colors that match my outfit and then blend them together 😃. But I never forget lining my eyes with a good eyeliner and kohl! That night, I completely forgot to apply the MASCARA 😒!

Eyeshadows used from – ABH Soft Glam palette and Studio London’s palette.

Eyeliner – Rimmel London Glameyes liquid eyeliner in Black and Nykaa Kajal. 


I simply applied Steve Laurant’s lip liner (in the shade Vogue) as a lipstick to my hydrated lips. 

I didn’t use blusher or highlighter here. I know I need to practice more with makeup looks 😕. 



We enjoyed the Jasmine Indian Restaurant’s delightful, authentic Indian food, the cozy relaxed ambiance, and hospitality 🙂. We look forward to our next visit to this family-friendly restaurant in Milton Keynes! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post 🙂. Have you ever been to Jasmine Indian Restaurant in Milton Keynes? If yes, please share your dining experience with me in the comment section below. 

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26 thoughts on “Birthday Dinner Date at Jasmine Indian Restaurant, Milton Keynes (Review)”

  1. The restaurant sounds great. I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed most of the dishes. It sounds like it was an easy fix for the dish that was a bit bland. Love the outfit, causal and comfy!

    1. Thanks Melanie 🙂. No, actually I don’t like adding extra salt to any cooked food, especially in a fine dining restaurant where I am paying a hefty amount for the food! Also, there was no salt shaker on our table, so had no option to fix that bland food 🙁.

  2. I love finding a good restaurant, and it is nice to know of a good Indian restaurant to check out. That butter naan and the mango lassi sound amazing. My fave dishes are Palak paneer and chana masala.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday to your husband. I’m glad to know that you both enjoyed your date. The food looks good. I had some Indian cuisine before and enjoyed it.

  4. The selections from the Ala Carte Menu sound mouthwatering, especially the Lamb Sheekh kebab and Kadai chicken. I like that Jasmine seems to cater to a variety of dietary preferences, with clear labeling for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

  5. Melissa Cushing

    This looks and sounds like the perfect restaurant to eat a delicious meal in! I am for sure adding it to my restauarant busket list!

  6. It sounds like your dining experience at Jasmine Indian Restaurant was a delightful celebration! From postponing the birthday dinner due to rainy weather to finally enjoying a cozy meal together, it’s clear you made the most of each moment. The restaurant’s location near the Centre MK shopping complex seems convenient, and the ambiance, with its modern decor and lovely tree backdrop, provided a picturesque setting for your evening.

    Your detailed review of the food and service paints a vivid picture of the culinary journey you embarked on. It’s evident that you have a discerning palate, appreciating the nuances of each dish from the Lamb Sheekh kebab to the Kadai Chicken. The presentation and quick service definitely added to the overall positive experience.

    Your outfit for the occasion, especially the pink woolen fur top paired with high-waisted straight jeans, sounds chic and perfect for the February celebration. And your makeup look, despite forgetting the mascara, seems well-coordinated with soft, complementary shades.

    Overall, your review captures the essence of your birthday dinner date, blending food critique with personal style details seamlessly. It’s evident that you not only enjoyed the meal but also took pleasure in curating the perfect look for the occasion. Thank you for sharing your experience and providing such a comprehensive review!

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