Answers to Annoying Winter Skin issues


Winter is here, and so are our skin-related issues. During winter, everyone faces some problems with their skin which are annoying. People who already have skincare issues face the hardest challenges during this particular season. Due to this harsh cold weather, our skin dries up and loses all its moisture which triggers several issues.

Winter skin issues and solutions (winter skincare tips):

Getting your skin on track can be really difficult. To help you out, this article brings answers to all the skin-related issues you face during winter days. These tips for healthy winter skin will help you to combat all the difficulties with ease.

1. Dry lips

Dry lips are very common during winter days. Some of us suffer from chapped lips even during other seasons. Nothing can be worse than applying lipstick on your lips and realizing that they are chapped. Apart from the visual disturbance, dry lips are painful as well. The skin of our lips is different as it cannot produce oil, so we must take extra care of our lips to keep them healthy.

Answers to annoying winter skin issues


  • Applying a good lip balm will keep your lips moisturized and soft
  • Using a gentle sugar scrub will remove the dead cells from your skin. This will prevent cracked skin
  • Wearing a lip cream to protect it from the sun will keep your lips healthier
  • Never pull the dry skin. It may cause bleeding and irritation

2. Cracked heel

As winter gets intense, our cracked heels become worse. It is painful and looks terrible. When finally spring comes, and we have to wear sandals, these cracks become our worst nightmare. Our feet do not produce much moisture, so our heels get all dried up and cracked whenever the weather gets cold. Preventing this situation is much easier than curing dried heels.

Answers to annoying winter skin issues


  • Applying a heavy moisturizer before going to sleep will keep your heels soft
  • You should wear a sock after applying the moisturizer. This will help your skin to soak the ointment properly
  • During the day, you can wear light socks. This prevents moisturizer loss
  • You can also apply some foot cream throughout the day

3. Dry facial skin

This is one of the commonest problems faced by us during winter. Our skin gets too dry to handle. There is a list of reasons that can cause dry flaky skin on face, but the core reason will always be the damaged moisture barrier on our skin. Maintaining this moisture barrier during winter can be really difficult. 

Answers to annoying winter skin issues

The cold and dry air soaks the water out of our skin and makes it dry. Initially, small cracks appear on our skin, which remains invisible to our eyes. But as the weather becomes more intense, these cracks become wide and visible. Moreover, the moisture also escapes through these skin cracks. Then, taking immediate measurements becomes essential to save your skin.


  • Exfoliating your skin will remove the dryness from the surface of your skin. It will keep your skin hydrated, and the skincare products will be more effective
  • Applying skin moisturizers topically will also keep your skin in good condition
  • Applying facial oil regularly also keeps the skin soft and moisturized
  • Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated

4. Dry nose

Sometimes people keep their facial skin under control, but their noses look dry and peeling. Different factors work behind a dry nose. The first factor is cold weather. The cold wintry air enters our body through the nose, which makes the muscles dry and sensitive. Damage from UV rays can also contribute to drying the nose. Sometimes, harsh skin care products also trigger nose dryness.


  • You have to use a thicker cream on your nose to keep it well-moisturized
  • Keep the skin of your nose clean by gently scrubbing the dry skin. Then you can apply the moisturizer
  • Covering the nose will protect it from the cold breeze
Answers to annoying winter skin issues

5. Skin redness and sensitivity

People with sensitive skin face serious difficulties during winter. On the one hand, the dry weather outside will suck your skin moisture, and on the other hand, the indoor heat will trigger your dry skin conditions


  • Do not exfoliate your sensitive skin. It will only increase skin inflammation
  • Use gentle cleansing product
  • Use some toner to soothe your skin
  • Use a moisturizer that has some barrier repairing elements


These are all the issues that you can face during winter, along with their solutions. Maintaining a regular skincare routine is advised to all. It will keep your skin healthy and young. Hope you got all the solutions for common annoying winter skincare issues from this article. So, follow all these guidelines and stay beautiful.


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