Conscious Skincare Gentle Night Organic Face Cream Review (For Dry, Sensitive Skin)

Do you use night creams daily? If not yet, start using one! I love using moisturizing night creams for my combination-sensitive skin. Today I am reviewing a gentle organic night face cream from the UK’s sustainable brand, Conscious Skincare. Is it the best vegan, natural night moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin? To know, keep reading!

Review of Conscious Skincare Gentle Organic Night Face Cream For Dry, Sensitive Skin:

Product Description:

Gentle Night Moisturizer is a super skin-boosting natural face cream ! Blended for dry, sensitive skin types with the warm, comforting aroma of Sandalwood and Frankincense. Made with super-rich Organic Shea and Cocoa butter, Calendula and active Vitamin B3, a fabulous, organic face cream to help support your skin’s natural repair process. 

Cruelty free / Vegan friendly / Palm oil free / Gluten free / Corn free / Wheat free / Soya free

Price & Quantity:

£29.00 for 60 ml.


Shelf Life:

Shelf Life of Conscious Skincare Gentle Natural Night Cream is 6 months from opening the product.


Conscious Skincare Gentle Night Moisturiser’s ingredients list.

  • fair trade butyrospermum parkii seed butter*
  • theobrama cacao seed butter*
  • oenothera biennis seed oil*,
  • symphytum officinale root extract*
  • helianthus annuus seed oil*
  • glycerin*
  • glyceryl stearate
  • tocopherol
  • niacinamide (vitamin B3)
  • calendula officinalis*
  • boswellia carterii oil*
  • santalum spicatum wood oil*
  • naturally occurring citral linalol limonene farnesol

* denotes organic  

How do the active ingredients in this natural face cream work?

~ Organic Shea butter rich in vitamins A and E helps to soothe and calm cracked, dry skin leaving it feeling soft and replenished.

~ Organic Cocoa butter is made by cold pressing the whole bean. This helps it to retain vital antioxidants which help fight damaging free radicals.

~ Vitamin B3 is soothing, anti-inflammatory and can reduce redness caused by rosacea.

~ Organic Comfrey glycerol extract helps to rejuvenate your skin and keep it supple. 

~ Organic Evening Primrose oil to help your skin repair itself. This fantastic oil is high in GLAs which help maintain and nourish healthy skin. Evening Primrose oil is not only a great skin moisturiser, it also helps with moisture retention. This makes it ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

~ Organic Frankincense essential oil works to protect your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

~ Organic Sandalwood essential oil has a calming and harmonising scent, and can assist with issues like eczema, psoriasis, and scar tissue.

~ This organic night cream is also fully approved by the VegetarianSociety and PETA. All Conscious Skincare products have the Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free logo proudly displayed. [Source: The brand’s official site] 

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Our creams are very rich therefore you only need a small amount to moisturize. Apply a pea size amount to clean skin and gently massage in. Apply more if required. Blot off any excess with clean tissue. 

All our creams are designed to melt on contact with your skin and in hot climates the cream may melt. If this should occur, simply place the cream in the fridge and allow it to cool. This does not impact the cream and it is fine to use.

My Experience With Conscious Skincare Gentle Night Organic Face Cream (Review)

Skin type: Combination, sensitive, dehydrated & acne-prone

I received this natural night cream as a PR Sample from Conscious Skincare brand. And after using this product for the past couple of weeks, I am sharing my thoughts on it today.  

Conscious Skincare brand has a wide range of skin care products catering to all skin types. Their ENRICH range is ideal for normal to combination skin, NEUTRALIZE range is meant for oily & problem skin, the GENTLE range is suitable for Dry, sensitive skin, and the REJUVENATE range products are geared towards mature skin types. Since my combination skin becomes severely dry during the colder months, I prefer heavy-duty night creams to keep it supple. Hence, I picked their organic night moisturizer from the Gentle range for my skin. 

Packaging of Conscious Skincare gentle organic night face cream for dry, sensitive skin.
Packaging| Conscious Skincare gentle organic night cream

Product Packaging:

This gentle organic night cream is available in plastic free 60ml and tiny 5ml sample sizes. I got the 60 ml product which comes in a dark brown glass jar with an aluminium lid. My product arrived neat without any damage because they wrapped it nicely with eco-friendly papers! All product-related details like description, direction, and shelf-life are printed on the body of the packaging. 

Since the weather in Milton Keynes (we recently moved here from London) is pretty cool, the texture of this night cream is still solid and didn’t budge/leak at all during shifting! 

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Product Texture:

The Conscious Skincare gentle organic night cream has a rich buttery texture with a smooth, fluffy consistency. The firm texture is almost the same as the yummy mousse and has a lovely natural fragrance! 

Texture of Conscious Skincare gentle organic night face cream for dry, sensitive skin.
Texture | Conscious Skincare gentle organic night cream

How I use Conscious Skincare Gentle Night Cream?

Since this gentle organic night cream is pretty rich, you need only a tiny quantity of this cream to moisturize the skin. After cleansing my skin with a gentle face wash and applying the hydrating face mist, serum, and eye cream, I take a pea-sized quantity of this night cream onto my fingertips. I slightly warm it before applying it to my face and neck. You can directly apply it to your cheeks and massage your skin too!

Performance/How does it work?

The buttery texture of Conscious Skincare’s gentle night cream melts when it comes in contact with our warm skin. I love the consistency and richness of this moisturizer, which goes on smooth on my skin, leaving it feeling healthy, hydrated, and supple. I always tend to forget about doing facial yoga exercises. Ever since I started using this night cream, I have made sure to massage my skin with the Gua Sha tool every night for a few minutes until the cream gets fully absorbed into my skin.

This night cream does leave an oily film post-application. Hence, if you are not a fan of a greasy look and feel, you can blot off the excess oil with a dry tissue from the surface of your skin. As I previously mentioned, we are still enjoying the cooler weather at my place, so I don’t mind using this heavy-duty night cream daily! Every morning I wake up to radiant, soft, and plump skin ❤️. I love how this night cream makes my dehydrated combination skin look smooth and glistening! 

Conscious Skincare gentle organic night face cream for dry, sensitive skin review.
Conscious Skincare Gentle Organic Night Moisturizer Review

The Conscious Skincare gentle night cream consists of pure organic essential oils and herbal extracts. Hence, when we gently massage our skin with this night moisturizer, it releases an amazing natural fragrance that instantly rejuvenates my olfactory senses and prepares me for a relaxing goodnight sleep 😃.

There were days when I moisturized my skin only with this night cream without any face mist or serum. It still kept my skin nourished all night long! This gentle organic night cream is perfect for the winter season or cold places and dry skin beauties. In hot summer, I might use the tiniest amount of this night cream skipping the other skincare steps, or I’ll use it only during the colder months!

Aside from using this product as a night facial moisturizer, I also use it as my lip balm and hand cream. My lips and hand stay soft until the next day morning! Isn’t it a great multi-purpose, organic, and sustainable beauty product? When they say a little amount goes a long way, it is certainly true to its claim. This 60ml product would last me a long time!

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Does Conscious Skincare gentle night face cream cause acne and break you out?

Nope, not in my case! It totally depends, to be honest. 

I was that person who used to hate all oil-infused skincare products. Having acne-prone sensitive skin and past bitter experiences with certain natural moisturizers, I was keen on skipping them for the rest of my life. However, after trying out 100% pure facial oils from Biossance and Nuxe, I was convinced that all products are not the same 🙂! 

Thankfully, I have had no bitter acne experience with Conscious Skincare’s gentle organic night cream. Instead, it healed my acne bump! Would you believe it? If you have been following me, you probably know that, when dirty water splashes on my skin a pimple pops up within an hour on the same spot. It again happened a few days back when doing the regular chores at my new home. I spotted the red bump right before hitting the bed 😐! 

review of Conscious Skincare gentle organic night face cream for dry, sensitive skin.
Conscious Skincare Gentle Organic Night Face Cream

Honestly, I was skeptical about applying the night cream that night. I thought it would further aggravate my skin condition because it has OILS. But boy, was I wrong! Since all my clothes and medicines, including acne cream, were still unpacked (it took me five days to unpack and organize everything), I only applied this night cream to my skin. The next day morning, I spotted no red bump or skin inflammation. My skin was all good as it should be! I was so happy. It’s my holy grail night cream, fam 😍!

That being said, I’ll update this review if I ever encounter any negative experiences with this night cream. As of now, I am highly pleased with this gentle natural night moisturizer ❤️.

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EE Rating:

5/5 (Couldn’t find any negative points, it’s the BEST!)


To sum up,

Conscious Skincare gentle night organic face cream blended with natural skin-loving oils, glycerin, niacinamide and other herbal extracts is a fabulous moisturizer for dry, mature, and sensitive skin. I love this vegan moisturizer’s mild natural fragrance and effectiveness! I have combination skin, and this organic night moisturizer has solved all my skin dryness issues without breaking me out. 

*Kindly carefully read the ingredients before you make a purchase. This night cream may contain a component that you’re allergic to! Also, do not forget to do a patch test before using this moisturizer.

Highly recommended! 

NOTE: #PRSAMPLE However, the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own 🙂.


Have You Ever Tried Conscious Skincare Gentle Night Organic Face Cream? If Yes, Please Share Your Experience With Me In The Comment Section Below.

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