best free and fun online money games for kids on mortgage

Best Free & Fun Money Games For Kids Ft.

Hey, my gamer friend, are you looking for the best fun & free online entrepreneur, business, & money management video games to play with your kids? Then this article has got you covered! 

Many of you know that I play video games either with my gamer husband and niece or alone, and I share my gaming experience with you on my blog. Today, I’m sharing my experience with‘s free online financial web games. These fun and educational games are specially designed for kids. However, I feel they are suitable for adults as well who are beginners. 

Best Free & Fun Money Games For Kids Ft.

Thanks to my niece, I am always on the hunt for easy & interesting online video games for her. Kids are so smart these days, aren’t they? My eleven-year-old niece already knows what she wants to become in the future, whereas I was a confused girl at 20! (LOL 😂) Hence, it’s better to educate these clever and sassy kids on money management or entrepreneurial skills from this age only. And when you teach them via such fun educational video games, it will positively enhance their learning experience. We must never forget that game-based learning is super effective!

So when I came across these money games, I knew my niece would enjoy these for sure! Oh, now my little nephew also has joined our gaming team 😍😬. Anyway, let’s move on to the game details! 

The site has several gaming categories featuring myriad entertaining games for kids. We are playing games from each category these days, such as Money games, Real Estate Games, Food Business Simulation Games, Business Simulation Games, Software Development, Office Politics & other fun games. However, today I am sharing a few games we loved (so far) playing on this site.  

To play these browser games, you don’t have to create an account on the site. Simply visit the site, click the game you want to play, and start playing after carefully reading the instructions. Since the site is totally ad-free, you can play the games peacefully as long as you desire 🙂. 

1. Money Games – Counting Money & Making Change

Stocks Game:

The first money game we played on this site was the stocks game. This game is suitable for both adults and kids, mostly adults! If you are into trading or share business, you know the drill. The key strategy is buying stocks at a lower price and selling them at a higher price at the end of the day or holding it if required. You can educate your kids on stocks and trading via this easy idle clicker game.

best free and fun online money games for kids on mortgage site. 6 best finance, business games for kids
Stocks Game

In this game, players start with $500 and play across 30 days, with a goal of liquidating their shares and earning as much profit as they can in a month.

  • The current savings and day number are shown in upper left corner.
  • Share price is shown in the upper right corner.
  • The price graph shows stock price tends within the day.
  • The current owned shares along with the buy and sell buttons are below the price graph.

2. Real Estate – Build, Protect, Clean, Or Destroy:

Real Estate Tycoon Game:

The next game is the Real Estate Tycoon from the Real Estate category. This game has 3 modes

  • Career Mode: Start with a small sum of money and reach a final goal amount on each level by repeatedly trading properties.
  • Time Trial Mode: Try to reach an earnings goal within a limited period of time.
  • Endless Mode: Buy and sell endlessly in an idle game with no time limit or earnings goal.

We played the game in Career Mode. It is a simple game wherein the kids can learn about buying & selling properties at a profitable rate at the right time. The goal is the same as the Stocks game, buying houses at a low price and selling high. 

best free and fun online money games for kids on mortgage site. 6 best finance, business games for kids
Real Estate Tycoon Game

In the game the property area is divided into four sections, and the houses appear more quickly as you progress through the game. You should be really attentive while playing it! Although this game doesn’t provide you with all the real estate market details like borrowing money at interest, property cap rates, and broader economic cycles, I found it pretty cool and interesting to play. My niece loves playing this one! She has already gifted me two houses (virtually) with the money she earned from selling the houses, haha 😃.  

3. Food Business Simulation Games:

Open A Restaurant Game:

I don’t know about you, but as a kid, I would play ‘Restaurant’ and ‘Market’ games with my friends, apart from other outdoor games. My role was simple, the owner! I always have wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was a little girl. So when I came across this game on this site, I could not control my temptation. 

best free and fun online money games for kids on mortgage site. 6 best finance, business games for kids
Open Restaurant Game

In Open Restaurant, the food business simulation game, as a player, you try to reach a daily earnings goal for the restaurant. You play as the head waiter (or Maître d’hôtel) and must invite guests to be seated, take their orders, serve their food, give them their bill & clear off the table for the next guests. You are the only player and sort of one-man army in this game! 

The game has a set of simple, clear instructions. Just follow the rules, and you can win it. There are tables for 1,2,3 & 4 people in the restaurant. You need to ensure not to seat a group of 1 or 2 at a table for 4, or you won’t be able to seat other guests at that table. Besides, as you go further into the game, you need to be fast and match the speed of it. I loved playing this food business game and highly recommend it 👌🏻😊.

4. Non-Food Businesses Simulation Games

Jewel Shop Game:

The next interesting game is the Jewel Shop game, from the non-food business simulation category. I had so much fun playing this game. 

best free and fun online money games for kids on mortgage site. 6 best finance, business games for kids
Jewel Shop Game

In this simple jewelry store simulation game, you will play as a shop assistant. You need to look at your customer’s thought bubbles to see which item they want and grab it quickly to serve them. You can carry up to 2 items in your hands at a time. Gems take time to produce & you typically have to wait until after the customer orders them, as each gem station can produce two types of the gem, but can only contain one gem at a time! 

The speed level of this game is pretty fast. Hence each time you select a silver or gold item, be sure to restock it immediately, so you have some in stock for the next customer. The customers get angry if you don’t serve them on time 😜. I find these animated characters so funny when they start yelling at you! These days I intentionally skip some orders and wait for their reactions 😂. Kids will love this game and also learn about the pros and cons of running a store, customer service etiquette, and calculations all through this game.

5. Software Development & Online Businesses

Idle Startup Tycoon Game:

The next game is the ‘Startup Tycoon’ game. The site says children will learn basic concepts associated with computer programming and software testing through these games. And it’s true indeed! I’ve played this game and highly recommend it. My niece’s two classmates are planning to develop apps at this age! If you see the same passion in your kids, you can ask them to play this specific game or any game from this category.

Now Idle Startup Tycoon is an idle game where you build a startup incubator housing many different businesses. I played the ‘Food delivery app’ game. The other businesses include mobile gaming, ridesharing app, live-streaming apps, internet of things startups, infosec, drones, artificial intelligence, and suborbital space.

best free and fun online money games for kids on mortgage site. 6 best finance, business games for kids
Startsups Game

As a businessman, you can start a business with 1 programmer. Later, when you earn the profit and reach the required levels, you can upgrade the programmers, automate the server job tasks, hire a manager for each business and unlock new floors to build new startups. However, your first upgrade for each manager is available after you reach level 25 inside that business. And you’ll get a second programmer at level 25, a third at level 50, and a fourth at level 100.

6. Other Fun Games:

Hidden Food Game:

Finding hidden objects is one of my favorite online games. I am so happy to get this game on this site! 

In this Hidden Food search game, you need to find foods and kitchen appliances within the given time. The game has clear and simple instructions, so no worries if you are new to this one. The best part is if you do not find an item for a period of time, one of the remaining items you need to search for will wiggle back and forth, making it easier to spot!

best free and fun online money games for kids on mortgage site. 6 best finance, business games for kids
Hidden Food Game

I also played other games like ‘Construct a bridge’ and ‘Web Tycoon’ and failed miserably in those games. So don’t consider these games as super easy ones.

The website has a myriad of fun, entertaining and educational games. And selecting the best ones from their vast collection is quite difficult because each game is unique. However, to make your job easier, I’ve shared my gaming experience with these five games, so you can try them or play them with your kids in your leisure time. 


So tell me, do you enjoy playing business games? Have you played any of these games? Please share your experience with me in the comment section below. 

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  1. These are really great learning skills games to check out. I might even check out the Stocks game! Haha thanks for sharing 😀

  2. I think gamifing money related topics is a complete win as if it engages kids into learning more than that is great. Some fun looking games here x

  3. It is nice to see how games can help kids in terms of an educational value. Definitely makes sense to utilize these features when kids tend to spend a lot of time on their electronics.

  4. I am going to have to share this with my baby cousins. I know they’d enjoy this website and I like that it teaches them things they should know about as they get older.

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