23 Best Halloween 2021 Costume Ideas for Men & Women


Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to start planning our costumes. Why not think of it until it’s too late and worry about not finding the right costume? 

So what’s trending this year, folks? We’ve tried to bring you a list of the Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2021 for couples, men, and women. Want to try something naughty, scary, cute, or filmy? Check out the list below that includes all-time favourites and trendy ideas (easily available on Amazon site) and take your pick.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. That means we receive a small percentage commission on items purchased through the link at no extra cost to you! 

Halloween Costumes for Men and Women, Couples  2021

Let’s start with some super cool ideas for Halloween costumes for men & women who like to match up and strike a pose as a pair 😍. 

1. The Vampire Duo  

Vampires are never out of fashion. If you don’t believe us, you can have a look at the vast vampire literature in the market. Be the blood-sucking duo with lots of fake blood dripping down your dress. The hood will make you look all the more mysterious. 

2. The Clown Couple 

Whoever said clowns aren’t scary needs to meet them on Halloween. Be the zombie clowns or the ultimate Joker couple with striped suits and face art. Oh, yes, and a sinister smile too. 

3. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Couple 

Lewis Carroll created some unforgettable characters, and our tweedle pair is one of those. If you are aiming for the cute couple tag, this one should work.  

4. The Fruity Pair 

What if you want something cuter or even funny? Fruits it is then! Moreover, with so many fruits to choose from, you can be any colourful fruit you like. Our favourites would be watermelon, pineapple, and strawberry. 

5. Aladdin and Jasmine 

Oh, how beautiful are the Arabian Tales from the deserts with their flying carpets and magic lamps! If you want to be the best couple on the floor, dress up as Aladdin and Jasmine for the party. Don’t forget the magic lamp. 

6. The Skeleton Pair 

Skeletons can always make a person shudder, even more so when you complete the look with face makeup or a skeleton mask. Add a wig with a shock of wild hair and make heads turn. 

Halloween Costumes for Women 

So ladies, how do we want to take over the city this time around? Flaunt your style and attitude with the best Halloween 2021 costumes for women

1. Zombie Bride 

A bride is scarier without her groom, especially if he’s been buried by her. Okay, don’t take us too seriously. It’s the Halloween talk. A zombie bride with messy hair and bloodied dress is the way to go!

2. Harley Quinn Look From Suicide Squad

When it comes to picking the best woman costume for Halloween, you can never go wrong with hottie Harley Quinn costume. Trust us, puddins! 

3. Black Widow

Any Marvel fans out there? Ladies, unleash your inner superhero  and be the badass Black Widow at this year’s Halloween Party! Pick either the classic black suit or all-white costume (new 2021 film), your avenger avatar look will be a hit no matter what!

4. Alice in Wonderland (Horror Version)

It’s Lewis Carroll again, but hey, that book has too many interesting characters. You are not required to be a kid to play Alice either.

5. Tinkerbell

Don’t we love that sparkling little dress and those cute wings? Being a Tinkerbell can be real fun. You can be cute or super sexy. 

6. Baby Yoda Costume

Another cute Halloween 2021 outfit idea is Baby Yoda look! Nail his cute (yet scary for this Halloween) look by wearing the exact outfit shown below!

7. Nurse for Halloween 

If you think a nurse isn’t scary, think again. But this time, imagine her with blood on her dress and an axe in her hands. 

8. Morticia Adams 

Oh, my! Mrs. Adams is the best person to be on Halloween. You’ll win the contest, hands down. 

9. Medusa 

All it takes is one look to freeze a man and turn him into a stone. Medusa is back again, and this time, she’s out to rule. 

Halloween Costumes for Men 

Do you want to stand out among the crowd and send some chills down others’ spines? We got some of the best Halloween 2021 costumes for men that are sure to scare at least a few. 

1. Pennywise from IT 

Pennywise is another clown but a mighty terrifying one. You’ll already know all about it you read or watched IT. Spend extra time on the makeup, though. The scarier, the better. 

2. Kylo Ren from Star Wars

Fans of Star Wars, this idea is for you! This Halloween dress up as Kylo Ren, the central antagonist of the Star Wars sequel trilogy and show your dark scary side 😉

3. Frankenstein

This is an all-time classic, isn’t it? Frankenstein is scary and charming. Achieving the look is easy too. A bottle of green face paint should do the job. 

4. Money Heist Look

As per the latest report, season 5 is the final season of this crime drama, Money Heist. If you have been a fan of this show, then why not dress up like the Money Heist robbers! You are going to be the best dressed ghost at the Halloween party and win the contest, for sure!

5. Harry Potter 

Potterheads, this is right up your alley. What if you don’t want to be the good guy? The entire cast of Harry Potter is waiting for you to play their roles. 

6. Beetlejuice” Costume

If you want to be the cool dressed ghost at this year’s Halloween Party, then grab this striped costume as shown below and dress up as the bio-exorcist, Betelgeuse (inspired from the classic horror movie Beetlejuice).  

7. Jack, the Pirate 

We may not be Johnny Deep but can try to be. Jack Sparrow is the most fascinating pirate ever, and dressing up as him should make you the centre of attention. The best part is that you can either look cool or terrifying. 

8. Prisoner/ Hannibal Costume 

Grab an orange suit and handcuffs or go full-on and get the Hannibal costume. You can turn as scary as you want to be. 


Go on then, start buying the best Halloween costumes 2021 and have a great time partying with your dear ones. You can find these costumes easily on Amazon. Grab them before others do. And we don’t have to tell you about customizing the look, right? 😉


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  • These are some great ideas! I haven't dressed up for a few years, since we did family costumes when the boys were little. We just sorted their costumes for this year, they are both going to be Minecraft characters.

  • We love Halloween and costumes. We've been discussing what theme will we chose for this year, and you have collected a great list here. Thanks for sharing!

  • Some really great ideas here. If me and my husband dressed up, we would go as Harley Quinn and the Joker

  • I haven't dressed up for Halloween in a long time, but the last time I did fancy dress I did Sally from the nightmare before Christmas as it's my fav movie x

  • You have some awesome costume ideas here. My kids have already picked their costumes. I rarely dress up but I do wear a Halloween shirt!

  • So many fun and awesome costume ideas and I am loving that there is a baby Yoda costume - that's is deffo going on my list for this year

    Laura x

  • These are all great ideas. I always want to coordinate with my husband but can never think of any fun ideas. The Addams family would be awesome!

  • I love Halloween, it's really fun to have that chance to dress up! I love the Medusa look, and Pennywise too.

  • I love all these ideas. Halloween is one of my favorite days. I don't always dress up, but I'm thinking about it this year.

  • Some fabulous costume ideas here indeed, and I will be using some of the links and ideas as we are now starting to get out costume ready

  • These are all fun ideas. I haven't done much as far as dressing up for Halloween and it would be fun to join the kids this year.

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