Forest Essentials lavender & neroli light day lotion with SPF 25 review

Forest Essentials Lavender & Neroli Light Day Lotion With SPF 25 Review

Hello lovely people,

Welcome to Everything Enchanting. Today, I am going to review Forest Essentials light day lotion with lavender & neroli oil. It has an SPF of 25 and is infused with cold-pressed, certified organic ingredients. So, to know about my experience with this Forest Essentials moisturizer, please keep reading.

About Forest Essentials Lavender, Neroli Light Day Lotion With SPF 25:

The brand says,

This superbly light daytime moisturizer contains pure Lavender water, which is therapeutic and calming for the skin. Nourishing Oat Kernel Extract and stimulating Neroli Oil, heal and rejuvenate the skin. Yashad Bhasma, a natural sunscreen, and the herb-infused derivative is the source of SPF 25, which offers long-lasting protection from harsh rays of the Sun.


  • Softens & Tones skin
  • Lightening & Brightens
  • Protects the skin from the harmful effects of UVA/UVB radiation

Ingredients Details:

Aqua, Sweet Almond Kernel Oil **, Genhu Extract, Glycerin, Mulberry Fruit Infusion, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Ashwagandha Root Extract, Kokum Seed Butter, Rice Bran Oil, Beeswax **, Lavender Oil, Neroli Oil, Vitamin E, Yashad Bhasma

*Cold Pressed  ** Certified Organic

Ingredients of Forest Essentials Light day lotion lavender and neroli oil

Forest Essentials lavender, neroli light day lotion is infused with amazing organic and herbal ingredients like lavender water (soothing & healing), cold-pressed Jojoba Seed Oil (helps control sebum production, anti-inflammatory, non-comedogenic), Sweet Almond Kernel Oil (Softens the skin, boost collagen production, relieves skin rashes), Neroli Oil (anti-bacterial, antiseptic, rejuvenates skin, reduces signs of aging, treats oily skin), Rice Bran Oil (a nutrient-rich anti-oxidant that helps reduce signs of aging, soothing) to name a few. 

My Take On Forest Essentials Lavender & Neroli Light Day Lotion With SPF 25:

(My skin type: Combination, Dehydrated, Sensitive & Acne-prone)

I was searching for a good, natural light day lotion for the hot, summer season as my combination skin turns super oily during summers. But before purchasing a full-size product, I thought of trying out a sample version of this moisturizer. Forest Essentials is an Indian traditional, authentic skincare brand-a pioneer of luxurious Ayurveda. I have used a couple of products from this brand to date. So, let’s see how this light day lotion fared for me!

Product Packaging & Texture:

Forest Essentials Lavender & neroli sample-sized light day lotion comes in a tiny 8g tube secured with a tight screw cap. The full-sized product (40ml) comes in beautiful packaging, though! The details like ingredients, usage direction, and product-related information, everything is mentioned on the back of the packaging. This travel-size version is easy to carry around, so it’s perfect for trips.

Forest Essentials lavender, neroli light day lotion review on everything enchanting
Forest Essentials light day lotion (Travel size)

This lavender, neroli light day lotion with SPF 25 from FE has a thick and rich creamy texture. It has a lovely herbal fragrance that rejuvenates the olfactory senses. The scent doesn’t last long, though!

How to use:

As instructed, I take a small amount of this moisturizer onto my fingertips and apply it all across my cleansed and toned face & neck. I try to keep my skin slightly moist while applying this lotion. Although the name says it’s a lotion, the texture feels more like a smooth day cream.

When it comes to this Forest Essentials light day moisturizer, a little amount goes a long way! As soon as the summer season started here in the UK and the mercury level had gone a bit higher, I started using this moisturizer.  And the results are so far, so good! 

What it does-Performance Details:

It is true to its name and claim of a light day lotion! When applied, this lotion gets absorbed by the skin quickly leaving behind no greasy residue. It feels so feather-light on my skin, which is a prime requirement for any day face lotion targeted towards oily-combination skin type. At the same time, dry skin beauties will find it less hydrating and will have to follow it with another heavy-duty moisturizer. Trust me, I tried it first during the winter season and then decided to use it in the summer season!

The texture and swatches of Forest Essentials lavender and neroli lotion

Forest Essentials Lavender & Neroli light day lotion makes your skin soft, nourished, and supple. It keeps my skin hydrated for about 5-6 hours! The best part is it’s loaded with Yashad Bhasma, a natural sunscreen, which is the source of SPF 25, protecting your skin from the harsh sun rays. However, make sure, if you are planning to spend outdoors for a longer duration, you’re applying a dedicated sunscreen for extra protection! Somehow, using moisturizers or any skincare or makeup product infused with SPF alone has never protected my skin from getting sunburned. I always apply a sunscreen/sunblock along with moisturizer for an added layer of protection. 

At times, purely natural or organic skincare products rich in oils cause breakouts. But, thankfully, this light day lotion neither irritated my sensitive skin nor has caused me any acne so far.

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Things I liked About Forest Essentials Lavender & Neroli Light Day Lotion:

  • A gentle moisturizer
  • Has an spf of 25
  • Non-greasy
  • Lightweight
  • Has a pleasant aroma
  • Hydrates the skin and makes it soft and supple
  • Ideal for normal to oily, combination skin types
  • Infused with amazing skin-safe ingredients
  • No breakouts
  • No irritation
  • Travel-friendly
  • Paraben-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan 
  • Easily available – online & offline (they do international shipping too)!

Things I Disliked About Forest Essentials Lavender & Neroli Light Day Lotion:

  • Not suitable for dry skin/colder climates/winter season
  • I have a combination to dry skin and I require using it at least twice a day to keep my skin moisturized!
  • Pricey for the quantity it comes!

EE Rating: 


The Review At A Glance:

Q. How is it packaged? 

A. I picked a sample-sized lotion for myself. The actual product comes in a 40 ml transparent square-shaped plastic bottle with a golden cap.

Q. Is it travel-friendly?

A. Yes, it is travel-friendly.

Q. How is its texture? Does it feel smooth on the skin?

A. Forest Essentials lavender, neroli light day lotion has a creamy texture. Yes, it does feel smooth and light on the skin.

Q. Does it have a pleasant natural aroma or intoxicating fragrance?

A. Forest Essentials light day lotion with SPF 25 is made of certified organic and natural ingredients so it contains only natural fragrance. However, its fragrance can be bothersome to people who have sensitive nose and skin.

Q. How and when to use it?

A. As described above, in the morning, you need to take a small amount of this day lotion to moisturize your cleansed and toned face & neck.

Q. Does it have any harmful ingredients?

A. Forest Essentials lavender and neroli light day lotion has all skin-loving ingredients which will never harm your skin (unless you are allergic to any particular ingredients).

Q. Do I need to wear sunscreen along with it every day?

A. Please, do! It doesn’t matter whether your face cream or lotion has SPF in it or not. Always wear sunscreen for extra protection, especially if you are going to spend outdoors for a long time. I first moisturize my skin with a day lotion or cream, and then on top of it, I slather a decent quantity of sunscreen/sunblock.

Q. Is it ideal for all skin types?

A. Forest Essentials Neroli & Lavender Light Day lotion is best suited for normal to oily skin types.

Q. Do they test on animals?

A. No. 

Q. What’s the shelf-life of this product?

A. The shelf life of Forest Essentials lavender and neroli light day lotion is two years from MFD. However, once opened, it will expire in 12 months.

Q. What’s the current price of this product?

A. INR 2025.00 for 40 ml, and INR 425.00 for 8g sample-sized product.

Q. Where the product was manufactured?

A. India. Manufactured by Mountain Valley Springs (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Q. Does Forest Essentials ship internationally?

A. Yes, FE does ship internationally.

Q. What’s the USP of this product?

A.  Forest Essentials lavender and neroli light day lotion with SPF 25 is a two-in-one product. This cruelty-free, organic moisturizer hydrates your skin as well as protects you from the harsh UVA/UVB radiation.

The Verdict:

Suffice to say,

Forest Essentials light day lotion lavender & neroli with SPF 25 is true to its claim of a lightweight moisturizer. It is a great moisturizer for oily skin! It hydrates the skin nicely without making it greasy or oily! Besides, the presence of natural sunscreen Yashad Bhasma ensures your skin is safe from the harmful effects of UVA/UVB radiation. If you are on the lookout for a chemical-free, organic lightweight moisturizer for your skin, then this lavender, neroli lotion is worth the shot!

Highly recommended for normal to oily skin

Forest Essentials Lavender & Neroli Light day lotion with spa 25 review on everything enchanting


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  1. What a wonderfully in depth and honest product review! I honestly love anything lavender and the Neroli is an added bonus ???? I may have to look into this!

  2. I have always said, if you find the brand that makes you happy with the results, stick with it, and do not experiment anymore. taking care of the skin is the most important

  3. The few things you said you don’t like are things that won’t work well for me. Especially not being good for dry skin as mine almost always is dry. And I’m cheap 😉 But I agree with others, I bet this smells great since I love lavender!

  4. This is a great review, you’ve covered everything! I don’t really have a skin care routine, I’ve always been lucky with clear skin but I like that this has spf and I bet it smells amazing xx

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